Cum Eating Instruction Catalogue

Watching one of my clips will have you slurping your cum straight from your cock or downing it from a shot glass or freezing your cum and using it as a flavour cube for your smoothie.  The thought sends a thrill through you ... or maybe the feeling is dread. Either way, you will be eating your cum for me.

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Watching one of my clips will have you slurping your cum straight from your cock or downing it from a shot glass or freezing your cum and using it as a flavour cube for your smoothie. 

The thought sends a thrill through you … or maybe the feeling is dread.

Either way, you will be eating your cum for me.

Released in 2015

Teasing you whilst making you eat your own cum

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 211 MB

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You think I don’t know about your dirty little secret? Well, you’re wrong. I know exactly what it is you like thinking about when you’ve cum, and I know the only way you’ll do it is if a strong, seductive woman tells you to do so. Well, guess what? That’s exactly what I’m going to do, and if you don’t do what I say, it won’t be pleasant for you.

Sissy Training 102: Swallowing Cum

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 316 MB

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You’ve seen Sissy Training 101: Cock Sucking. , now it’s time for you to watch Sissy Training 102: Swallowing Cum.

This video will teach you the different ways you may be told to swallow cum, depending on what your owner/play partner/partner decides. I will go through the classic ‘licking it off a body part’, to my favourite way – making you lick it off the floor.

It’s short, sweet, and to the point.

Cum and Piss Drinking Humiliation

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 136 MB

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I know your disgusting, perverted little habit. I know you just love the taste of your own cum. Well, big woop, that doesn’t impress Me. You know what would impress Me? Drinking your own piss. Oh, don’t pull that face, you’re going to do it, and you know what, you’re going to piss into a glass, then you’re going to wank in it, then you’re going to drink it!

A lovely little cum cocktail for you! And afterwards you’re going to wait at least ten minutes before washing your mouth out. You’re going to enjoy the bitter taste in your mouth, and you’re going to thank Me for it.

Released in 2016

Hard and fast shoe worship with a bit of CEI

Price:$3.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 248 MB

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I got some lovely new boots in the mail the other day, do you want to see them? Do you want to be tormented by My figure, and My long legs enclosed in a new, absolutely perfect, and shiny pair of boots. Who am I kidding, I know you do. I know youre just a shoe junkie that gets off on being told to worship heels, and lick boots.

I tell you what, Im not normally one to let a grovelling shoe bitch cum, but you can, just this once. Imagine the joy youd get from cumming all over My shoes. But, you can cum only on the condition that you lick up every single drop that you squeeze out of that dick of yours.

CEI for Chickens

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 132 MB

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You’ve jerked off so many times with the intention of actually eating your own cum, only to cum and then chicken out. Well, not today you won’t. Today you’re going to actually eat your own cum, because you don’t want to be a chicken sh*t loser, do you?

Shot Glass CEI

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 187 MB

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You’ve chickened out one too many times – buying all these CEI clips, thinking you’re going to go through with it, but never actually following through. Well, that changes today.

No Nonsense CEI

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 118 MB

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For too long you’ve just dabbled with eating your own cum, but not for much longer. Today, you’re going to make a meal of it! You’re going to play this clip just after you’ve cum, and you’re going to follow the instructions to the letter. No more chickening out for you!

Sissy Training: Dressing Up & Swallowing Cum

Price:$16.99 USD | Length: 16 minutes | Size: 621 MB

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*This was a custom request.*

“Please wear something that shows off your figure & cleavage (I like corsets and heels). I liked the tone of your video “Sissy Training 102″. I would like a video that is similar to that, where you tell me how you would make me dress as a girl and train me to be useful to you. I like being tight-laced in corsets & short of breath. I also like being forced to wear heels. If you have any examples of outfits I’d wear that would be great. I would probably need different outfits depending on what I am doing.”

This clip also includes additional training for cum swallowing

Shot Glass Games

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 36 MB

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You’re going to need a shot glass for this clip …

I know you’ve been dying to do something for Me – to prove that you’re serious about wanting Me, and today I’m actually going to let you do it. You’re going to taste your own ejaculate. You’re going to swallow every last drop, and you’re going to lick the glass clean that you coated with your cum, and I’m going to watch you do it.

Mean JOI with SPH & CEI

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 45 MB

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Take out your cock and get it in your hands … I mean it’s too small to fit in the palm of your hand. But, fit as much of that filthy pathetic thing your hands as you can. Go on, attempt to get it hard, or do one better – cum. Attempt to nurse cum out of that mess of a cock of yours. Amuse Me with your efforts.

Calling that a cock is an insult to all men.

Cum Eating Instructions

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 35 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

I’ve been told your dirty little secret, I know exactly what it is you like to do after you’ve cum …

Tease & Titillation

Price:$24.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 484 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

*This is a custom clip that includes the name Simon.*

“Id like you to give me a JOI that ends with me cumming in my own face and mouth. Bring me to the edge of orgasm. This happens quickly for me, within 3-4 mins. Then keep me on the edge, telling me to stroke and let go right before the point of no return. You could start out with a corset or similar and end up semi-naked. Saying things like Wouldn’t you love to cum over my tits or Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fuck my pussy.”

