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My name is Goddess Rousson.

I’m a freelancer, writer, and a full-time FemDom content producer. I’ve been in the industry a little over 10 years and nowadays mostly produce clips and erotic audio.

Want to get to know Me a little better? I enjoy interacting with fans, subs, and fetishists via LoyalFans, a place where you’ll get regular updates, free full length video clips, free full length MP3s, behind the scenes shots, exclusive content, and it’s a place to ask all the questions you want, plus paid subscribers get a guaranteed response from Me. 

Do you offer ‘real time’ sessions or cash point meets?

No, I do not. I only offer virtual sessions. I will be holding cam, and text sessions regularly again soon. 

If you want the thrill of handing over all your money to Me, you can always tribute, purchase a ripoff clip, or try your hand at one of many FinDom clip series.

How can I spoil you?

I have a Throne wish list and WishTender. Besides that, Amazon, Etsy, Sephora and ASOS gift cards are always welcome – though ensure they’re for the UK sites, not US.

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Main BDSM Interests

This list is not an inclusive list of all the fetishes I enjoy, and if you see something on this list that catches your eye and is something you’d like to explore, then contact Me.

  • CBT/CP – Anything that allows for Sadism.
  • Orgasm Denial
  • Chastity and Key-holding
  • Toilet Humiliation
  • Mind Fuck/Mesmerise
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Ruined Orgasms
  • Financial Domination
Other Interests

My life outside of domination is filled with a wide variety of pursuits. I am a business owner, forever student, and a musician. I’m a fan of the theatre, and I adore a good book.   

  • Photography
  • Burlesque
  • Jazz & Blues
  • Learning/improving on an assortment of instruments including the violin, guitar, piano, and saxophone
  • Psychology
  • Various Crafts – far too many to list.
  • Writing in all forms. 

Click one, click them all, either way you’ll always fall.

What don’t I offer?

This list is not a full list of all I don’t offer, just the most asked-about items. If there’s something you’re unsure of, contact Me.

  • Foot/Shoe or Boot Fetish
  • Blackmail/Blackmail Contracts
  • Homewrecker Content
  • Nudity
  • PayPal/Stripe or similar payment methods. I use LoyalFans.
What don’t I like?
  • Pushiness – messaging about the same thing continuously. You won’t rush Me or change My mind. You’ll be blocked.
  • The expectation of free content. You get a free clip upon successful newsletter sign-up, and I have videos on Pornhub and XVids.
Grow My Empire

My life outside of domination is filled with a wide variety of pursuits. I am a business owner, eternal student, and musician. This means I am constantly busy.

Some of the ways you can help Me include:

  • Join and look through #general-tasks.
  • Suggest clip and MP3 ideas that you’d like to see in the appropriate Discord channels. 
  • Find and report My stolen clips.
  • Comment and like social media posts and My videos on Pornhub and XVids (My only ‘free’ sites).
  • Follow and support: Parlour Talk’s Patreon
  • Join My Reddit.
  • Keep an eye out for fake profiles – if you’re unsure, look at the links above or email Me to ask if it’s a real account. I am not on any dating sites.
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