Gooning Catalogue

Released in 2022

I control your pleasure – NYE 2022!

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Price: $12.99 – Length: 10:54 – Size: 299 MB

Start at 11.50 pm to celebrate the New Year with Me.

In chastity? Have plans to ruin your orgasm or continue to goon in favour of orgasming? This is your 10-minute countdown clip.

The idea that I can tell you not to orgasm, and you’ll agree and deny yourself pleasure, is absolutely delicious. So, I’m going to tease you right up until the last moments of 2022, and then you’re going to deny yourself for 2023 all because I’m telling you to do so.

I also won’t be testing your commitment to merely staying on the cusp of orgasm.

No, I wouldn’t do something like that …

(This clip can be paired with My NYE hour-long countdown for 2022. It will be live shortly.)

Turning you into a brainless gooner for 2023

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Price: $44.99 – Length: 31:02 – Size: 1844 MB

Are you ready to enter 2023 with Me? Start at 11:30 pm.

You’re going to edge as much as you physically can because I want you to become a little mindless gooner for Me. I want nothing else to exist outside of paying attention to Me, edging for Me, and obeying Me.

Let your brain become mush, and let your thoughts dwindle to nothing apart from thoughts of stroking.

I’m going to play with your brain, toy with you, and help you enter 2023 as the brainless gooner you were always meant to be.

This clip has optional FinDom and spanking additions, so you’ll need a tribute tab open and/or an assortment of your favourite paddles.

Released in 2023

The Year of The Gooner

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Price: $11.99 – Length: 10:15 – Size: 611 MB

This year is a very special year, because this year is the year of the gooner. A year where you kick your masturbation habits up a notch until it’s an automatic thought that you want don’t cum; you just want to goon to keep your pleasure going rather than end it prematurely.

Yes, you can goon even if you’re in chastity. How?

You don’t get to orgasm. You don’t need to orgasm. You don’t want to orgasm.

All you have to do is edge for Me – mindlessly stroke until your mind is blissfully blank and riding high on those continuous feel-good endorphins.

This year, you’re going to train yourself to touch for longer and longer periods of time, focusing on nothing but Me, My instructions, and the hand, or device, that never stops moving, never stops stimulating you.

For now, we’ll start you off easy. All you have to do is last ten minutes of continuously touching yourself.

Think you can make it?

Become Addicted to Edging – Topless

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Price: $18.99 – Length: 14:09 – Size: 837 MB

All you have to do is keep your hand on your cock and listen to My instructions. That’s it.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it?

However, not many of you will make it through this clip. In fact, many of you will fail.

Will you be one of the few to succeed? To goon your little heart out and stay on the edge of orgasm, sometimes only a stroke away?

Goon As I Expose You

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Price: $13.99 – Length: 10:26 – Size: 628

It’s been some time since I’ve looked at my emails, where many of you send sensitive information, mostly thanks to ‘Meaningful Information’. Since there are so many emails, I’ve decided to do something with them.

But first, I want you to keep your hand on your cock throughout this clip and goon. The objective is to embed your enjoyment of blackmail deeper into your brain until you’re helpless against the idea of sending me more information that will expose you.

Maybe I’ll share some of the information YOU sent me, or maybe I’ll expose someone else that just happens to share the same fetish as you. Either way, I have a number of emails to peruse, and I want the anticipation to build and build up in you until you’re ready to burst … but you will NOT cum.

Goon to the idea that I’m reading the email you sent Me, exposing you for the whole world to see. Goon to the idea of being exposed to My friends. Goon because I’m dangling something so secret above your head, and you love it.

Goon for My Shiny Tits

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 6:50 – Size: 406 MB

Keep your eyes on My oily tits. Watch how I caress them, tease them, pour more and more oil on them, and tease you with their softness.

You only need to focus on ensuring your hand constantly moves up and down your dick and does NOT stop.

Don’t stop stroking for Me, and do not move your hand off your dick.

Keep watching. Keep stroking. Keep gooning

My shiny, oily tits will turn you into a mindless gooner.