Chastity Catalogue

A comprehensive list of ALL My chastity clips.


Released in 2015

I Control Your Cock

Price:$3.99 USD | Length: 2 minutes | Size: 129 MB

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You see this little key here, it is staying around My neck. I love having you in chastity, and your cock is now Mine to control.

The School of Chastity

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 291 MB

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Welcome! The reason you’re here today is very very simple, you can’t control your cock! Your girlfriend has told Me all about you, and I’m here to teach you how to control those desires and urges. But first, enforced chastity.

I will take you through step by step just how to put on the chastity cage you will now wear, and I’ll show you the key that is now Mine to keep. Your girlfriend may have sent you here, but I’m the one that now controls you.

Locked Up for Life

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 336 MB

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Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring. In fact, you’re more than welcome to, I’m just going to punish you … but wait, you like Me punishing you! Well, that will not do. I have something that will fix that, a chastity cage! From now on I’m going to keep you locked up with the cage, and if you even think of removing it and putting it back on, I’ll know. Each lock is numbered, and I know your number. It will be much better when you’re all locked up, just wait and see.

Chastity Lock up

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 237 MB

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Don’t think I didn’t notice you staring. In fact, you’re more than welcome to, I’m just going to punish you … but wait, you like Me punishing you! Well, that will not do. I have something that will fix that, a chastity cage! From now on I’m going to keep you locked up with the cage, and if you even think of removing it and putting it back on, I’ll know. Each lock is numbered, and I know your number. It will be much better when you’re all locked up, just wait and see

Reconditioning, Step 4: Chastity

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 209 MB

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You’ve come this far! I’m almost proud … almost.

Now, onto the 4th stage of your reconditioning treatment – chastity. From now on your cock will be locked up and kept out of sight. I do not want to see it, hear you speak of it, or have it anywhere near Me. I will show you how to put the device on, but you will do it yourself, I’m not touching that thing of yours.

This cage will become your life. It will be on your mind every single waking hour of the day. It will control you and make you that much more submissive to Me, and it will prove to Me you’re getting serious about reconditioning.

The next step in your reconditioning therapy will be to get yourself very well acquainted with My strap-on.

Caught in the act and forced into chastity.

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 212 MB

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You filthy, disgusting, pig! I cannot believe you. I come back home slightly tipsy from a lovely, relaxing, ladies night out and I come home to find you, my ‘roommate’, jerking off to my panty draw.

That’s it, I’m locking it away! I got this to try on my next boyfriend, but you’ll do. Let’s but this cock of yours in a cage. I’m going to lock it up and throw away the key, then you’ll never jerk off to my panty draw again!

Released in 2016

Not an Alpha Anymore

Price:$11.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 453 MB

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Today, you’re going to be dissuaded of a notion that you’ve held for along time. Today, you’re going to accept the fact that you’re not an Alpha male, you’re really an omega male a beta at most. Today, you’re going to learn to live as your true self.

I know you’ve had these submissive cravings a while, oh yes. They’ve been there – floating around in the back of your mind just waiting for a day like today when you finally give in and accept your true nature. And you will admit your true nature today. You won’t be able to stop the words of acceptance falling from your lips as you realise you’re inferior to all women.

From now on you will kneel before Me, and you will keep your cock caged at all times, so make sure you have a cage handy. That is all your cock good for now – My amusement. You see, I love to tease, and deny those below Me, and do trust Me when I say there will be plenty of denying. The orgasm you had before you watched this clip … that was your last as a ‘free’ man. I do not allow men orgasms lightly, and if at any point I do, every last detail will be determined by Me – what porn you watch (if I allow you watch any at all), how you cum, what you do after you cum etc.

Today, you will start living your life by a mantra you will practice daily, and you will find comfort in knowing that you’ll end this clip a new omega man.

Bonus points to any recently turned ‘Alpha’ that follows through on the final instruction in the clip.

A Chastity Tease Especially For Those Locked Away

Price:$11.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 262 MB

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If you want to enjoy this clip the way it’s supposed to be enjoyed, go get a chastity device, and lock away that cock of yours then go hide the key somewhere.

I’m going to use My body to torture you, and all you need to do is sit and watch. I’m going to flaunt My perfect curves in your face, and your cock is going to get hard at the sight … but you’re not going to be able to do anything. In fact, I want you to sit on your hands for this entire clip. I want you to feel how badly you want to be able to touch yourself, and take pleasure in the knowledge that you can’t.

Oh, I will most definitely be torture for you, but that’s the whole reason why I’m doing this. I love to torture those in chastity, I love knowing that you’re all locked away and desperate. And I love denying all forms of release.

