Edging Catalogue

Do you think you can bring yourself to the brink of orgasming and hold it for as long as I say? Again and again until you're mindless with lust ...

Released in 2015

Seduced into Addiction

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Price: $16.99 – Length: 16 minutes

*Custom clip. No names are used.*

I’ve heard that you like sniffing a lovely little substance that makes your head spin, and your caged cock throb. I’ve heard the way it effects you is quite a sight to see and I want to see it. I want to see what do to you. I mean, just a little sniff will be fine, it’s not like I’ve got any plans for you, I’m just curious. But first, make sure you’ve opened a fresh bottle – just so it feels just that little bit better for you. After all, I just want you to feel good.

Still apprehensive? Well, I tell you what, I’ll make you a deal. You sniff, and I’ll undo this pesky little zip … I might even show you what’s under the latex. That’s it, just a little sniff. Make sure it’s a deep sniff, make sure you can feel the intoxicating power of that lovely little substance travel right the way through you, making you just that little bit weaker – just that little bit more malleable, and under My control.

Oh yes, you thought I just had a slight curiosity? Ha! No, this is the first step into planting that seed of addiction into your head! I’m going to tease you, I’m going to make you sniff more and think I’m going to show a little more, and I might … but only if you sniff. Only, if you get a little fucked up for Me, and completely submit to being ruined by My words, My body, and My mind.

So, take another sniff, and if you’re lucky I might just take these troublesome panties off, or I might not. I might just keep on denying you, or I might treat you. But you won’t know until after you sniff. You’re weak enough that you’ll keep sniffing, and following My orders just for the slightest chance I might reveal to you what you so desperately want to see.

However, I’m not completely unreasonable, and I know your cock must be throbbing in its cage right now after all this teasing, so, I’ll make you a deal. I’ll allow you to take your chastity cage off, and when I say, you have to edge yourself for 10 seconds, and when I get to 1 I’ll decide whether or not you get to cum!

If I deny you, you have to sniff the substance in that little bottle, and then go to My wishlist and spoil Me to show Me just how desperate you are to cum, and if I let you cum you have to go to My wishlist and show Me just how thankful you are that I actually let you cum.

But before I start counting, take another sniff, and get My wishlist ready …

A New Year’s Tease

iWantClipsClips4SaleManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $14.99 – Length: 14 minutes

In some ways it’s a shame you don’t have any plans for New Years Eve who am I kidding, you love that you’re alone. You get to spend the evening with Me! Now, who wouldn’t want that? Its most definitely preferable to spend the evening at home as opposed to an evening spent in a pub getting pushed and shoved around by other unruly people. Instead, you’re sitting comfortably in your own home, waiting to have a truly mind blowing orgasm.

Theres plenty of sensual domination for you to edge along with, and even a stop and go session of edging right before the big count down to New Years. All you have to do is watch and follow along with My jerk off instructions as I tease you with My curves, My words, and My lips the only thing you have to worry about is cumming when I pop My bottle of bubbly to ring in the New Year!

Ive made this clip especially for those of you alone with your favourite bottle of liquid pleasure, whether thats or a cold glass of champagne. However, dont feel you have to have a substance to play along, if you dont, just enjoy the rush of the denial and the exhilaration of the tease – become by My actions, and fulfilled with desire at My body.

If you want to time your orgasm/continual edging in time to ring in the New Year, start the clip at 12minutes 30 seconds before midnight – 11pm 47.5 seconds.

Released in 2016

Rest Deprivation

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $22.99 – Length: 19 minutes

*This is a custom clip.*
For this clip, you will need to have: caffeinated beverages – preferably coffee/energy drink/5 hour energy shots, a phone with a loud and working timer, and 8 hours of uninterrupted time.

“The idea i had was the guy needs to put hourly alarms on his phone? Or maybe an hourly countdown timer?The idea is there are 8 2-3 minute short videos in the one file. Perhaps you could but some captions for chapter numbers? (hour 1, hour 2….) I’m going to give you some freedom to choose what kind of content each short vid will have but some ideas i have are: sniffing relaxants , coffee or energy drink – maybe big bottle of red bull and take swigs when you demand it, edging to your videos for a set period of time, some sort of creative task to show my devotion such as a haiku about you, some sort of email task, some sort of exercise task (jumping jacks? sit-ups?), wish list shopping, write and sing a song about you and post it somewhere then send you the link.”

