Clip Series: Raise The Rate

This series was released in 2016

Part 1

Price:$49.99 USD | Length: 2 minutes | Size: 47 MB

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This clip serves one purpose, it’s to drain you of your money. This isn’t to indulge your little fetish, and there nothing over the top, or special about this clip – other than the fact it’s a clip from Me. It’s purely to take money from you.

All I know, all I care about is that the money is going straight from your pocket into Mine. I know handing over your wallet is your favourite part of the day, I know you love watching that bank balance get lower and lower and you serve Me … so this series of clips is going to make it easy for you to do just that.

Part 2

Price:$99.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 254 MB

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Raise The Rate Part 1

Been been craving the second clip in the series? Good. I love keeping you boys waiting, wanting, and eager to please.

The rate has been raised, and now you’re $100 into this burgeoning addiction. Though, I don’t want you for your ‘addiction’, I don’t even want you for your devotion. I want you for your wallet. After all, that’s what these clips are about. I invest a little bit of My precious time, and in return you get to watch Me, and pay a suitable fee.

You see, this series isn’t about pulling you in, and keeping you. This is about draining you hard and fast, with as little effort on My part as possible. I just want to take you for all that you are.