Your Journey into Chastity

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 193 MB

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You want to know why you’re here? You’re here, cock in hand, mind on the thought of orgasming because of that niggling curiosity of yours, the idea that a woman would keep you at the mercy of Her whims …

Let Me tell you a little secret, I keep many men like that. You see, chastity is one of My favourite fetishes, I adore it. I love keeping a sub locked up, teased, and frustrated. But, I do so hate when subs come to Me, begging Me to hold their keys, so I’m going to make it easy. The video contains the first challenge you’ll need to complete if you want Me to take you seriously and be your key holder. Complete the task, and we’ll talk. Fail, and I’ve no interest in you.

All Locked Up

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 188 MB

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These key here signify that I control your freedom, I control your cock, and I decide whether or not to release you – to let you go. Guess what? I’m always going to decide not to.

Oh don’t worry, I’ll keep the keys safe. Sometimes they’ll be on a necklace, sometimes I’ll just slip them in between My cleavage, and sometimes I’ll hook them on the waistband of My panties. That way you’ll never forget who controls your cock.

Chastity Encouragement

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 166 MB

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You’ll need to watch, and be participating in this clip’s challenge first to get the full effect: Your Journey into Chastity

Lacking the willpower and the reason for keeping yourself all locking away? Get this clip. Watch it, live by it. And remember, why you’re doing this. It’s not for you – though maybe a nice side product is to prove yourself to your little self – the main reason you’re doing this is for Me. Is because I love having men all locked up and in a cage.

Wifey Finds The Keys

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 323 MB

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We need to talk. I found these the other day, the keys to – now I’m just guessing here – your chastity cage. Oh, don’t worry. I’m not going to leave you, in fact, I think chastity is a wonderful idea! But, let’s make sure we’re on the same page. I’m not on about the type of chastity where you lock yourself up for a few hours, then get hard, take it off, and wank to your heart’s content, no. I’m on about the type of chastity where I lock you up for weeks at a time, allowing you no release, and using you for My pleasure.

Excited? Too bad, looks like you’re going to have to deflate that cock of yours so it can fit in that cage. You’re getting no ‘last orgasm’ from Me, we’re starting now, and we’re playing on MY terms.

Chastity, The New Normal

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 248 MB

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You know that every single word I’m about to say will resonate in that head of yours. It speaks that that part of you that’s locked up right now. And maybe this will serve as a little reminder, a little bit of reinforcement of your current predicament … good. I don’t want you to forget the predicament that you’re in. I want it to be at the very front of your mind – I want you to make sure you never forget the fact it’s not about you.

Work Harder For Me

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 619 MB

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What you’re earning right now is pathetic, and not enough to please Me. So, I’m going to lay out for you what you’re going to do so you can serve Me better. Hint: Take out a loan! Get a credit card. I don’t care.

Whilst all this is happening you’re going to keep yourself locked away – we both know that cock is good for absolutely nothing, and it will encourage you to spend more on ME.

Need more convincing? Look closely and you’ll see tits.

No Need for a Cock

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 194 MB

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That thing should not be out. It should be locked away. Want to know why it should be locked away? Do you? I bet you can guess. Yes, that’s right … you don’t need a cock! It’s nothing more of a distraction to you, a useless waste of your energy. You’ve no need for orgasms anymore. Pleasure is not a thing you should ever be allowed to enjoy again.

Your time and energy could be better spent doing other things – serving Me for example. Earning more for Me. Making yourself a better submissive for Me.

Lock that cock away for Me. Go on. Get a chastity cage, lock yourself up, maybe not throw away the key … just yet. I want that cock to stay locked up, and from now on you’ll spend the time you’d waste normally playing with yourself, having an orgasm, will be spent making yourself useful to Me.

Chastity Check In

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 408 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

You’re quite a few months into your chastity journey now. You’ve edged for Me, you’ve teased yourself, you’ve learnt that you actually quite like pain … so what now?

What next? Well, there’s still the tempting prospect of orgasm. It’s just a case asking yourself, how badly do you want one?

Cage yourself for Me

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 263 MB

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First things first, you need to buy a chastity device.

Now, let’s talk about you and chastity, and about how you’re going to serve Me in chastity – how I’m going to have you lock yourself up for the good of mankind. You see, you don’t need that ‘thing’ running wild and free, no, you need to cage it. It would be a much better world if your cock was locked away.

The cage will probably terrify you, of that, I have no doubt. However, the world will be a safer place if no one has to encounter that ‘thing’ again. When you’re all locked up, and secure in your cage there’s also no way you can play with yourself. Sure, you can try, you can attempt to get an erection, but it will be stunted, and it will hurt.