A Test of Endurance

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $12.99 – Length: 11 minutes

For this clip you’ll to: not use the toilet for at least 2 hours before starting the clip, have at least 1 empty mug and 2 bottles of water each containing 500ml, and you’ll also need to buy another clip to edge to – recommendations below.

I know how much you enjoyed My previous toilet humiliation clip, so here’s another one for you perverted losers. This is a little game I’ve come up with … oh, I’m not going to give the details away, that would spoil the fun! I’m just going to tell you that it’s going to humiliate you, maybe make you gag, and you’ll definitely need a show after.

Police Officer JOI

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $9.99 – Length: 9 minutes

The other girls in the coerce have told Me that you have something somewhat impressive you like to play with in front of them. They’ve told me you’re also quick to cum, and you like them watching you jerk off in front of them. As a commanding officer that’s something I just need to see for myself, but if you think I have any intention of letting you cum when you please for your own amusement you’re sorely mistaken.

I’m going to make you edge yourself, purely because I like hearing the desperate little moans that come from men nearing release.

The First Step

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $44.99 – Length: 24 minutes

You will need: lube, implements of your choice for CBT/CP.

You don’t know what you’re in for. Truly. This is The First Step and I’ll put you through your paces, wring you out, and make you beg for Me.

Includes: JOI, CBT, Pain Play, Edging, Post Orgasm Torture, Oily Tits & More

I don’t want to get too descriptive, don’t want to spoil the fun, but all you need to know is that this is one of My *favourite* videos.

Tease & Titillation

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $24.99 – Length: 12 minutes

[This is clip includes the name Simon.]

You’re going to do something for Me today, Simon. You’re going to cum, however, I’m not gonna make it easy.

I’m going to tease you and I’m going to make you edge yourself before you reach orgasm. Follow My instructions to the letter, and I assure you you will have a wonderful orgasm, but if you don’t you won’t get a treat.

I know just how much you love the idea of coming over My tits, I also know how easy it is to get you to the edge – just three minutes is all it takes, and that’s fine but you’ll stay there. You’ll stay on the edge for Me like a good boy and endure the teasing torment I’m about to put you through. Maybe I’ll even make My corset ‘disappear’ …

Ruined Orgasm with a little CEI

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $19.99 – Length: 12 minutes

[Custom topless clip. No names used.]

Today is a lesson in patience. You’re going to learn what it’s like to want to touch yourself more than you’ve ever wanted to before. You’re going to edge, and you’re going to be so desperate to touch yourself you’ll agree to anything.

And then, well, then you’re going to ruin your own orgasm! Why? Because I want you to. I take great pleasure in ruining orgasms. When the moment comes you’ve going to do nothing bar sit on your hands and watch as your cock dances in front of you, ejaculating a mess that you’re going to clear up with your mouth. Make no mistake, you’re going to get every single drop of your warm, salty cum down your throat. And, you’re going to love doing it.

Sub Tasks, Week 5

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $3.99 – Length: 3 minutes

This is a weekly series. Buy Sub Tasks, Week 1 , Sub Tasks: Week 2, Sub Tasks: Week 3 and Sub Tasks, Week 4 before buying this clip.

I have a sneaking suspicion you’re going to love this week’s task. It involves your cock. I know it’s already leaped to attention at the thought of that. Yes, this week I’m allowing you to touch your cock. You’re going to be allowed to sate the urge you’ve had all these weeks to frantically jerk off to My words, My instructions, My body. But, naturally, there’s a catch.

This week your lesson is learning to acknowledge your pleasure, your orgasms, and your cock are not yours anymore. It is Mine. I control it. I own it. And, I will do whatever I please to it. So, yes you can jerk off that cock of yours from Saturday morning to Sunday evening, but you’re not allowed to cum. Disappointed? Good.

If you do manage to impress Me by not cumming, you’ll be allowed to cum on Sunday evening – instructions to follow in a clip that will be posted then. However, if you fail you will have to follow the instructions in the other clip I will post, and you will have to start the series all over again.

Are you up to the task?

Sub Tasks: Week 5 Reward

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $6.99 – Length: 5 minutes

Make sure you’ve carried out Sub Tasks, Week 5 , and the weekly series listed below before buying this clip.

