Closing Custom Clip Orders

After nearly 8 years of accepting custom clips, I am officially closing custom on August 31st. If you want one, don't wait to order yours, get in contact NOW!

After nearly 8 years of accepting custom clips, I am officially closing custom clips (and technically complex custom photo sets) on August 31st.

Expect customs to close within the next 10 days. Any customs ordered this month will need patience as it might take up to and over 3 months to film them.

How to order a custom clip:

  1. Message me with a brief outline, fetishes, length of the clip, and any extras. Or fill in the form on this page (where you’ll also find available extras).
  2. I’ll reply with the amount of your clip.
  3. You have until August 31 to pay in full for your custom clip.

How to put a deposit down for a clip:

I’ve never offered this option before, but due to the pandemic and chaos of the world, until August 31st you can put a deposit down for a clip. Depending on your financial situation, the deposit might be anywhere from 10 to 50% of the total clip cost.

  1. Do the same steps at above, but instead of paying the full amount, you’ll pay a deposit calculated by me depending on your clip idea.
  2. Full payment will be required at least 2 days before I film your clip.
  3. You cannot add extra details or extra elements after I have accepted your deposit. Minor details are okay to tweak, but changes to the clip – topless instead of a bra, will not be allowed. This is to make things easier on me.
  4. If you don’t pay the full payment within a reasonable time (weekly instalments) or when asked (if you’ve yet to pay any of the amount due), your deposit will be forfeit and you lose the right to a custom clip.

Why am I closing custom clips?

My reasons are plentiful, and I’m going to go into them in a bit more depth here, but first, I just want to say thank you in advance for understanding and respecting my privacy. I would also like to say that I’m not looking for any medical advice or help with regards to what I’m about to share. This post is to simply inform you of the circumstances, and help you understand where I’m coming from.

I have alluded to this in the past, but I am chronically ill and have been for years. Over the past few years my health has impacted my work more and more, and whilst this might turn some of you away I found that I can’t keep it a ‘casual secret’ any longer. For the past three months, I have been consistently ill in many different ways and, quite honestly, it feels ridiculous to be this ill. I’ve not been able to do anything. At most I have 1-2 good days where I need to do casual human things like laundry, tidying and the bins (glamorous, I know) and then bam, another illness. Things like this happen a lot, and I need to be kinder to my body.

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m also due a double surgery as well as a bunch of procedures, all of that will require a lot of recovery time and it’s only due to COVID that all of it hasn’t happened yet. My original plan was to stop accepting customs around March for the surgery in April. Obviously, it got postponed, so I extended customs for a few more months. However, since I’ve had a three month stint of being constantly ill, and the last time I filmed was late June, I’ve finally accepted that between the anxiety of having a long-overdue custom, the constant checkups from some people, and the stress of trying to fit 10 customs into an hour or two of filming (since I can’t tolerate long filming sessions) … it’s time to stop.

I am very fortunate and thankful to everyone that has ordered a custom from me, and those that want a custom from me, but I cannot tell you how good it feels to know I have zero custom clips outstanding. Between the many work-related tasks I need to do, an empty custom clip docket is a breath of fresh air that allows me to do so much more.

Aside from my custom notebook, I have notebooks full of clip ideas I want to try. I want to film more mindfuck, I want to work on hypno clips and audio and my planned clip series and courses.

I also have a number of projects I’d like to work on, ranging from my websites – ParlourTalk, TheRubyUmbrella, Arousibility, to courses I’d like to build for subs. A lot of the sites require video content, and since my window to film and video content is very, very small it currently has to be dedicated to customs. I want to change that.

Will I ever accept custom clips again?

Maybe. However, I need to film some original content, and I need to not feel constantly stressed out that I’m ill but I’ve got 10 customs due. I truly adore when clients send me a message gushing over how perfect their creation was, and I’ve never had a customer come back to me saying their clip was wrong or wasn’t what they wanted. I take pride in my custom clips and would love to be able to offer them again.

If I accept custom clip orders again, it might be a one at a time system, a short notice ‘I’m filming right now and will take 1 custom’ or a financial threshold with the understanding the clip might take months. Customs are already priced at the base price ($20) where I feel comfortable considering the time and energy they take. If I choose to accept customs again that price might quadruple or more. That’s a big if.

Am I still accepting custom audio and erotica commissions?

Yes. 100%. Throw your audio and erotica commissions at me!

I am currently dictating this entire article with my fancy microphone, in my bed, lying down, no makeup. I LOVE custom audio. Custom audio is the simplest thing for me to do – it’s why you’ve seen a massive amount of audio clips released lately.

If you ever want to order a custom audio or erotica commission, you’re more than welcome to. Just know that depending on the state of my health it might take longer than 4 weeks.

Why no leg/feet/heel/tight clips?

Whilst I’m getting all of this out of the way, there has been a massive reduction in hold-ups, garter belts, standing up and below the waist clips, and general foot related content. That’s because my primary illness is leg related.

Due to hypersensitivity and pain, I can no longer wear shoes, tights, anything that constrains my legs and feet. It also affects my balance, and since my feet are partially numb, it becomes quite dangerous for me to stand up without falling all the time. To be frank, my feet don’t bring me joy at the moment so I find it hard to film them.

I have accepted two foot-related customs in the past three years, both took an ungodly amount of time because I was waiting for the ‘perfect moment’ to film. With my legs, there is no perfect moment to film.

Unless something drastic changes or medicine finds a cure (doubtful since there is no cure), don’t expect or ask for any foot-related content.


It’s my hope that I will be able to get back to posting clips regularly very soon, but until then you can find me posting daily on both AVN (FemDom) and OnlyFans (mostly tease with a sprinkle of FemDom). There is also quite the bustling hoard over on my Discord channel, which I try to pop in and talk to those who are there daily as well.

I did hope to cam and take more Skype sessions this year, but that’s not been in the stars. As is the theme, the more low effort text-based sessions are very doable for me – even with the odd picture or five.

I hope you’re keeping safe, washing your hands regularly, and wearing a mask when you venture outside!

Ruby x

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