Once you’ve become accustomed to your new life, you’re going to make yourself useful to Me. You’re going to join the harem of men I’ve already locked into chastity, and you’re going to become one of My little pets to play with.

My Denied Sissy

Price:$22.99 USD | Length: 18 minutes | Size: 780 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

You have locked me in chastity as your denied sissy. You have decided to make it hard on me by unlocking me from my chastity and making me edge to orgasm but not cumming. You instruct me to unlock my clitty penis from its chastity cage and stroke it for you. You relentlessly tease me with your cleavage and your breasts while making me edge at least 10 times through this clip. You command me to get to the edge by using a countdown and making me stop at the end.

Before the end of the clip, you instruct me to restart this video and watch it a total of 4 times back to back without orgasm before finishing the clip and then you will decide whether I get to orgasm or not.

(Most of this clip will be edging me as your denied chastity sissy. I would love for you to talk about how my clitty cock can’t please a woman… how you like seeing my balls full, swollen and purple with all the cum inside desperate to burst out.)

Conclusion: You decide that you like seeing me desperate, my balls full and swollen and my clitty leaking so much precum. So you deny me orgasm and instruct me to put on the cage. Then you tell me that I have to do this whole routine every day (watching it 4 times back to back, edging and denying for you. ) How much you love seeing those balls get swollen and fuller every day… denied… desperate… horny… just for you.”

In-Service to Me

Price:$23.99 USD | Length: 22 minutes | Size: 911 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used, but it is a rather personalised clip.]

Chastity isn’t really something you give too much thought to nowadays, it’s more something you live and breath. You also can’t help but be addicted to the feeling of your cock locked up, and under My complete control. But chastity isn’t the only thing you love – you also love being in service to Me, and feeling useful. You’ve tried many new things under My tutelage, and have had your limits pushed time and time again, only to find you now love some of the stuff you used to fear.

Whilst I approve of how you’ve developed as a submissive under My control, it’s time to really test your boundaries. It’s time to up the ante. It’s time to train your ass ready for 24/7 wear.

Controlling your jerking habits

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 113 MB

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I have something you want – correction, something you need. I have the key to cage around your cock. I know what you must be thinking – how did it get into My hands? Well, last night I snuck in and stole the key whilst you were resting. Oh yes, go on, try looking for it! You won’t find it.

I bet you didn’t even notice the key was missing until now. And now you know it’s gone, you want it even more. The is rushing to your cock, making it strain against the cage, and your vision is a little hazy with all the leaving that tiny little brain of yours. Well, tough luck. This key stays in My possession until I get bored of it until I get bored with you. Unless you want to convince Me otherwise with your wallet …

Serve and Obey

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 458 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

“To begin, you tell me how my life is about to change and how I’ll learn to serve and obey. You tell me that I belong in chastity and deserved to be cuckolded. You mock me for my predicament and laugh in my face. Tell me how much fun you’ll be having with friends, talking to hot guys, and having sex with larger alphas!

Meanwhile, I’ll remain locked, denied, and cuckolded for you! Also, I would like a brutally honest opinion of my penis size. I’m exactly 4.25″ hard. This is the total length. The diameter is a little less than 1.5″ and the circumference is 4.6″. Do you think I will continue to shrink after enduring your chastity sentence? My steel Jailbirdâ„¢ is 1.25″ long too.

Also, tell me to throw out ALL of my boxers and instruct me to buy even more frilly pink panties!”

Released in 2017

Chastity Tales

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 266 MB

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Locked away, desperate, and wanting more? What a coincidence, that’s just how I like men – when I do ‘like them’ that is.

I’m going to tell you a few tales today, some I’ll make up on the spot, teasing you with scenarios that will never happen. Some will be ones I’ve personally crafted for lucky subs, and some will be scenarios I’ve planned out for future subs. Can you guess which is which?

Here’s a hint: the last one is a real-life scenario, a scenario I very much enjoyed.

Chastity Mistress

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 352 MB

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You’re locked away in that cute cage of yours, and you think I’m going to help you with that ‘little’ predicament you’ve got going on?

I lock men away for fun, not just because I get paid to do it. I lock men away not just because they want it, but because I want it. I lock men away because, after a short conversation with Me, they’re begging Me to lock them up and throw away the key.

There’s nothing quite like locking a man away, controlling his cock and making it Mine. And, you think you’re up to the task of being locked away by Me? Think again.

Pathetic Penis Lock Up

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 300 MB

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When you had a small cock, I thought you were just joking. I thought you were being modest … turns out I was wrong.

