Goddess Day 2020

It’s My Birthday! 

It’s been an odd year for everyone this year, so much so whilst I’ve put out the odd reminder, I’ve really not been aware of the time. Fittingly, there are no special Birthday Videos THIS year, but here’s a collection of My past birthday videos.

What I want most this year are tributes, big clip orders, basically … money.

I want you to reach into those pockets and dig deep.

The items that I have listed below that I’ve mentioned are the most useful for me.

There’s also a list for my business with items I need and equipment upgrades.

Gift cards I want:



Items I want:


Specific Birthday List

Bold = brought.

12 Liter Vacuum Chamber Kit

F-Machine Gigolo Fuck Machine

Theragun PRO

Allegra Magic Globes for Redness Soothing, Sinus Relief and Headache Relief – Blue

Sahara Foldable Food Dehydrator

Zumio E

Woodwick Large Hourglass Trilogy Scented Candle | Café Sweets

Cloud Microphones, Cloudlifter, CL-1, Microphone Amplifier

British Sign Language: Teach Yourself: Book and DVD Pack

Other ways to make My birthday special:

Find and report pirated porn – better yet donate the Cam Pro or Cam Superstar level here.

Create promotional material for Me – banner ads, screenshots to advertise clips etc.

Follow My Fan Club – AVN (I will be adding My back catalogue of clips here over the next week)

Send small tributes ($5-10) when you’re thinking of Me.

Buy up all the small items on My wish list. I don’t want to see any items under £10 left on it by the end of the month.

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