Back from Hiatus

I am now officially ‘back’ from a hiatus I never meant to take but was forced to due to My body.

It might seem that I disappeared rather quickly, but since the beginning of 2020, I’ve been struggling to keep up with work as My body has been working against Me. This was massively exacerbated during the pandemic because all My medical help was taken away and appointments and treatments postponed (rightly so) to allocate more resources to deal with the pandemic.

This post is a little update on what happened, what’s currently going on and My plans for the future.

Around February this year, I stopped posting and being active on social media. I posted to fan clubs occasionally but for the most part, I stopped producing content and engaging with others across all platforms.

The reason for that, as some of you might be aware, was that I needed surgery to remove My gallbladder. The pesky thing had ruled My life for upwards of four years, with the last two being particularly difficult. The pandemic pushed the surgery back three times, but fourth time lucky, I finally got it out.

As I have mentioned in the past, and as My other projects make clear, I have a number of health issues. So, recovering from surgery was always going to be difficult, and I never expected My body to wait and stop everything from flaring to heal from surgery and healing for Me is never linear. However, since it was removed in May, I’ve come on leaps and bounds compared to My health pre-surgery. I’m not ‘able bodied’ by any means, but I can now eat better, do more and generally be in less constant pain.

My aim going forward is to find the right balance between work and health and this might look like taking the occasional week or month off to recharge. I do hope that My content uploads will no longer suffer – I plan to finish editing My backlog (customs and all) and then create as much content as I am able and try to queue a few months ahead.

It is My hope that customs will reopen, however, there will be tighter rules and guidelines to ensure you get your customs within a reasonable amount of time and I can create it in the simplest way possible. Because of that, My prices will change and complexity will be a huge factor, I would also price customs according to a time block instead of per minute as if you’ve ordered from Me you know I have a tendency to overachieve on length.

I am back, but it will take Me a few months – probably October time, to get up to speed with My various work projects (and chastity surprises) and doing KIK, cam and phone sessions again. If I do take cam and text sessions before October, those on will be the first to know and book time with Me.

I have missed you all, and hope you’ll show Me how much you missed Me by subscribing to whilst it’s just $1.99. A little treat for you.

It’s good to be back.

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