It turns out you’re just tiny.

But, I have a solution for you. I think you should just lock it away, after all, you can barely feel it. Keeping it locked away in a chastity cage is the best thing for that thing dangling between your legs. You see, with a cage on you’ll actually be able to feel something around your cock, cushioning it. Now, doesn’t that sound better?

Your New Reality

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 302 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

Well, that was fun! I love trying new things in the bedroom, and I never thought I’d enjoy that little bit of FemDom play as much as I did. It’s quite exhilarating. I’m so glad you suggested it darling.

Oh, you brought something for us? Let’s see then. C’mon, I promise not to laugh.

… what is that!? It looks so ridiculous, I mean seriously? You might as well try it though, just to see … oh my. That’s quite the look and these keys here? What are they for?

Oh, I see, they keep you all locked away. My, my, my, I didn’t quite expect this to turn me on as much as it did. But, your cock is useless now, it’s all locked away!

No matter, I’ve got a solution. I’ll go fuck your friends whilst you stay at home, my pathetic locked up boyfriend! Yes, I think this will be perfect, and don’t even think about leaving me, or these keys may just accidentally get lost …

Locking Slave in Chastity

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 110 MB

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I have no use for things that dangle around, unnecessarily getting in My way. In fact, the only use I have for things like that is using them for target practice when I feel like it. For the most part, they are just useless pieces of flesh.

Slave is getting up close and personal with one of My favourite pieces of BDSM equipment today – a chastity cage. I’ve decided that it’s time to lock away his dangling piece of useless flesh … time to throw away the key, if he’s continues to displease Me with his presence.

Released in 2018

Chastity, Lesson 1

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 136 MB

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A new clip series, this time for chastity.

As some of you know, chastity is near and dear to My heart. It’s one of My favourite fetishes. I know you can’t wait for My chastity videos.

Ironic, as I know your cock is twitching at the thought of Me telling you to lock yourself away.

This video isn’t an instructional on as to how to put a cage on. No.

This video is far more fun …

Your New Chastity Keyholder

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 231 MB

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The idea of locking your dick up without any means of it getting free paradoxically turns you on more than you’ll ever be able to describe. The idea that around My neck there’s a key to your release, so tauntingly close, yet so far makes you want to jerk until there’s not a drop of cum left in your balls.

But, what next? What happens after the orgasm? You’ve begged and pleaded for Me to lock your dick up. If you’re lucky enough, your wish has been granted, but where do you go from there?

Does the idea of locking your cock up for Me turn you on? Check out the rest of My chastity clips here.

Locked Under Law

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 107 MB

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Congratulations, and welcome! Your recent pervy adventures have gotten you in a spot of trouble, and locked up, but not in the usual way. You’re part of a new trial run by yours truly to see how those convicted of crimes react to being locked in chastity.

Now, if you’re good, you might qualify for a reward, but you have to do exactly as I say. You have to keep your locked up cock in your pants, keep your hands away, and become a useful member of society. If you manage to do all that, I might release you for 10 minutes after your first full week in chastity so you can jerk off – naturally under My command. If you fail … let’s just say there’s a reason I’m running this trial.

Get your cage ready.

A Week of Chastity

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 175 MB

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Can you resist?

That’s the question you need to ask yourself right now, can you resist? If you can’t resist, there’s absolutely no way you’ll be able to deal with the instructions I’m about to give out.

If you CAN resist, this clip is for you. If you want to tease yourself to the brink of insanity, this clip is or you. If you want to see if you have an ounce of self-control, this clip is for you. Question is, can you resist? Or rather, how badly do you want to resist for Me?


Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 155 MB

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You thought I’d forget My favourite month? Oh no, no, no. October is MY month.

Chastity is My forte. I thrive on locking up submissive subs like yourself, and the power trip is immense. Why would I miss out on a month that is essentially all about how I can control you, tease you incessantly, make you desperate, and withhold orgasms?

Those of you that are more adventurous, virtual key holding is available. All it takes is a plastic lock, or if you have a little more restraint an extra key.

Are you ready for a month of chastity clips, erotic sensual Goddess Worship clips, and more?

Male or female, lock yourself up for Me this October.


Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 384 MB

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You want to be Mine this October. You want to submit to Me. You want Me to control you. Admit it.

You want to be driven to the point of madness by My teasing, all whilst your little cock is locked away. Imagine seeing just a hint of My luscious cleavage whilst your cock remains caged.

Am I saying this just because it’s LOCKTOBER? No, I’m saying this because the more cocks under My control, the more pleasure I get. Oh yes, chastity, and the control I have over you, makes My cunt wet. I have many fantasies where chastity features prominently.