Ruined Orgasm with a little CEI

Price:$19.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 491 MB

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[Custom topless clip. No names used.]

Today is a lesson in patience. You’re going to learn what it’s like to want to touch yourself more than you’ve ever wanted to before. You’re going to edge, and you’re going to be so desperate to touch yourself you’ll agree to anything.

And then, well, then you’re going to ruin your own orgasm! Why? Because I want you to. I take great pleasure in ruining orgasms. When the moment comes you’ve going to do nothing bar sit on your hands and watch as your cock dances in front of you, ejaculating a mess that you’re going to clear up with your mouth. Make no mistake, you’re going to get every single drop of your warm, salty cum down your throat. And, you’re going to love doing it.

Sensual Domination 101

Price:$22.99 USD | Length: 19 minutes | Size: 827 MB

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[This is a custom clip. The name Carlos is used throughout.]

“This clip is an instructional video for my wife. It’s purpose is to train her to be a dominant wife and turn me into a beta male. She is also very busty and she secretly knows I’m her boob zombie. I’d love for you to instruct her on how to use her sensuality (and boon domination of me) to turn me into a beta male through small penis humiliation, cuckold threats, size queen honesty, strap on role reversal and chastity. Please show her how to use the CB6000 on me to put me in my place and also learn to be a very hungry pussy licker. I reinforce my beta status to her by eating my own cum off her if tits. Please instruct her on how to give me JOI and then how to save the cum to use against me (ice cubes, etc) I’m going to be her bitch. She needs your help learning how to sensually and lovingly make me her bitch. We do love each other. And my cock is average (5.5 inches but it is thick). It’s average at best. And she likes to thick and long (what wife doesn’t?). I hope this makes sense.”

The Third Step

Price:$42.99 USD | Length: 32 minutes | Size: 1445 MB

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[Custom clip, the name Mark is used throughout.]

For this clip you will need: elastic bands, your choice of pre-mixed alcohol, clothes pegs, string, a paddle, a leather belt (or something similar), and BDSM wax.

You’re back again, back for more pain under My control. Welcome.

I’m not going to go easy on you this time. There will no indulging your cock, no, this time it’s all about pain and what I can give you. And, what you can take really. This time you’re going to prove to Me you can take what I dish out. Of course, I’m holding back here, My true Sadistic desires are really quite something, but this is a nice little taster of what I can be like.

I’m going to push you, and make you whimper – make you sob with pain I’ve inflicted through My word and commands. You’re going to love every second of it – and maybe I’ll even treat you at the end with a ‘well deserved’ orgasm. So, take a chance, look at what I’ve listed – what you’ll need, and decide whether you want to follow My every Sadistic whim or whether you want to chicken out.

Fuck Yourself Up

Price:$18.99 USD | Length: 17 minutes | Size: 771 MB

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[This is a custom clip. The name Nick is used throughout.]

Pick your poison: relaxants, booze, or some other substance that gives you a nice hit.

A little bit of a clip junkie, aren’t you Nick? I bet you have quite the collection of My clips, so here’s one more. I’m going to get you so fucked up, that by the end of this seeing straight will be more than a little difficult.

And what will you do whilst waiting for the rush – waiting for the highs to hit? Stroke your cock of course! I’m nice … occasionally. I’ll fuck you up ten ways to Sunday, but I’ll do it with a smile. I’m going to allow you to touch your cock, if only to reinforce the fact that I control your cock. I’ve given you pleasure, but I can just as easily take it away. Touching yourself also has the added bonus of making your hits feel just that little more intense. The laboured breathing, the head rush, the occasional closing of the eyes … all terrible if you’re more than a few hits in. But, that’s how I want you – desperate, needy, and under My complete control.

5 Humiliating Tasks

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 328 MB

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For this clip, you will need: a ripe banana, a ping pong bat, an apple, warm honey, an empty glass, a glass full of water, a bar of soap, last night’s leftovers blended – or random ingredients blended.

Start this clip naked.

I know that you love a little humiliation, I know that your cock twitches at just the mere thought of being debased, and used to amuse Me. Nothing gets your cock quite as hard as when you hear tasks fall from My lips that will humiliate, tease, and degrade you.

This clip contains 5 tasks for you to ‘enjoy’. Now, I’m not going to give them away, or spoil the surprise, but I will say that a few towels would be handy to have around.

Trippy Relaxant CEI with a little JOI Tease

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 327 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Crack open that bottle in front of you, and let’s get started.

You can’t resist the ‘fucked up’ feeling you get when you inhale. You try, you go a day or two, but the feeling calls you back. It’s intoxicating. It’s addicting. It’s what you crave. I know you can’t go more than a week without wanting to feel that delicious head rush again. Today though I want to push you a little, I want you to do something for Me you wouldn’t normally do whilst under the influence of that addicting substance.

I want you to eat your cum for Me. All of it. I want every single drop licked from your fingers, until the only thing you can taste is skin. You’ll taste the very essence of you – that very something that makes you ‘you’.