Well done. I must say I’m impressed, not many would be willing to stop themselves cumming for a whole weekend with that much edging. Are you ready for your reward? I bet you are. However, first you’re going to edge for Me again. I didn’t say your orgasm was going to be easy …

I’m going to tease you with My latex, and My cleavage until you’re a withering mess, naked on the floor, unable to stop the pre-cum from leaking from your cock. Ready?

Sub Tasks: Week 6

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $5.99 – Length: 3 minutes

You’ve passed Week 5, now … this is where the fun begins. You’ve done two days of edging, and that was easy, right? I’m so glad you agree! You’ve now going to edge all week long – from Monday all the way to Sunday, you’re going to edge every single day and then there’s a little task for you post edging. To give you a hint, it brings back elements of Week 1. That’s it.

This week isn’t about you and your cock, just like it wasn’t last week. This week is about obeying Me, and following My instructions to the letter. It’s not about you’re pleasure, it’s about your submission.

On Sunday, you’ll see what ‘fun’ tasks I have in store for you for the next week.

The Series:
Sub Tasks, Week 1
Sub Tasks: Week 2
Sub Tasks: Week 3
Sub Tasks: Week 4
Sub Tasks, Week 5

The Second Step

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $42.99 – Length: 37 minutes

[This is a custom clip, the name Mark is used throughout.]

New to pain? Watch “The First Step ” first.

For this clip you will need: BDSM candles, fork, , a thin cane like object, a bowl of ice, spanking paddle, scissors, elastic bands, spoon.

You’ll also need to be naked, and kneeling before you start this clip.

You’ve had a taste of pain, and now you’re back for more. You love how I make you feel … and I love inflicting pain. It’s quite a fun match.

There’s plenty of latex clad encouragement as I have you completely more and more tasks, each more painful than the next. Why, you told Me to have fun, so that exactly what I’m doing! I’m letting My more Sadistic side out to play. I’m going to tease you, bring you right to the edge, and deny you over and over again as I mix pleasure and pain together to create a rather addicting sensation.

It will hurt, and you will love it.

My Denied Sissy

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $22.99 – Length: 18 minutes

[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

Intro: You have locked me in chastity as your denied sissy. You have decided to make it hard on me by unlocking me from my chastity and making me edge to orgasm but not cumming. You instruct me to unlock my clitty penis from its chastity cage and stroke it for you. You relentlessly tease me with your cleavage and your breasts while making me edge at least 10 times through this clip. You command me to get to the edge by using a countdown and making me stop at the end.

Before the end of the clip you instruct me to restart this video and watch it a total of 4 times back to back without orgasm before finishing the clip and then you will decide whether I get to orgasm or not.

(Most of this clip will be edging me as your denied chastity sissy. I would love for you to talk about how my clitty cock can’t please a woman… how you like seeing my balls full, swollen and purple with all the cum inside desperate to burst out.)

Conclusion: You decide that you like seeing me desperate, my balls full and swollen and my clitty leaking so much precum. So you deny me orgasm and instruct me to put on the cage. Then you tell me that I have to do this whole routine everyday (watching it 4 times back to back, edging and denying for you. ) How much you love seeing those balls get swollen and fuller everyday… denied… desperate… horny… just for you.”

Red Light, Green Light JOI

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $12.99 – Length: 11 minutes

It’s hard to believe that I’ve never filmed a Red Light, Green Light JOI before, they’re just so much fun!

Try to last whilst I talk you through how I want you to stroke your cock for Me. Resit the urge to cum looking at My cleavage that almost spills out of My latex dress. Relax, and feel your balls tighten for Me as I bring you to the edge of orgasm over, and over, and over again.

If you do cum, we’ll I’ve got a special instruction for you. But, do be a good boy and try to hold back the pleasure of exploding all over yourself, it will be worth it.

A Birthday Fuck Up

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $15.99 – Length: 13 minutes

[This is a custom clip. The name Nick is used throughout.]

Happy Birthday! I have a special little fuck up for you today Nick. You’re going to get yourself high for Me – higher than you’ve ever been, and jerk for Me … and you’re really going to feel it. How will you ‘feel it’, you ask? Well, I’m going to have you doing all sorts of fun little tasks for Me. Tasks that will really make you feel like My lovely little fucked up relaxants bitch.

