7 ways to be my perfect submissive.

So you want to be the perfect submissive for me? Read this, then read it again, and then one last time.

So you want to be the perfect submissive for Me?

Read this, then read it again, and then one last time.

1. Don’t bother Me.

Sounds straightforward, but so many of you fall at the first hurdle.

I have a life outside of domination and BDSM, and I live it. No matter how much you want it to be true, your existence doesn’t bother Me, unless you anger Me. So, I’m not going to stay up late to cam with you or check My phone every 10 seconds. Realise that messaging Me is a privilege in itself, and don’t waste your first impression.

2. Do as I say.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it?

It won’t surprise you to learn that so many subs ignore what I say and do what they want.

I’ve told many a sub to send $x.xx, and then they send $x.xy … if I’ve told you to send a certain amount, there’s a reason, and that reason is to test you and see if you listen to Me.

Similarly, I have a few forms on My site, that explicitly say tribute before sending … tribute before sending. It’s not hard to follow explicit instructions, especially when I’ve made them simple.

3. Find out information for yourself.

The main reason I have a website is to answer all your questions, all you have to do is read.

I can understand the desire to double-check My email, or where to buy a gift from, but don’t. It’s a sure-fire way to piss Me off, especially when that information can be found on RubyRousson.com, Twitter or other sites.

4. I don’t care for excuses.

If I’ve never spoken to you, don’t expect Me to be sympathetic if you give Me excuse after excuse as to why you can’t serve, or spend, or do x, y, and z. However, if you’re known to Me and a long-time sub, I’ll hear the excuse, and then decide.

If you are given the privilege, don’t expect a level of familiarity to come quickly. Most of the submissives I give allowances to have served Me for years.

5. Have manners!

A respectful email is far more likely to get a reply than a one-sentence wank fuelled plea to lock up your cock.

6. Don’t be scared to follow up.

As long as you adherer to all the points above, I don’t mind a polite follow-up email if I’ve not replied in a few weeks, and Twitter doesn’t provide an answer as to why I’ve taken time off. However, if I have posted why don’t expect sympathy when I cut into you for messaging Me across 5 sites.

7. Pay before play! 

Lastly, if you want to talk to Me, pay.

I know some of you baulk at this – ‘oh I’m not into financial domination’. Good for you, but My time costs, regardless of whether or not you’re into financial domination. My fees are reasonable, and if you catch Me on a good day or you’re good to Me, can change depending on the person.

Depending on what I’m doing – if I’m live on free cam or active on Twitter, I might answer the odd question or 2, but you best believe after that you’re paying for My time. Also, I know when you’re just looking for jerk material vs actually wanting to know for a future session. Messaging Me with the sole intention of getting stuff for free is an automatic block.