Scared of enjoying the sensation, the taste, the depravity? Don’t worry, after all, I’m the one telling you to do it. It’s not like you’ve decided to it it because you want to eat your own cum. Never know, you might find out there’s a part of you that likes it.

A Christmas Meal to Remember

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 303 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Happy holidays! This is going to be one to remember.

We’re only a few weeks away from December 25th, so it’s the perfect time to start prepping your Christmas meal! Of course, your meal won’t be a run of the mill Christmas meal with all the tasty extra trimmings, no. Your meal will consist of champagne – your piss, a can of festive pet food – your main course, and one or two other festive treats. I’m keeping them a surprise – wouldn’t want to give them away just yet.

To enjoy your meal properly you’ll need a few weeks prep time to get the full effect. I suggest at least two, but you can get away with just a few days prep if you’re really pressed for time.

The only thing left to say is bon appt!

Fuck The Leftovers

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 331 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

For this clip, you’ll need … leftovers! Duh! And an object you can stuff the leftovers into – a cup, a bowel, fleshlight etc. 

The holidays have come and gone, and you’re left with a massive pile of food. A perfect opportunity to humiliate you, don’t you think? 

To start, I want you to stuff food that’s got some firmness to it into your chosen container. Then, you’re going to get your cock hard. Take whatever liquid like substance you have, and put it on your cock. I don’t care if it’s apple sauce, horseradish sauce, gravy … I don’t care. Put it on your cock and stroke yourself until you’re hard enough to push your cock into the leftovers. 

Now, the fun can begin!

Released in 2017

Every Last Drop

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 387 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

[This is a custom. The name Simon is used throughout.]

You have 10 seconds to cum. That’s your intro to this clip. 

When that’s out of the way the real fun can begin. For you, cumming is a secondary event. Then main event is cum eating. I know that’s what you crave. That’s what you think about when you jerk your cock. 

I’m going to give you a series of fun things to do with your cum – telling you now would spoil the fun. So, buy the clip, find out what I have in store for you. 

At the end of it count yourself lucky if you’re able to get the taste of cum out of your mouth. 

Don’t Be A Chicken

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 189 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You’ve got all that cum saved up, and you’ve wussed out of eating it every single time. Maybe you’ve saved your cum – weeks of cum built up and defrosted just so you can enjoy this moment, or maybe you’ve just cum and you actually want to eat it. It doesn’t matter. 

I know the idea of eating your own cum gets you excited, and yet you’ve never followed through. 

Well, this is going to be the day you do it for real. But, don’t worry. I’ll give you a countdown. 

Submission, Part 2

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 264 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

I’m going to get you do something today that might terrify you, or it might be something you do without asking. Either way, this isn’t about what you want to do, it about what I can make you do.

You’re going to touch yourself when I tell you too, and you’re going to taste your salty salty pre-cum. Don’t worry though, we’ll get on to full on cum eating soon.

I’m did promise to ease you into things though, and I know just how much you love to salivate over My tits … enjoy.

Sniff. Jerk. Stare. Cum. Eat

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 399 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

I know you’ve hidden away a bottle of relaxants, trying – and failing, to break your addiction to the high you always chase. Well, today you’re going to break it. Today, you’re going to crack that bottle wide open and take sniffs longer, and deeper than you’ve ever taken before. 

Oh, but that’s not all. No, whilst you’re 10 ways of fucked up, I’m also going to have you jerk your cock for Me. And finally, whilst I’ve got you caught up in My cleavage, and edging yourself for My amusement, I’m going to give you a choice.

Buy this clip if you’re a true relaxants addict. Get fucked up for Me. Debase yourself for Me. Chase that high for Me.

Relaxants Bitch

Price:$17.99 USD | Length: 15 minutes | Size: 616 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You’ll need: your wallet, a bag of uncooked rice, and a bottle of honey.

You know that deep down inside you’re completely addicted to relaxants – you love chasing that high. That’s why you’re a special substance b*tch. Let Me explain. You come crawling back – running back, time and time again whenever I post a clip about that delightful substance. You see the word special substance or relaxants in a clip, and you buy it! You get high for Me, you debase yourself for Me, you spend for Me whilst that substance surges through your veins. And, you love it. You can’t get enough of it.

So, today you’re going to prove to Me today you really are a slave to that bottle.

Cum Dumpster

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 373 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

You are such a cumslut! Look at you. I only have to use that word once and your dick jumps to attention. Not that anyone would notice though, it’s not big enough to see. And, look at those pictures! There’s more cum and cock in them than your face, yet you’re still recognisable, particularly when I put all the other pictures you sent Me side by side. I bet someone would recognise you if I posted them.

Now, let’s get down to it. I want you to buy a burner phone, and make an add for yourself on craigslist. Mention that you want to practice sucking cocks, and you have to get good at it before your Mistress whores you out for money. Say you want to suck cocks of all different shapes and sizes, because you can’t believe that cocks can be bigger than your own tiny dick. 