Even if it’s just during the day this October, lock yourself up for Me. Give up control. Make My cunt wet.

Bursting Blue Balls

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 151 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

You want to experience something you’ve not experienced in quite some time – an orgasm. After all, your cock belongs to Me, it’s LOCKTOBER, and chastity excites you.

I know you also want something from Me. Something personal, I know that you want to see underneath My bra.

You want to see My tits in their full glory.

I bet seeing them would make you orgasm just like that. It would take less than a snap of My fingers.

You’re so desperate, you’d do anything to make it happen …

Give your Key to Me!

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 163 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

There’s something in My cleavage, do you recognise it?

Look closer, it’s the key of the submissive who’s dick is under My control.

I know you desperately want to lock your dick up and give Me the key. You’ve thought about key-holding often, so often that you’ve nearly gone through with it multiple times.

What’s holding you back? I know you want to experience being locked with no way out, I know you want to experience the constant horniess of chastity, and I know you crave being dominated by Me – who wouldn’t.

Give in to your desires, give your key to Me!

Lock Up for Christmas!

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 115 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

I have a challenge for you chastity addicts!

Stay locked.

If you missed ‘Locktober’, or if you need a bit of a push to lock yourself away and stay chaste – this is your chance.

Now, order a cage if you don’t already have one, and tease yourself until you don’t know which way is up.

I want your balls to be such a vivid blue that they wouldn’t look out of place on a Christmas tree!

Becoming The Perfect Sissy I

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 348 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

What a pathetic individual you are. You are lusting after what you’ll never be able to have. You sit there furiously jerking your tiny little cock because you’re never going to feel any decent sensation in it. But, it doesn’t stop you from wishing.

Compared to My gorgeous tits, your cock is nothing. Get it out not, and stroke it with just one finger. Look at it, one finger is all you’ll need!

That ‘cock’ would be much better if it was locked away because your cock isn’t actually a ‘cock’. It’s a sissy clitty. You need to realise your destiny as a sissy because you are nothing as you are right now.

You’re going to be far more valuable as a sissy, and I’ll lead you through the journey of becoming the perfect sissy.

Question is, are you going to accept your fate? Or stay miserable as you are.

Becoming The Perfect Sissy II

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 272 MB

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You must watch Becoming the Perfect Sissy I first.

Have you been a good sissy for Me?

Have you done exactly what I told you to?

I hope you have.

Like I said last time, the only way you’re going to orgasm is by milking your ass with your clitty locked in chastity.

Ready for one of the most intense orgasms of your life?

Stay Locked This Year

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 126 MB

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Make a commitment to Me this year. Stay locked.

Wear your chastity cage for 365 days WITHOUT taking it off, or having a single orgasm.

Doesn’t it sound exciting? After all, locked your cage shut would be a wonderful way to start the year off right!

Don’t worry though, just because you’ll be caged, locked up, without any chance of release doesn’t mean you have to stop watching My content, quite the contrary! I want you to watch even more of My content. I want you to spend each and every day in a state of tormented bliss, where you’re hyper-aware of your cock in that cage as it struggles to grow and demand attention.

I want you to have a year of completion, and total orgasm denial.

Want to go the extra mile? Make a chastity contract with Me that states – unless it’s an emergency, you stay locked for the whole of 2019.

Released in 2019

Lock yourself up for Me

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 168 MB

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Many of you are eager little chastity pets, but a lot of you are all talk and no action.

So, let Me incentivise staying chaste – if you’re good, you might see My pussy.

All Men Should be Locked in Chastity!

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 212 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

If I were in power there would be a new world order: all men would be locked in chastity.

Don’t agree? Give Me just 8 minutes, and I’ll change your mind.

Chastity Tales from My Kinky Life

Price:$13.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 176 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

The first video: Chastity Tales

Before I tell you My tales, a warning … of sorts. If you think that chastity is all ‘you’re locked away, and that is that’, think again. Chastity is an art form, and some of you know what I’m talking about. Those that are not aware are missing out on something GREAT.

This key belongs to a pet of Mine, but this story isn’t about him. This story is about an old play partner – he was fond of chastity, and I was fond of keeping his key so it was a wonderful match.

How did I make him cum caged? Did I flush the key? Did I throw it away? Did I keep it, send him pictures, and tease him with it? Did he fuck Me with a cage on

The only way you’ll find the answers to these questions is if you purchase this clip.

Jiggle your Cage (MP3)

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 11 MB

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I know your little secret. I know that you get ridiculously turned on by wearing your cage, and jiggling it. You come so close to coming, and you can’t keep the cage on for more than an hour because it’s too arousing.

