Eye Fetish Catalogue

Released in 2023

Eye Contact Mind Fuck Mantras

Price: $10.99 | Length: 7:24 | Size: 428 MB

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You cannot tear your gaze away from My emerald eyes.

Worship Me. Obey Me. Submit to Me.

[For the best experience, watch this clip with headphones.]

Released in 2018

Addiction Mind Fuck

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 16 minutes | Size: 540 MB

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[This clip contain binaural beats, and layered audio. Wear headphones for the full effect.] 

You will obey Me. You will do anything, and everything I ask of you.
You will listen to My voice, and only My voice.
You will let yourself fall deeper down into mindless sweet senseless addiction to Me.
Don’t deny Me, give in to your wants, and desires.
Listen to My words. Let them mould you.

Emerald Eyes

Price:$20.99 USD | Length: 15 minutes | Size: 777 MB

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Look. Stare. Gaze.

Through an intense mind fuck, I will have you eating out of the palm of My hand by the end of the video. 15 minutes is all I need to rewire My brain, and make you Mine.

How? My eyes.

My eyes are one of My most beautiful features. Become ensnared by them, fall into them, let yourself get lost in them.

I’m here to guide you, corrupt you, and tease you … all in one mesmerising video.

Note: contains flashing images, layered audio, and binaural beats.

 Do you ever wonder if your addiction to Me is ‘Love or Lust‘?

Good Boys Get Cleavage

Price:$15.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 80 MB

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For the first couple minutes I’m going to make eye contact with you, and use My soothing, gentle voice. I’m going to make a deal with you – if you can look into My eyes for 2-3 minutes, I will let you look at My cleavage for the rest of the clip whilst I do whatever I want.

If you’re lucky, every now and then I will gently play with My cleavage and give you a glimpse, and tell you that you’re a “good boy” with My soothing gentle voice. After all, you want to be a good boy for Me. Don’t you.

Released in 2016

Sink into My Emerald Eyes

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 124 MB

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Just look. Stare at them. Become fixated upon them.
You can’t look away. I know you can’t look away … so don’t. Just take a nice deep breath and get lost in the colour of My eyes. My gorgeous emerald eyes.
Don’t focus on anything else – there’s no need to focus on anything else.
Look into My emerald eyes, and don’t look away. I want My eyes to be seared into your brain, constantly watching you, constantly controlling you.

Look into My Eyes

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 111 MB

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My eyes are a gorgeous shade of emerald green. Just look. Let yourself fall deeper and deeper into staring at them, sinking down, letting yourself slip into a relaxed state as you fall deeper and deeper until green is the only thing you see. .

Don’t look at away.

It will never be uncomfortable to worship your Goddess.

Mesmerizing Sister Staring Contest

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 514 MB

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*This is a custom request.*

“You’re my irresistible little sister. You’re upset that I never hang out with you and insist we play a game. How about a staring contest? You make me stare into your mesmerizing eyes. You up the challenge by lowering, then removing your glasses. You’re impressed, but have a pretty good idea how to throw me off my game. You unbutton your top, revealing more of your cleavage. You mention that I’m starting to look weak. You tease me with your breasts and move them up close without breaking eye contact. I finally lose and am rendered a staring, drooling mess. You laugh and tell me the game was just a way for you to mesmerize me; no one can resist your spell, not even your brother. You command me to unzip my pants and to begin stroking it.You force me to stroke while staring into your eyes, then at your cleavage, back and forth. You tell me I’m going to cum explosively for you, and you’re going to tell mom if I don’t submit to your every whim. You count me down from 30, all the while teasing me at how wrong it is and how hard I’m fighting it. I cum all over myself. You laugh and ask me if I’m your slave. I nod mindlessly and you tell me I’m a good boy.”

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