Once I’ve got you high, and close to the edge I’m going to give you a delicious choice. But, I won’t tell you now, wouldn’t want to spill the Birthday surprise too early …

Released in 2017

Feeling Lucky? Part 2

iWantClips | Clips4Sale MP4WMV | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $13.99 – Length: 11 minutes

[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

For this clip you’ll need: hot Sauce, uncooked, rice, a hairbrush with bristles, a timer, panties, bottle of piss, a metal cock ring, chastity cage, a bowl of ice cubes, and a neon wand.

You will start playing this clip once you are naked and kneeling.

Like I said last time, I could describe this clip in detail with all the lovely humiliating tasks that I’m going to make you do, but that would spoil the surprise. The only hints are in the tags. So get the items listed above ready, buy the clip, and get ready to play. Complete the tasks and there *might* be rewards, or I might be lying. Want to find out?

This clip isn’t for the faint hearted.

Sniff. Jerk. Stare. Cum. Eat

iWantClips | Clips4Sale MP4WMV | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $14.99 – Length: 11 minutes

I know you’ve hidden away a bottle of relaxants, trying – and failing, to break your addiction to the high you always chase. Well, today you’re going to break it. Today, you’re going to crack that bottle wide open and take sniffs longer, and deeper than you’ve ever taken before.

Oh, but that’s not all. No, whilst you’re 10 ways of fucked up, I’m also going to have you jerk your cock for Me. And finally, whilst I’ve got you caught up in My cleavage, and edging yourself for My amusement, I’m going to give you a choice.

Buy this clip if you’re a true relaxants addict. Get fucked up for Me. Debase yourself for Me. Chase that high for Me.

Tits, Ass & Alcohol

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $24.99 – Length: 20 minutes

[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

Go get your favourite booze, you’re going to be drinking a lot today. If you really want to, or booze isn’t your thing, you can substitute the shots for sniffs of your favourite special substance.

I know My tits and ass make you weak. Don’t deny it. All I have to do is flash My perfect cleavage, or My round ass, and you turn into a mindless little puppet.

It’s a weakness I’m going to have a lot of fun with today.

I’m going to bring you so close to the edge that you’re going to be tearing up with frustration. And then I’m going to do it again, and again, and again. I’m going to do it so many times that by the end of this clip you won’t know which way is up. Want to know the best part? Every single time I get you close to the point of orgasm, I’m going to make you spoil Me. Whether that’s by tributing, buying Me something from My wishlist, or making you binge on My clips.

I’m going to fuck you up, and I’m going to enjoy it.

*This is one of My favourite clips of all time. *

Tits, Ass, Blackmail & Booze

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $22.99 – Length: 20 minutes

[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

Go get your favourite booze and a shot glass, you’re going to be drinking a lot today. If you really want to, or booze isn’t your thing, you can substitute the shots for sniffs of your favourite substance.

You’re back for more, I knew you would be. This time though, I want more from you. And I’m not referring to money (that comes later). I want information, lots of it. I want the booze to loosen your tongue, and I want you to talk.

Tell Me those deep dark desires – but take a shot first. Oh don’t worry, I won’t do anything with the information, I’ll just store it away safely. I’ll keep it for a rainy day, one where you don’t do exactly as I say. I’ll pull those little mental strings of yours, tease you, torment you, edge you over and over again, until all you can do is blindly do what I tell you to do. Even if I’m telling you to hand over everything you own …

30 Day Edging Challenge

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale MP4WMV | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $6.99 – Length: 4 minutes

I have a little challenge for you – 30 days of daily edging, no cumming … think you can do it?

Before you answer, don’t be so sure of yourself. Many men have tried, and failed. It’s not as easy as you think it will be. Do you think you can bring yourself to the brink of cumming, and not cum? Think you can withstand 30 days of Me teasing you, and tormenting you with My figure, and words? Do you think your willpower could last 30 days of self imposed blue balls?

I bet you won’t be able to last. Think you will? Prove Me wrong. If you last the entire 30 days there will be a new clip where I guarantee you’ll have the best orgasm

Go the extra mile, and purchase a clip a day to edge to. There’s more than enough in My store to keep you going for a whole year if you so desire …

Stop and Go

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $12.99 – Length: 11 minutes

Here’s how it’s going to go, the only way you’re going to find out what happens in this clip is by watching it.

