Clip Series: Locktober 2018

This series was released in 2018


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Price: $5.99 – Length: 3 minutes

You thought I’d forget My favourite month? Oh no, no, no. October is MY month.

Chastity is My forte. I thrive on locking up submissive subs like yourself, and the power trip is immense. Why would I miss out on a month that is essentially all about how I can control you, tease you incessantly, make you desperate, and withhold orgasms?

Those of you that are more adventurous, virtual key holding is available. All it takes is a plastic lock, or if you’ve a little more restraint an extra key.

Are you ready for a month of chastity clips, erotic sensual Goddess Worship clips, and more?

Male or female, lock yourself up for Me this October.


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Price: $7.99 – Length: 6 minutes

You want to be Mine this October. You want to submit to Me. You want Me to control you. Admit it.

You want to be driven to the point of madness by My teasing, all whilst your little cock is locked away. Imagine seeing just a hint of My luscious cleavage whilst your cock remains caged.

Am I saying this just because it’s LOCKTOBER? No, I’m saying this because the more cocks under My control, the more pleasure I get. Oh yes, chastity, and the control I have over you, makes My cunt wet. I have many fantasies where chastity features prominently.

Even if it’s just during the day this October, lock yourself up for Me. Give up control. Make My cunt wet.

Bursting Blue Balls

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Price: $7.99 – Length: 5 minutes

You want to experience something you’ve not experienced in quite some time – an orgasm. After all, your cock belongs to Me, it’s LOCKTOBER, and chastity excites you.

I know you also want something from Me. Something personal, I know that you want to see underneath My bra.

You want to see My tits in their full glory.

I bet seeing them would make you orgasm just like that. It would take less than a snap of My fingers.

You’re so desperate, you’d so anything to make it happen …