If you don’t do it, well, just think about all the information I have on you. Think about what I could do with it. I could quite easily make an add for you with your REAL name, REAL phone number, and very real pictures of you sucking cock … hell, I might just upload the clips you’ve sent Me, and link them to a preview.

Once you’ve made the add, tribute Me, and send it to Me.


Price:$29.99 USD | Length: 26 minutes | Size: 1348 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

For this clip you will need: $40 for clips, a bowl of ice cubes, anal lubricant, various sized anal plugs, an assortment of anal dildos, a paddle, clothes begs, elastic bands, wax, , and liquid courage … if you need it. You can also sub in some items for others, if you so desire.

You’ve come such a long way. So many videos, so many new fetishes, and so many hours spent worshipping Me. Well, today I’m going to take your submission one step further. You no longer deserve a name, and from now on you’re just going to be My slut. That’s how I’ll refer to you. After all, look at yourself, eager and willing to do so many debauched things to yourself because I tell you to do so.

So, slut, I have a very special game for you today. I have a deck of cards, and each deck will mean a different task: anal play, cum eating, edging, or a pain task. For the most part, I’ll draw a card at random, but I wouldn’t be Me if I didn’t fuck with your mind a little by picking the cards I want.

Of course, it’s not going to be that easy. This clip contains over an hour’s worth of tasks, ultimate teasing, and Me. I’m your weakness, I’m your addiction, I’m your Mistress. I will fuck you up slut, and I will enjoy it.

Mean Boss JOI and CEI, with a little Blackmail.

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 66 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

This is the 5th time I caught you staring at My cleavage, so I made it a little easier for you to stare. Is this what you wanted to see? Well, it comes with a price.

In return for letting you see My perfect cleavage you going to jerk off for Me, and you’re going to eat your cum. Don’t want to do it? Want to run away, and hide. Well, I’d think again … I have the whole offices ear. I can tell them anything, and they’d believe Me. Who wouldn’t?

[Note: audio quality isn’t the best in this clip, it spikes occasionally.]

My Little Piss Slut

Price:$16.99 USD | Length: 14 minutes | Size: 526 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Oh, My precious little piss slut, look how far you’ve come!

I’ve got something special in store for you today. Now, of course we’re going to train that ass of yours, but we’re also going to train your bladder, keep you all locked up in your cage, and beat your cock from time to time! You’re going to learn the art of multi-tasking today.

Ready to play?

Eat cum, I dare you!

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 355 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You’ve been toying with the idea of tasting yourself for quite some time, haven’t you? Maybe you’ve even dipped your finger in a time or two, but now I want you to actually taste yourself. I don’t want any of the small dabs of pre-cum you’ve been testing, I want you to eat the whole load.

I want you to devour your cum, and I want you to relish in being told to taste yourself for My amusement. Before long, I’ll turn you into a cum guzzling little slut, that’s begging to be told to lick up their own mess, but for now, we’ll take it slow. I enjoy breaking cum sluts in slowly.

Filthy Cum Whore

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 99 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

I’m going to let you in on a little secret that I found out. I know that you like – love, eating your own cum. I know that instead of a box of tissues, you scoop it up in your own hand, and eat it. What kind of disgusting pervert likes eating their own mess? Cum makes Me feel physically sick when I have to look at it, and let’s not get on to the smell, but you – you revel in it! You adore cum! But, we both know why that is – you’re a filthy little cum whore, and you can’t get enough of that substance you seem to crave.

Released in 2018

I know you want to taste your cum for ME

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 88 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

You’ve thought about it – don’t deny it.

The idea of tasting your hot load turns you on, and why shouldn’t it?

I want you to edge for Me. I want you to build up a nice salty load in those balls of yours ready to taste.

Eat That Disgusting Mess

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 94 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

You’re an absolute chicken. You know that?

You sit around waiting for someone to yell at you to eat your cum, because you can’t buck up enough courage to do it yourself.

You see, I know you’ve thought about eating your own disgusting seed, I know it’s been playing on your mind, but I also know you’ve put it off time and time again.

However, you’re looking at this clip, so you’re obviously ready to take the plunge. I’m not going to ‘gently’ encourage you though, no, you’ve been down this road too many times before, you need a firm hand this time.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your cum in a shot glass, and press play.

Swallow your Seed For ME

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 257 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You’ve thought about it time, and time again.

Now it’s time to actually do it.

You’re going to swallow your seed for Me today, so make sure you’ve already cum – I’m not going to lead you through a JOI. I have plenty of those clips in My stores. Watch them, then cum into your hand, or a shot glass. I don’t care.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, there’s no backing out in this video.

Get ready. Whether you’re new to swallowing your load, have done it time and time again, or just keep chickening out – you ARE going to taste the mess you produce today.

*Never know, you *might* see a nip slip. My boobs are a handful.*

5 Humiliation Tasks

Price:$13.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 161 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

I’m not going to spoil the tasks for you.

All I’m going to say is that you’ll need to have the following items ready: a bowl, oats, honey, a marker pen, and a banana. Also, this clip won’t just take one day, so buckle up boys!

Got your mind racing?

Hey Virgin Loser, Become A Pig for Me!

