Just a quick update to say that I’ve made the decision, at least for now, to solely focus on My AVN Stars fan club – RubyAVN.com.

Figuring out new compliance rules, backing up and organising older content, editing new videos, and ensuring My side projects are up to date is keeping Me busy enough that running multiple fan clubs is a bit much for Me.

This might only mean a month of just posting to AVN, might even mean six months. It honestly all depends on sites and how they react and change to all the new regulations. It’s one of those ‘time will tell’ things.

At a later date, I might add another fanclub into the posting schedule, but since each clip site now requires extra steps for compliance (I’m aware fanclubs are probably going to be hit next), this means everything takes longer. I need to find a new routine when it comes to juggling clips, fanclubs and uploads.

So, focusing My energy in one place whilst I work through both My backlog and everything the compliance rules are throwing at Me is best for Me (and you) as the frequency and quality of My AVN content will improve.

Basically, I’m giving myself a break from sites other than AVN whilst staying flexible and planning content for 2022.

It’s free to follow Me on AVN and just $2 to subscribe!

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