If you’ve brought a toilet clip from Me before you know it’s going to be good, so I want you to jump into this not knowing what’s going to happen.

I’ll give you a little hint though, this clip contains pee holding, pissing on command, edging, and an orgasm … though not necessarily in that order.

CBT JOI 1: Easing you in

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $11.99 – Length: 10 minutes 

I want you to hurt for Me today, and rest assured – you will hurt. You’ll whimper, and moan, and even beg … but you’ll be begging for more instead of begging for mercy.

I know that you boys like a little something more than your garden varied JOI. I know that a little bit of edging, a little bit of red light green light JOI isn’t going to do anything for you. That’s why you CBT enthusiasts are My favourites – I can do anything I want to you, and you’ll still crave more.

I’ve missed this – I’ve missed hurting you boys, teasing you with My tits whilst I lay the foundation for bruised skin.

Edging Encouragement for My Slut

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $13.99 – Length: 10 minutes

Ten minutes of exquisite agony. 

Tease yourself for Me, slut. Get yourself on the edge of that delightful precipice that you so desperately want to fall off, but deny yourself – just because I tell you to.

I want the tease to be almost painful. I want you to sweat. I want you to beg.

Become enraptured by My cleavage, My lips, and My eyes. Watch the clip over, and over again, and fall down deep into the web of addiction all good boys that enter My domain fall into.

Slave Fucks Up

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $15.99 – Length: 9 minutes

This was supposed to be My first ruined orgasm clip. And, because I’m a kind Dominatrix, this was going the first time in months I was going to grant My slave the chance to have an orgasm, and let you all see the Sadistic pleasure I get out of ruining the orgasms of pathetic snivelling men. But, he couldn’t perform. He fucked up … so naturally he pays for it.

After he fails pitifully, I tell him to edge, laugh at him, and ignore his desperate attempts to wring an orgasm out of his useless cock.

Look out for the next clip when I really punish him.

Released in 2018

I know you want to taste your cum for ME

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

Price: $12.99 – Length: 6 minutes

You’ve thought about it – don’t deny it.

The idea of tasting your hot load turns you on, and why shouldn’t it?

I want you to edge for Me. I want you to build up a nice salty load in those balls of yours ready to taste.

Edge For My Big Tits

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $13.99 – Length: 8 minutes

Take out your cock, and edge for Me. Imagine being able to caress My tits through this soft blue . velvet dress.

Edge for My tits, edge imaging just how deep My cleavage is, edge whilst watching watch My tits jiggle, bounce, and tease you. Let them drive you wild.

Follow My pace as I tell you how exactly to touch your cock.

Become a mindless jerking puppet as you endure edge, after edge, all for My pleasure.

10 Edges to Go

LoyalFans | iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

Price: $17.99 – Length: 14 minutes

I’m going to put you through your paces today!

Do you think you can go the distance, and edge yourself 10 times just because I’m telling you to? Not sure? Well, we’re going to find out.

Get naked, get down on the floor, and kneel for Me. Do you think you’ll be able to resist My curves? Do you think you’ll be able to keep hold of your load whilst I shove My tits in your face time and time again? Teasing you, tormenting you, encouraging you to jerk for Me whilst you imagine all sorts of dirty, and depraved things.

You will not cum until I tell you to do so, and when you do eventually cum, I have a surprise for you.

I just have one question, have you ever tasted your own mess before?

Will I ruin your orgasm?

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $28.99 – Length: 21 minutes

[This is a custom clip. Email Me, to order yours.]

You’ve been without an orgasm for so long that I bet you barely remember the pleasure that comes from having an orgasm.

Do you think you can last as I bring you to the edge over, and over again whilst you gaze upon My shiny, oiled up, big natural 32HH tits?

Here’s the catch, no matter what I decided, you will do EXACTLY as I tell you to do. This means you’ll need plenty of anal toys at the ready, a few paddles, and a few of My other clips.

Intimidated? This clip isn’t for you.

Play along, and by the end you’ll be so deliciously and simultaneously fucked, blissed out, and exhausted. So, it’s time to play a fun little game of ‘will I let you enjoy your orgasm?’

