2019: A Ride

I’m going to be honest; I don’t really remember what’s happened month by month this year. So, instead of doing a breakdown, I’m going to talk about my highlights of 2019, and tell you all a little of what’s to come in 2020.

I’m going to be honest; I don’t really remember what’s happened month by month this year. So, instead of doing a breakdown, I’m going to talk about my highlights of 2019, and tell you all a little of what’s to come in 2020.


  • Found out IKEA have online GCs. Made my day (especially since I need new grey Kallax boxes *HINT*).
  • Best $$ month in November to celebrate my birthday!
  • Highest ever tip – 20K, on MFC.
  • Turned more men into cocksuckers – you could say it’s a passion project of mine.
  • Fan funded phone, iPad, and 3D printer.
  • Regularly reached Top 100 on iWantClips.
  • Top 20 or so last 3 months on AVN.
  • Beat my $xx,xxx goal for the year.
  • Added more keys to my necklace.
  • Gained some new loyal subs.
  • Gave less fucks … and got fucked more. 😉

A Fucking Fantastic $$ Year

I think I’ve had my best year this year (I’ll know when I do my taxes in a few months) since I started way back in 2013. I’ve definitely had my best $xx,xxx month, and I’ve been gifted way more items than other years.

Naturally, I want this to continue. I see this year as an important steppingstone to where I can and will be in the coming years. I’ve got plans.


2020 will be a ‘no buy/low buy’ year for me (though items brought through GCs don’t count so make sure you send them as I can buy food on Amazon). There’s just too much stuff in my life. I’ve had a massive clear-out a few months back, and I will be continuing to clear things out over 2020, so I don’t want to keep adding more things. My wish list will be very sparse this year, and there definitely won’t be outfits as I’m slowly culling them, and clip props I don’t use will be going (or have gone).

If there’s a specific item you want worn (shiny/latex pieces) order a custom now before they go!

My WL will stay open for now, though it will only contain necessary items – or items that further a business goal of mine (crafting/3D printer stuff).


I’ve said for the last few months that 2020’s theme is ‘Eroticism Personified’ and combining all my tease work and FemDom work goes hand in hand with that. I’m stick of having (and doing the upkeep for) separate sites, social medias, and having too many emails – seriously there are over 20.

Going forward there will just be 1 main fan club – AVN, and one set of sites for clips with no ‘tease’ clip sites. I will primarily upload to Clips4Sale, iWantClips, ManyVids, and work on getting all my past clips up to MFC. NiteFlirt unfortunately has a data allowance, so if you’d like me to upload more there buy my goodies!

If you’ve joined RubyRoussonFans.com you’ll slowly see my older tease work trickle in – the content is too good to stay hidden on a hard drive somewhere!

Parlour Talk

Some of you are aware of my many side projects (I have a LOT), but one of them – Parlour Talk has come on leaps and bounds this year. It’s over doubled store traffic, kept up blog traffic, and tripled sales. Because of this I’ve been able to donate more and invest more in stock. It’s my hope that next year I break even and make a profit.

If you’re interested in helping out with smaller tasks for Parlour Talk – searching for interesting articles, Podcast knowledge and tips, data gathering etc, email me.

Opening Up

Lastly, as a handful of you know I am chronically ill – I have more than a few conditions that make huge demands on my time, and I’m not going to make a conscious effort to hide it any longer.

If I can kick this much ass, and hit Top 100s on multiple sites whilst not even giving it my all, whilst ill, can you imagine what would happen if I were well and able to go full steam ahead? You’d be so fucked. In a way the fact that I can’t fuck with you all as much as I’d like works in your favour … for now.

Speaking of fucking with you, I’m currently looking at ways of taking some of the day to day work off my shoulders and putting it onto others (more on that soon), and I’m figuring out how to take more from you all – mentally, physically, AND financially.

I’m being open because I have a few surgeries coming up – one to remove my gallbladder, an exploratory one, and one for annoying wisdom teeth. Consequently, it’s going to take me some time to recover. I plan to queue content for those times, but I won’t be as active – and I won’t be filming customs (so order yours now, they’re open until the 7th of January)!

If you want to help our right now the BEST thing you can do to support me is to buy clips (on RubyClips.com – I get 75%), or tribute (on RubyRoussonFans.com – I get 80%) if you really love something.

If admitting that I’m chronically ill makes you respect me less for not being a ‘healthy Goddess’ or you’re angry that I’ve ‘spoilt the illusion’, then you’re not someone I need in my life. That ‘illusion’ takes work, and I’d rather put that energy elsewhere – for bigger and better things. I also want to make clear that the only ‘illusion’ with me is that my health is at 100%. Everything else is just who I am. And let’s face it, I’m probably still healthier than you, and I’m definitely better than you.

Are there other things that happened this year that I’ve forgotten? Yep, but I’m looking forward to 2020 now. It’s a brand spanking new year. 

My resolutions for 2020 will be in a post coming this weekend.