I can help. All you have to do is listen to Me.

I know you want to stay locked for Me, but I know you want to rip the cage off and edge all night long. After all, you’re a stroking addict, but you want to be good and stay in your cage. Such conflict!

Which will it be?

Put your cage on, jiggle it, and get ready to find out.

Kiss, Suck, Fuck & Worship

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 196 MB

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Do you want Me to fuck you in the ass? I know you’ve been thinking about it, and I know you want it.

You’re all locked up, and desperate. I know you are. I’ve made sure of it. That cage around you cock is making you think about things locked up in your deepest darkest fantasies.

Today, your fantasy becomes a reality. Let Me tell you EXACTLY what I’d do to you if I had you kneeling in front of Me …

Why you SHOULD be in chastity

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 150 MB

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You thought about it, but you’re not sure it’s the right thing for you.I’m going to tell you why it IS the right thing for you, and why you should lock your cock up in a cage, and give me control of the key.

Can you imagine your keys kept secure between My tits?

Stay Locked for 2020!

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 234 MB

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I don’t want you to have a single orgasm in 2020.

Chastity turns Me on. Chastity makes Me wet. The idea of you being all locked up unable to orgasm or even touch your cock whilst I can orgasm as much as I want is SUCH an arousing thought!

I love the power. It’s intoxicating.

Whilst I sit here in this skimpy black lace robe I want you to go grab a cage, and whilst you’re watching this clip you’re going to lock yourself up for Me. Lock yourself whilst I tease you. Lock yourself up whilst you’re struggling to stay soft. Lock yourself up because it’s the RIGHT thing to do this year.

After all, I know you want to make Me happy, and chastity makes Me VERY happy.

Released in 2020

No Orgasms in 2020

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 185 MB

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I’m here to help you fulfil your goal of having zero orgasms in 2020. I want you to keep your hands to yourself as you watch Me tease you with My cleavage, and mind fuck you into the idea that not cumming this year is an excellent idea.

Still … it sounds incredibly difficult, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry I have 3 options for you to have ‘no orgasms’ in 2020. 1 requires a cage, 1 requires mental fortitude, and 1 requires lube.

Whatever you pick, I’ve got the perfect teasing regime for you. After all, you don’t need to give up FemDom or teasing to give up orgasms, you just need to find another use for your time.

Story: Cucking My Chastity Pet

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 247 MB

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This is one of my hottest stories yet.

All I’m going to tell you is that it features on a night a few years ago where a chastity pet of Mine was locked up, and I called him whilst I was fucking another guy.

Oh yes.

Your Key is Mine, YOU Are Mine (MP3)

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 247 MB

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Can you imagine your key nestled between My tits? Imagine it there right now. Imagine it swinging between My tits. Imagine it swaying backwards and forwards as I fuck you in the ass. Such a delightful idea, isn’t it?

Why do I bring this up?

Well, good chastity pets get orgasms of a special kind … prostate orgasms.

I’m going to guide you through your main goal for this year – prostate orgasm. I want you to imagine I’me the one teasing you, I’m the one curling My fingers in your ass. You’re going to imagine it’s ME.

Don’t worry, I’ll guide you.

A sensual guide for pets with nocturnal orgasms, looking for play, looking for reassurance, looking for MORE.

Vamp Tales – Topless

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 213 MB

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Don’t be scared, I’m not going to bite you … yet.

First, I’m going to tell you exactly I have in store for you, and I have concocted quite the plan! After all, there’s a reason you’re naked under a sheet that’s barely protecting your ‘modesty’.

Secondly, I’m going to let My girls tease you, tempt you, and destroy any notion of control you think you have and then send them away for you to realise your fate.

I hope you’re comfortable because you’re never leaving this bed.

Give Me Your Key

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 174 MB

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You will need a bottle of ‘rush’, ‘relaxants’ or your favourite thing to spice up clips. 

Hmm. Let’s go with just 2 weeks of keyholding to start, and then we’ll go from them.

Oh, these keys around My neck? They from My other chastity pets. I’m their keyholder. I keep their keys close to Me at all times, nestled between My tits.

If you’re interested and want your key to be added to this delicate chain, why don’t you sniff that little bottle of rush so we can talk? I promise I won’t make you give Me the key for longer 2 weeks … promise.

Locktober 2020

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 246 MB

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It’s that time of year again! October, the month of chastity and orgasm denial, more commonly known as ‘Locktober’.