Unsurprisingly, this is one of My absolute favourite games.

Celebrate NYE with Me Intimate Edging

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt
Price: $89.99 – Length: 61 minutes

[This clip contains partial nudity.]

Before starting this clip have plenty of lube to hand, and a bottle of water – you’ll need it. Your wallet, a smoke, inhale, or ’drink’ are optional extras.

To ring in the new year with Me, start the clip 11pm, or to watch it twice start at 10pm (just don’t orgasm). The more you watch, and edge for Me, the better your start to 2019.

Get ready for the most intense orgasm of your life.

I’m going to tease you, edge you, and torment you until you don’t know which way is up.

Keep your eyes on the screen at all times, and take in My figure clad in multiple different outfits.

Relax, and enjoy the most intense Goddess Worship clip I have ever released. You’re about to get *very* up close, and intimate with Me as I tease you in lace, velvet, and lingerie using any and all means to bring you to the edge of orgasm again, and again, and again until you explode when the clock strikes 12.

Happy New Year!

Released in 2019

Eat Cum off My Big Natural Tits

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

Price: $9.99 – Length: 7 minutes

I need a nice big load of cum to cover My tits – after all they’re so big, even when covered by a flimsy dress. So, you better have waited to cum for Me. You better have not orgasmed for AT LEAST one week prior to watching this clip, and you MUST have edged 3 times – ideally 3 times a day, but I know most of you lack self control. I also know that you want My tits. It makes you horny to see them up close, to see My huge tits bulge out of My tiny little bra.

I might despise cum, but it has its uses, namely on your tongue. So you’re going to follow My surprisingly nice instructions, jerk your cock, and get ready to blow your load over your screen.

But guess what?!

You get the honour of licking it off My tits.

Keep stroking, and staring at My tits whist you do it.

You’re going to cum all over the screen, you’re going to cum all over My tits.

Don’t complain that I don’t treat you.

I want every last drop out of your cock, and all over My big natural tits.

I want you to pretend your licking My tits, and lick up all that nice salty cum. Don’t you dare miss a drop.

Sad there’s no more?

You can replay this clip over, and over, and over again so you can jerk off and cum on My big natural tits.

Why waste tissue when you can very easily clean up your own cum yourself.

Don’t think, just obey.

Edge with Me on NYE 2019

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

Price: $89.99 – Length: 46 minutes

Are you ready to ring in the New Year with Me?

To celebrate with Me, all you have to do is start playing along at 11.15pm. That’s it!

Join Me for 45 minutes of intensive teasing. I will tickle ALL of your senses, and leave you wanting even more. You’ll see exclusive new content, immerse your self in Goddess Worship, AND you’ll even get to see content I’ve had to edit out of past clips because it was just too explicit.

If you listen closely, you might even hear Me orgasm …

I highly encourage you to abstain from orgasming for as long as you can. If you REALLY want to making NYE special, edge 10 times before watching the clip, and then get ready to edge ANOTHER 10 times.

If you’d like to turn this into a tribute game, tribute $10 for each round OR if you really want to make Me happy, tribute $100 (go the EXTRA mile and tribute $1000 – I dare you)!

Add a little extra ‘fun’ and for every round do a shot … or sniff.

No matter your fetish, this is a clip you’ll DEFINITELY enjoy!

Released in 2020

No Orgasms in 2020

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 6 minutes

I’m here to help you fulfil your goal of having zero orgasms in 2020. I want you to keep your hands to yourself as you watch Me tease you with My cleavage, and mind fuck you into the idea that not cumming this year is an excellent idea.

Still … it sounds incredibly difficult, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry I have 3 options for you to have ‘no orgasms’ in 2020. 1 requires a cage, 1 requires mental fortitude, and 1 requires lube.

Whatever you pick, I’ve got the perfect teasing regime for you. After all, you don’t need to give up FemDom or teasing to give up orgasms, you just need to find another use for your time.

Become a Cum Junkie for My Massive Tits

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 6 minutes

You’re going to become a cum slut this year!

Edge 3 times before watching this clip, and do NOT cum for at LEAST 2 days.

I want you to eat your own cum, and you’re going to do it. Why? An attractive female is sitting here telling you to eat your own cum.