Price:$13.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 197 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Before starting this clip, make sure you have these items to hand: a lipstick or lip pencil, a chocolate cake, a butt plug – preferably shaped like a pig’s tale, and time.

Get ready for insult after insult, piggy.

A fat loser like you should expect a Goddess like Me to put you back in your place. Luckily enough I’ve got just the thing to make you feel utterly ashamed of your virgin piggy loser self.

Ready to play a game?

Cum on your Face

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 144 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Before watching this clip: withhold from orgasming for at least two weeks, edging at least once per day.

I hope you’re limber …

It’s like you have this primal need to swallow your own seed. Some of you are humiliation junkies, some of you like the taste, and some of you like the idea that someone like Me telling you to do something so taboo, so naughty that it makes the orgasm that much sweeter.

Which one are you?

I hope you’re hard, on the edge, and ready to cum. My perfect tits will tease you until you have that salty mess all over you face.

I don’t much care how you do it – flip your legs over your head to literally cum on to your face, or cum into your hand/cup and smear it all over yourself.

Stroke yourself slowly, ready to begin?

Tease or Tits: CEI I

Price:$16.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 55 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Am I going to show you My tits? 

Or am I going to sit here teasing you with them all whilst I draw you into My little world of sensual domination.

I tell you what, I’ll even make you a deal. Eat your cum, and I’ll show you My tits.

Breaking Slut

Price:$28.99 USD | Length: 20 minutes | Size: 270 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You will need: an empty cup, paddle, at least three butt plugs or dildos, elastic bands, and plenty of resolve.

A hit, a slap, a thrust. Be a slut for Me, experience all the pleasure I can give you just by causing you an immense amount of pain.

Go deeper into submission, do everything I say, and don’t fall at the last hurdle.

Follow all My instructions, and I might even take the pasties off … just think about that. All the pain is worth even the smallest opportunity to glimpse behind My pasties, to see the entirety of My perfect breasts.

Go above and beyond for Me, get completely fucked up.

Good Sissies Eat Cum

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 254 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

The desire to be a good sissy for Me is strong, isn’t it? You want to be the ultimate sissy, but to be the ultimate sissy you have to eat your own cum for Me. Good sissies do not let a single drop go to waste, and you’re a good sissy – or at least you want to be.

You’ve thought about eating your sticky mess time, and time again, but this time you’re going to follow through for Me. I’m going to take you through a fantasy that’s entirely plausible. It’s going to make your heart pound in your chest, and your clit leap to attention. Those amongst you who are brave enough to follow all the steps I’ve laid out will have an explosive intense orgasm.

Good sissies don’t just eat ALL of their cum. 

They make themselves a sissy slut for Me.

10 Edges to Go

Price:$17.99 USD | Length: 14 minutes | Size: 797 MB

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I’m going to put you through your paces today!

Do you think you can go the distance, and edge yourself 10 times just because I’m telling you to? Not sure? Well, we’re going to find out.

Get naked, get down on the floor, and kneel for Me. Do you think you’ll be able to resist My curves? Do you think you’ll be able to keep hold of your load whilst I shove My tits in your face time and time again? Teasing you, tormenting you, encouraging you to jerk for Me whilst you imagine all sorts of dirty, and depraved things.

You will not cum until I tell you to do so, and when you do eventually cum, I have a surprise for you.

I just have one question, have you ever tasted your own mess before?


Price:$17.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 380 MB

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This video needs no introduction, no explanation, and no sales pitch. You’ve wanted to hear the word fall from My red English lips for quite some time.
You’re going to stroke to cock for Me today, because you’re a …

Tease & Release for Anal Sluts

Price:$26.99 USD | Length: 23 minutes | Size: 760 MB

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In My personal opinion, anal sluts need constant attention, and must keep something in their hole 24./7. After all they must stretch their slutty little rosebuds often or else it will become useless. The last thing a good anal slut would want is to become useless. 

To ensure an anal slut is useful, and will serve a purpose – namely to entertain Me, they will ideally be kept in a stable of willing anal sluts, and made to fuck themselves in the ass day after day, after day. 

Naturally, I’d make them eat up any of the mess they make (scraping every last drop through a chastity cage). They’d also train their throats to accommodate all the cocks in My collection. 

Why, you ask? Why would you want to do all this? Why would you even want all this? Well, what if one day, out of the blue I paid attention to you and actually wanted to fuck you, or get one of My FemDom friends to fuck you – you’d need to be well trained, and stretched. 

Don’t forget, good anal sluts get to find the release their cock desperately craves. The question is, do you want to be a good anal slut for Me? 

Prove it. Get all your toys, and a glass ready. 

Fucking you up with My tits

Price:$15.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 317 MB

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You’re addicted to My tits. I know you love them, and do anything for them.

You’re also addicted to having your mind toyed with, and having your boundaries pushed. I plan to do both today.

I’m going to fuck you up, and I’m going to use your addiction to My tits to bend you to My will.

Cuck Cum Junkie

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 147 MB

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I got fucked last night. His cock was absolutely massive, and My cunt clenched around it as he fucked Me.