Locktober is My absolute favourite month. Why? It’s the month many of you want to give chastity a try or dedicate your orgasms – or rather a lack of orgasms, to Me. To be frank, the thought of you locking yourself up turns Me on, and I’m always looking for more keys to add to My necklace …

Whether you’re new to chastity, an intermediate player or advanced, I have the perfect plan for you. Likewise, whether you’re committing to a physical chastity cage, mental chastity, ruined orgasms or prostate milking, My guidance will ensure you have a thrilling month even though you won’t be orgasming.

Go on, you know you want to experience being locked up with Me to mentor you. Take the leap this year instead of letting the month pass you by, missing out on all the wonderful chastity teases that could possibly happen …

Chastity: Week 1

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 264 MB

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I highly recommend you watch this clip first: Locktober 2020

The first week of Locktober is always the most difficult whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced chastity fetishist. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re caged, running your orgasms, milking your prostate, or practising mental chastity, locking up for a set period of time is difficult.

That’s why I’m here to guide you.

This is the first of 4 videos designed to make your month of chastity as easy as it can be. Along the way, I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and tasks to make the month interactive and to help with the daunting prospect of locking your cage or keeping mentally chaste for October.

Week 1 is where we’ll get the nitty-gritty of the basics about the chastity cage out of the way, discuss the mental aspect of chastity, and give you some tasks to occupy your week for each level. As a little bonus, see if you can spot the nip slip! I’ll also cover how to contact Me if you’d like Me to personally guide and check in on you.

Happy Locktober!

Chastity: Week 2

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 7 minutes

If you’re seeing this clip for the first time, start here: Chastity: Week 1

How are you getting on? We’re a week in now and no matter your level – beginner, intermediate or advanced, Locktober always brings that extra pressure. Have you succeeded? Stayed chaste for Me? I hope so. I want you to succeed for Me.

This week, I want you to listen closely and read all the tips I have for you. I genuinely want you to succeed, so if there’s a worry you’ve been having, I hope I’ve answered it here.

As for tasks, well let’s just say one of them is to watch the entire video a few times and spot the nip slips. Since I’m only wearing a sheer red scarf, let’s just say there are quite a few. I say ‘task’ but it’s more a tease.

Chastity: Week 3

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 7 minutes

Before watching this clip, start here: Chastity: Week 1 and Chastity: Week 2

I’m going to shake things up this week.

I want to test your resolve, so sit on your hands and get ready. Whether your mentally chaste, ruining your orgasm or locked away in a cage.

Don’t worry, no matter your level – beginner, intermediate or advanced I’ll still offer advice … and a little pop quiz.

Chastity: Week 4

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Price: $16.99 – Length: 14 minutes

Before watching this clip, start here: Chastity: Week 1, Chastity: Week 2 and Chastity: Week 3.

Back again! You’re 3 a bit weeks into chastity and I bet you’ve experienced a LOT of feelings … if you’ve stuck with it.

I hope you have, truly. Chastity is a wonderful experience for both Me and you. I do love seeing each of you buy various weeks. It’s very interesting to see who’s stuck with it. Just one week to go.

I have some interesting tasks for you for this last week and I’m sure you’ll find them exhilarating.

Are you ready for the last week of Locktober?

After October 31st you’ll be free … or will you.

Chastity: Week 5

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Price: $6.99 – Length: 4 minutes

Before watching this clip, start here: Chastity: Week 1, Chastity: Week 2, Chastity: Week 3 and Chastity: Week 4.

You’ve done it! It’s October 31st and you’ve completed Locktober, you can unlock … finally! Or, can you?

Do you really want to unlock when you’ve completed a month? A whole 31 days? It would be a shame to waste the time you’ve built up in chastity to unlock only after a month.

What about if you stay locked?

Buy this clip, sit through it (I promise it’s not ‘clickbait’ there are topless tits in this clip), and see what I’ve got to say. I promise it’s a very compelling argument.

Released in 2021

No Orgasms This Year

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 286 MB

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If you thought 2021 would mean ORGASMS, you’re wrong.

No matter your genitals, this year you will NOT be orgasming, at all. But I’m not entirely heartless, so you have 2 options.

Option 1: The ‘Easy’ Road

You may edge, tease yourself and experience pleasure, but no completion – this means NO orgasms. Even ruined orgasms.

Option 2: The ‘Hard’ Road

No pleasure. At all. No touching yourself, no edging, no tease. Nothing. For erections, a cold shower. For tempting thoughts, a banal activity.

Which option will you pick?

Before you decide, watch this clip. I may be able to help you decide and offer a very easy way to be your virtual keyholder …

Released in 2022

New Year, New Wallet, No Orgasms

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 114 MB

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It’s a brand spanking new year!