I don’t want you to think, I just want you to look at My big massive tits and follow My instructions. That’s it. Jerk mindlessly for Me, and then do something you’ve been longing to do for years.

Don’t worry, before you have to eat your cum I’m going to make you edge one more time. I’m going to tease you, and then convince you that eating your cum is a VERY good idea.

… I might even let you see My tits if you eat a handful.

Multiple Edges for Multiple Orgasms

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Price: $19.99 – Length: 18 minutes

Welcome to this session of therapeutic orgasm control. I know you’ve been training for months; you’ve been edging and building up your orgasms for Me. I hope you’ve been following my instructions to the letter. Today I’m really going to test you, to the point that you’ve done before will seem tame in comparison.

As always, I’m glad you postponed from orgasm in for a week, make sure to tease yourself as much as possible. Now you’re ready for your milking day, ready for the day where I drain you dry.

I’m going to tease you, I’m going to deny you, I’m going to edge you over and over again until your pre-cum drips everywhere.

I do wonder how many edges and how many orgasms you’ll be able to enjoy before you inevitably come hard, fast, but ONLY when I say.

Celebrate with Me: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 NYE Topless Cum Countdown

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Price: $89.99 – Length: 61 minutes

[This clip contains partial nudity.]

You will need: A drink to toast with (booze or not booze – your pick), water, lube, genitals, and open-mindedness.

For fetishes, you will need:
FinDom: Have everything set up to tribute on another screen. Add an extra 0 to the numbers if you REALLY want to impress Me.
Aroma/Inhale/Sipping: Prepare enough to get you through an hour, then double it if you REALLY want to be merry.
CBT/CP: Pick 2/3 implements, frequently swap them, make sure spanks are equal – so 2 spanks each time. If you want more, double it again etc.
Anal: 4 different sized plugs or if you don’t have that many, use the indicator as a sign to fuck your ass for 30 seconds – 1 minute.
Sissy: Have to hand 5 items of sissy wear. If you don’t have them, buy a new sissy item each time and/or with the one item and take it off/put it on when I say.

To ring in 2021, a brand New Year, with Me, start this clip at 11 pm on the dot OR to watch it twice start at 10 pm and don’t cum.

The more you watch, relax, and edge for Me, the better your start to 2019.

To enjoy New Year’s Eve all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let go of 2020. Yes, it’s really that simple. This will be a lovely relaxed JOI with LOTs of teasing, revealing clothing, tit worship, ass worship, pussy tease and denial and so so much more. I’m going to tease you, edge you, relax you, edge you, and mindfuck you until you’re obeying Me without conscious thought.

Kinkster, sub or vanilla fan I suspect you’ll find something to your taste. I won’t tell you too much, other than this will be a mind and body sensory experience. Oh, make sure you wear something … strippable.

If your particular fetish isn’t listed above, make a rule and pick one of the five prompts, when that prompt appears … have fun.

P.S. Technically, this is one of My most ‘vanilla’ JOI clips, if you ignore all the fetish prompts.

Released in 2021

No Orgasms This Year

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Price: $12.99 – Length: 8 minutes

If you thought 2021 would mean ORGASMS, you’re wrong.

No matter your genitals, this year you will NOT be orgasming, at all. But I’m not entirely heartless, so you have 2 options.

Option 1: The ‘Easy’ Road

You may edge, tease yourself and experience pleasure, but no completion – this means NO orgasms. Even ruined orgasms.

Option 2: The ‘Hard’ Road

No pleasure. At all. No touching yourself, no edging, no tease. Nothing. For erections, a cold shower. For tempting thoughts, a banal activity.

Which option will you pick?

Before you decide, watch this clip. I may be able to help you decide and offer a very easy way to be your virtual keyholder …

Slow, Sensual NYE Tease & Denial

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Price: $64.99 – Length: 58 Minutes

Let’s take it easy this year with a slow, sensual tease and denial.

Designed to test your willpower, you’ll enjoy the way I treat you with My tales, My body and My mind.

All you have to do is be naked and have lube/your favourite toys to hand. You can add additional ‘fun’ if you want, but for the most part, this is a ‘basic’ JOI edging game where you’ll come with a bang in 2022.

To play along, start at 11.03 pm.

(Price will go up in 24 hours.)