I bet you wish you could have watched. You’d have seen My face contort in ecstasy, and heard the moment when his release came.

Want to know more? Buy the clip. I’m not spoiling all the salacious details.

Tin Can Roulette!

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 281 MB

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Get 5 tin cans ready, but do make sure they’re all edible – and yes, pet food counts You’ll also need an empty glass, and a glass full of water. Do not urinate for 2 hours before watching this clip.

We’re going to play a lovely little game that I call ‘Tin Can Roulette’! I’m going to humiliate, and tease you into some very depraved acts today.

I really don’t think I need to explain anything else, but I will say that you might want to do this in the bathtub, or at least have plenty of towels ready.

You have your instructions, so buy the clip, and have fun humiliating yourself for My amusement.

Eat Cum for My Big Tits

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 211 MB

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I know how badly you want to see My tits. I know how much you love My tits. BUT if you want to see them, you’re going to jerk for them.

Get your cock out, and start jerking for My tits, and maybe, just maybe I’ll let you see them in all their topless glory.

However, there’s a catch. If you really want to see My tits, you’re going to have to eat your cum.

Follow My instructions, and you’ll get a reward. Don’t, and you’ll miss out on a magnificent sight.

Sensual Cum Eating Encouragement

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 192 MB

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I know you’ve thought about it often, haven’t you? You’ve thought about swallowing your cum time, and time again, but you’ve never followed through with it. You’ve just cleaned up that delicious mess with a tissue, and that’s that.

Not today. Today, you’re actually going to swallow your cum.

My gentle coaxing, and teasing will help you to realise that your deepest desire – swallowing your own load, isn’t a terrible thing, but something to be savoured. You will cum all over your face, for Me, and you will enjoy it. 

Don’t get distracted by pussy

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 188 MB

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You’re only good enough to worship My heels. That’s it. I know you want to worship My pussy, but you’ll never EVER be able to.


Because losers don’t get pussy, a nice build up, or sensual tease. Losers get nothing.

Well, losers get one thing – to cum on their filthy computer screens, and pretend they’re licking their own cum from the bottom of My shoe.

Maybe next time I’ll let you worship more of Me … maybe.

*This clip reveals more than intended, hence the markup.*

Will I ruin your orgasm?

Price:$28.99 USD | Length: 21 minutes | Size: 633 MB

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[This is a custom clip. Email Me at MistressRousson @ gmail, to order yours.]

You’ve been without an orgasm for so long that I bet you barely remember the pleasure that comes from having an orgasm. 

Do you think you can last as I bring you to the edge over, and over again whilst you gaze upon My shiny, oiled up, big natural 32HH tits?

Here’s the catch, no matter what I decided, you will do EXACTLY as I tell you to do. This means you’ll need plenty of anal toys at the ready, a few paddles, and a few of My other clips.

Intimidated? This clip isn’t for you.

Play along, and by the end you’ll be so deliciously and simultaneously fucked, blissed out, and exhausted. So, it’s time to play a fun little game of ‘will I let you enjoy your orgasm?’ 

Unsurprisingly, this is one of My absolute favourite games. 

Eat Cum for Christmas!

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 282 MB

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I hope you’ve been saving up a nice big load for Me, because I want a very special present this year.

I want your cum.

Or more specifically, I want you to eat your own cum for Me.

You didn’t think it would be that simple, did you? But, don’t worry about that right now, just focus on My big natural tits, and look at how big they are, and jiggly, and soft they look. Jerk to My tits, follow My instructions, and touch yourself for Me.

You’ll swallow that big sticky load for Me, because you want to make this Christmas a memorable one for Me. Don’t you?

Released in 2019

Ball Busting Boobs Part 2

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 256 MB

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Part 2, make sure you watch part 1 first.

Do your balls throb? Do you want to orgasm? Do you want to see My tits?

Well, if you’re very lucky, and have followed all of My instructions then I might treat you.

All you have to do is listen, and obey.

Carrot Arse & Celery Cum

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 298 MB

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Go grab some celery, and a carrot.

You should know the rules by now, if you cum, you must eat it all – every single drop. I don’t want any of that sticky jazz going to waste! However, I’m feeling … ‘nice’ today, so have turned your cum into an aperitif!

Question is, how far would you go to please Me?

Just Eat It

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 132 MB

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Boys who make a sticky disgusting mess MUST clean it up.

It’s the first rule of jerking your cock, and yet for some reason you must have missed the memo!

Don’t worry, I’m going to help you to rectify the situation, and who knows maybe I’ll have you wanting to make a mess regularly to clean up. I’ve heard that the taste is quite … addictive. 

Losers Eat Their Own Cum

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 108 MB

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Do you know what you’re going to do with that disgusting mess you made?

You’re going to eat it.

Every last drop.

Do you know why?

I hate cum. I despise it. I can think of no better use for the congealing drops of salty sperm than for them to slide down your throat. And if you hate every second of it, that’s even better.

But make no mistake, you WILL swallow ALL your cum for Me today.