I could make yet another ‘you’re not going to cum for Me this year’ etc, but I’m not going to. I have plenty of these sorts of clips already and you’re looking for something … more, especially if you’re already chaste for Me.

So, this year, you’re not just going to lock up and stay chaste. You’re going to be My wallet too.

This is Your Future

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 136 MB

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A follow up to ‘Your New Reality‘.

You’re My little bitch now, aren’t you? All locked up and chaste, just how My good obedient little bitch should be.

I bet you’re even grateful that I threw away that pesky key. Your submissive side is flourishing and you get treats – I tease you with My tits and cleavage often enough, AND you get to watch Me fuck other men! What’s not to love about this arrangement.

It really is hilarious watching you get hard and want to touch, but you can’t because that cage is doing its job SO well

I do have a special treat in mind for you though, but you’ve got to sit on your hands to get it, do you want to know what it is?

My Devious Mind

Price: $9.99 – Length: 8 Minutes | Size: 236 MB

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I’m going to do something a little different today.

I’m going to tell you a story that I will make up as I go – a fantasy that you might like to take part in.

Maybe I’ll trigger a new fetish or maybe I’ll just make you horny, either way, consider this an insight into my devious mind.

I control your pleasure – NYE 2022!

Price: $12.99 – Length: 10:54 | Size: 299 MB

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Start at 11.50 pm to celebrate the New Year with Me.

In chastity? Have plans to ruin your orgasm or continue to goon in favour of orgasming? This is your 10-minute countdown clip.

The idea that I can tell you not to orgasm, and you’ll agree and deny yourself pleasure, is absolutely delicious. So, I’m going to tease you right up until the last moments of 2022, and then you’re going to deny yourself for 2023 all because I’m telling you to do so.

I also won’t be testing your commitment to merely staying on the cusp of orgasm.

No, I wouldn’t do something like that …

(This clip can be paired with My NYE hour-long countdown for 2022. It will be live shortly.)

Released in 2023

Chaste for 2023

Price: $11.99 – Length: 9:26 | Size: 562 MB

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It’s 2023, a brand new year. That means you have another chance to stay chaste for Me this entire year.

So, what’s stopping you?

Do you feel scared? Is the thought exciting … but also worrying? Are you wondering if this will be the year you manage to stay chaste for Me? If you’ll make it?

Let me soothe your worries. The only thing you need to do is watch this clip and get used to the idea that you don’t need to jerk off. You only need to obey Me and listen to Me.

That’s it.

Cucked, Your New Life

Price: $8.99 – Length: 6:11 | Size: 366 MB

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I made an executive decision for this relationship. After all, you can’t satisfy Me, and your dick doesn’t fit in your current chastity cage, though that’s not a ‘big’ problem – I’ve booked an appointment for you to get fit for a proper cage, well, a belt. That way, there will be no escaping your new life.

A life where you’ll be locked up, unable to touch yourself, unable to have sex, unable to cum.

I think this will improve our relationship. Massively.

Oh … but don’t misunderstand Me. I won’t stop having sex.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m going to cuck you, and I’m going to find someone who will satisfy Me where you cannot.

From today onwards, you’ll be a chaste, locked-up cuck, and I’ll bring back men to fuck. If you’re lucky, I’ll let you be their fluffer so you can still be involved.

Trust Me, by taking charge of your life, I’ll make it better.

Oh, and don’t worry about the dildo, it’s for prostate milking, but that’s for later and ONLY if you’re a good cuck for Me.

No Orgasms in Your Future

Price: $10.99 – Length: 8:39 | Size: 511 MB

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Sequel to ‘Give Me the Key‘.

It’s only been a few months, and already you’re SO desperate to be released from chastity, from being locked up and constantly denied orgasms.

At first, your constant begging to be released was music to My ears – the hint of desperation really does something for Me. However, I realised you didn’t take my words seriously this week.

So, let’s straighten things out, shall we?

I enjoy having you at My mercy far too much to let you ever cum again. There will be NO orgasms in your future. None. The most I’ll ever allow, if you’ve earnt it, is the honour of shining My latex and maybe, just maybe, edging before locking you up again so I can keep you, quite literally, on edge.

Your future is locked in chastity to Me.

Don’t ever expect to orgasm again.

Chastity Key Collector

Price: $11.99 – Length: 9:07 | Size: 542 MB

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Are you longing to entrust Me with your key, envisioning it gracefully positioned amidst My flawless cleavage?

This dream of yours has the potential to materialize into a profound reality.

But the question is, are you truly committed? Are you prepared to surrender to My complete and absolute authority, entirely devoted to Me?