Snapshot of My 2020 Goals

  • Earn $xxx,xxx.
  • Earn $xx,xxx/month.
  • Fan funded laptop/PC: PC to build a badass editing machine. Laptop primarily to write from – unfortunately My Mac which is a year a half old is … struggling. I want to chuck it out of the window.
  • Work phone upgrade as I’m still using a 6s for it.
  • 800 total MP4 clips released.
  • Redesign office & optimise storage: I’ve not done anything to it design wise since I moved in, and I really want to paint the walls.
  • 50 MP3s
  • Create more clip lists for you to enjoy!
  • Be at least a month ahead on content – filming & queueing.
  • 200 fans on AVN, will you be My next?.
  • More livestreams on AVN!
  • Organise all pictures into folders: if you’d like to help with this, and look at unreleased pictures join My Discord, I’ve been sending zip files for others to sort.
  • Delegate more tasks to willing submissives that want to serve for the pleasure of serving, helping Me, and making Me happy.
  • Organise all videos & upload to cloud: this one is on Me folks. 😉
  • 10K Twitter followers … if Twitter doesn’t boot Me.
  • Build up Discord to min 500, ideally 1K (we’re currently over 100!) –
  • Online Courses … that’s all I’ll say here for now. Want to know more? Subscribe to – just 1-2 emails a month with exclusive updates.
  • Take cam sessions regularly – book one here.
  • Kick ass on NiteFlirt. Seriously. ALL the NF in 2020! I get 70% on clips all year round, however limited space, so if you want Me to upload more clips there … BUY THEM! It frees up space for Me, it’s not the best system, but 70%.
  • Finally, My Cult –  sign up to to find out more!

Are there more? Yes – of course!

Want to know the rest?*

Buy My Goals video!

I say ‘rest’. I’m a busy woman with multiple businesses, and these are just a fraction of the goals I’m happy to put out into the public sphere. Some of My goals are also client-related – I’m training a handful of subs at the moment and will protect their privacy.


Do you have any goals for 2020?

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  1. I personally benefited from reading this post. it is very important to be organized and set some goals for the future. I also purchased your 2020 Goals video. it was an interesting experience to watch you tell us about them. I liked that so much.

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