Eat Cum off My Big Natural Tits

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 184 MB

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I need a nice big load of cum to cover My tits – after all they’re so big, even when covered by a flimsy dress. So, you better have waited to cum for Me. You better have not orgasmed for AT LEAST one week prior to watching this clip, and you MUST have edged 3 times – ideally 3 times a day, but I know most of you lack self control. I also know that you want My tits. It makes you horny to see them up close, to see My huge tits bulge out of My tiny little bra.

I might despise cum, but it has its uses, namely on your tongue. So you’re going to follow My surprisingly nice instructions, jerk your cock, and get ready to blow your load over your screen.

But guess what?!

You get the honour of licking it off My tits.

Keep stroking, and staring at My tits whist you do it.

You’re going to cum all over the screen, you’re going to cum all over My tits.

Don’t complain that I don’t treat you.

I want every last drop out of your cock, and all over My big natural tits.

I want you to pretend your licking My tits, and lick up all that nice salty cum. Don’t you dare miss a drop.

Sad there’s no more?

You can replay this clip over, and over, and over again so you can jerk off and cum on My big natural tits.

Why waste tissue when you can very easily clean up your own cum yourself.

Don’t think, just obey.

Are you going to be a good boy for me?

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 236 MB

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You want Me. How could you not? Look at Me clad in nothing but a satin robe, glasses, and a pair of panties. I make you feel things.

I know since you came into this family, things have been a little … fraught with tension. Today, My aim to dissolve this type of tension between us, and make it more constructive. Make it into a better type of tension …

I want to start by saying that you’re very attractive, and if we weren’t family, I’m sure we’d met some other way. We’d gravitate towards each other.

Now, that new girlfriend of yours – I’m sure she’s lovely, but she’ll never be able to take care of you the way I can. I can take you feel better, all you have to do is say ‘yes’, and I can help with your ‘little’ problem.

I won’t tell your step-father, if you don’t tell that girlfriend of yours.

Tell Me Why

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 56 MB

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Give this clip a chance – no matter your fetish.

There are so many things I could do to humiliate you. I could flip you off, call you a loser – a silly fuck, make you dance for Me, make you piss yourself … the list is endless.

But, the only thing I want you to do is send a tribute – it doesn’t have to be big, and tell Me why.

Why do you like drinking your piss?

Why do you like eating your cum?

Why do you like following My instructions when they lead to humiliation?

Tell Me why.

Eat Cum for Me Anal Slut (MP3)

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 21 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Eating cum, stretching your ass, and orgasming is all you can think about, but it’s so … uninspired.

Let me tell you what’s actually going to happen. You ARE going to eat your own cum, you ARE going to orgasm, and you ARE going to stretch your ass, but not in the way you think.

After all, you’re a slut. You are the sluttiest slut I’ve ever encountered.

Sluts don’t get to cum in a shot glass, and eat it. Nope. Sluts get to ruin their orgasm all over a dildo, fuck their mouth with it after fucking their urethra with a sounding device, and fuck their ass at the same time. That’s how sluts eat their own cum.

Cock Whore

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 154 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Try, for 10 seconds to NOT think about cock. Try it.

I bet you’re going to fail. You’re such a cock whore. You can’t stop thinking about cock. Cock is your every obsession. Admit it. Admit it NOW.

Admit it and I will treat you; I will show you all the cock you desire, and more.

I will turn you into My cock whore, and I will make you suck cocks for Me. I will make you take their massive load in your mouth and swallow it all down like a good cock sucking cum whore slut.

So, go on – try, for 10 seconds to NOT think about cock.

Sweeten My Meal

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 227 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Do you know what tastes better after you’ve had your salty medicine? After you’ve swallowed your load?

Your life force.

I’m rather font of the contrast between the normally bitter tang, and the rich sweetness. So naturally I want you to swallow your load for Me before I drain you.

First get your cock out, I’m not going to drain you dry just yet – you’re going to enjoy an orgasm, and then take your medicine!

Don’t worry, I’ll ensure you have the BEST orgasm of your life before I enjoy gorging Myself on your life force.

Gaze upon My tits, and start stroking for Me.

Released in 2020

Become a Cum Junkie for My Massive Tits

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 211 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You’re going to become a cum slut this year!

Edge 3 times before watching this clip, and do NOT cum for at LEAST 2 days.

I want you to eat your own cum, and you’re going to do it. Why? An attractive female is sitting here telling you to eat your own cum.

I don’t want you to think, I just want you to look at My big massive tits and follow My instructions. That’s it. Jerk mindlessly for Me, and then do something you’ve been longing to do for years.

Don’t worry, before you have to eat your cum I’m going to make you edge one more time. I’m going to tease you, and then convince you that eating your cum is a VERY good idea.

… I might even let you see My tits if you eat a handful.

Slut for Submission

Price:$24.99 USD | Length: 19 minutes | Size: 442 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Warning: Novices, this clip isn’t for you. If you buy it, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

You will need: a collar, paddle, if you feel like it – something to catch your cum in.

