Clip Series: Becoming The Perfect Sissy

This series was released in 2019

Part 1

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What a pathetic individual you are. You are lusting after what you’ll never be able to have. You sit there furiously jerking your tiny little cock, because you’re never going to feel any decent sensation in it. But, it doesn’t stop you from wishing.

Compared to My gorgeous tits, you’re cock is nothing. Get it out not, and stroke it with just one finger. Look at it, one finger is all you’ll need!

That ‘cock’ would be much better if it was locked away, because your cock isn’t actually a ‘cock’. It’s a sissy clitty. You need to realise your destiny as a sissy, because you are nothing as you are right now.

You’re going to be far more valuable as a sissy, and I’ll lead you through the journey of becoming the perfect sissy.

Question is, are you going to accept your fate? Or stay miserable as you are.

Part 2

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 272 MB

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You must watch Becoming the Perfect Sissy I first. 

Have you been a good sissy for Me?

Have you done exactly what I told you to?

I hope you have.

Like I said last time, the only way you’re going to orgasm is by milking your ass with your clitty locked in chastity.

Ready for one of the most intense orgasms of your life?