You will do anything and everything I say from the beginning of this clip until the very end, and I am NOT going to go easy on you. You’re My slut after all, you’ve built up a pain tolerance. When you finish this clip you WILL have bruises, and you will ache in MANY places.

Follow My EXACT instructions. If you’re a good slut and follow them to the letter then I might reward you – I might show off My skin tight latex AND show you My tits … without ANYTHING covering them.

You’re going to remember the cum slut you are, you’re going to remember the pain slut you are, and you’re going to remember what a slut you are for submission.

Question is, are you up for it?

Show Me your Slutty Side

Price:$19.99 USD | Length: 16 minutes | Size: 487 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You will need: a plate, body safe candle wax, multiple plugs & dildos, and something to spank your ass with.

I’m going to turn you into My slut! You’ve been away for far too long so need some training up again but by the end of it your ass will be Mine, your cock will be Mine, and your balls will most definitely be Mine.

Expect some candle wax , ball punching, balls slapping, cock slapping, anal training, a delicious tease with My oily tits, and more. Oh, and I might even let you orgasm … if you eat all of your cum.

Don’t worry, I’ll give you count down. I’ll tell you how to jerk your cock, and all ensure that you eat every last drop of your cum.

Are you ready to work hard for Me slut?

Premature Orgasm Ruination

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 103 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

I’m not surprised you’re desperate to see My perfect tits. They are magnificent, and My brand new bodysuit makes them look absolutely divine.

I bet you’re drooling all over yourself imaging them up close in your face. However, I’m going to make you work hard before you see them.

Don’t think this is going to be easy.

The first step is ruining your orgasm for Me, but don’t worry, I’ll guide you. Ruined orgasms happen to be My specialty!

Considering you have an embarrassing history of premature ejaculation, coming super quick should be a walk in the park for you. I dare say that the hardest part will be lasting until I tell you to blow your load, which happens to be the second step. Wait for permission to orgasm. Follow My instructions and I MIGHT let you see them.

There’s even a task for those that want to earn bonus points, but I’m not going to tell you what it is.

Burning Up JOI

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 286 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

Oh my, it is HOT down here! Or maybe I’m just having a hot flush, either way, please excuse skimpier clothing to normal. Though, it’s nothing new. I’m your step-mother and you’ve seen EVERYTHING before so do try to keep your blushing under control if you can.

Honestly, step-son, you’re blushing so much! Are you … oh, I see. You’ve developed a little erection. Not to worry, as I say I’ve seen everything. I won’t look, promise.

Though, I could help with that. It would be our little secret. I could help to give you some guidance, after all, step-mother knows best …

Worship My Tits – CEI

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 229 MB

Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

We’re going to change tact today, instead of demanding you eat your cum, I’m going to convince you in the best way possible – tits!

Keep your eyes on my tits as I tell you to jerk your cock and ‘accidentally’ flash you my nipples. I want you to build up to orgasm and cum hard for me thinking about my tits, and how much you’d like to see them up close and personal.

By the end of this clip, you won’t even notice your hand reaching up to your mouth with a load of salty cum whilst your eyes are taking in my big natural tits.

Holiday Leftover Depravity

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

Price: $14.99 – Length: 11 minutes

You will need: A bowl full of holiday leftovers – make sure there are a good 5 handfuls full of assorted foods – be warned you WILL eat some and a full bladder if you decide to play along with the ‘extra’ section of this video.

It’s the time of year where food is in abundance – either from last-minute purchases or from cooking too much food.

I bet you’ve been wondering what to do with all that food, well fear not!

I’m here to help you decide how to use those leftovers.

if you’ve not played with food before in a sexual way this is a crash course in sensorial heaven … or hell.

If you’re used to involving food in your masturbatory adventures and humiliation play this is the perfect clip for you.

The additional toilet humiliation part is optional and I’ve provided a timestamp if that’s not your fetish. Fun for everyone!

Released in 2021

The Year of CUM!

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

Price: $9.99 – Length: 5 minutes

For a WHOLE year, you will eat your cum.

You will not waste a single drop.

There are a few methods you can employ this year, the first is cum into a glass and freeze it (make sure only YOU will have access to it), or eat as you go. Whether you’re new to CEI or you eat every single drop, this year you will do it for ME.

If you want to find out exactly how to be a cum eat for Me this year, you’d best purchase this clip to see more! And I might even give you a hint about what’s next …

Released in 2022

CEI Exposure Therapy I

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids

Price: $7.99 – Length: 6 Minutes

This clip contains no JOI instructions. Buy one of My other JOI Clips and start this clip after ejaculating. 

Eating cum is a simple act – jerk off into your hand and swallow it, but it might seem daunting to you. That’s okay!

I’m going to make eating cum more appealing, and if you need to see My cleavage to be convinced, well, you’re in luck – I have plenty of cleavage to tempt you.

As part of today’s lesson, I’ll introduce you to cum and get you used to the mere idea of eating it. It’s unlikely that you will eat a handful, let alone any cum today, unless you really want to. We’re going to go slow and steady.

Ultimately, your aim by the end of this series is to eat your cum with zero hesitation. So, are you ready to learn how to eat your cum for Me?