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How to earn money as a sissy.

How to earn money as a sissy.

So many of you want cock. So many of you are sluts. So many of you want to serve … and I’ve found the perfect way for you to serve me! You, my dear sissies are going to work for me. You are going to cam for me, maybe even sell clips, and then you’re going to send me ALL your earnings. Think of it like whoring yourself out for me.

Don’t panic, I’m going to teach you how to earn money as a sissy, I’m going take you through the steps of becoming a ‘professional sissy’ so you don’t have to think, you just have to act. When you break it down the idea of is rather easy, do a little prep, then jump on cam! When it starts to be a full-time gig where the box lights, ring lights, and more come into play. For now, start with the following steps:

  1. Figure out your new sissy name if you don’t already have one.
  2. Think about what you like most as a sissy – do you like sucking cock, fucking your ass, jerking your cock and edging, fucking your mouth, telling men to jerk off?  Make a list of the fetishes you’d be willing to do. Also, figure out your limits – what you won’t do, and stick to them. People will try to push them, but stick to your limits unless you feel comfortable, and don’t be swayed by money. This is meant to be fun, if a little humiliating, not soul-destroying.
  3. Sign up for Chaturbate here:
  4. You will have to submit your ID to be verified – it’s what all models have to do, you’re no different.
  5. Get a webcam. If you want to earn a decent amount, a Logitech, C920 one is your best bet.  
  6. Start building your wardrobe with bras, stockings and panties. Then get a wig that appeals to you, and a pair of heels. For panties, I suggest getting a multipack like this:  Sexy Underwear 
  7. Pick a day to start, and don’t start smashed. A drink or 2 is fine, but no more than that. Each site has its own method of camming, though Chaturbate is the easiest from the get-go. Read forums, and put that knowledge to work.
  8. Try to cam regularly, even if only for an hour.
  9. When you get paid (no, you can’t pay me directly … yet), tribute me.
  10. And repeat!


  • Buy ManyCam to record, and watermark your stream with my Twitter handle:
  • Buy some toys from LoveHoney to use during your shows.
  • In time purchase lipstick, eyeshadow, and jewellery to complete your look.
  • In time, you can try signing up to: Adultwork (camming) & NiteFlirt (phone calls) to earn money.
  • Bonus: After you’ve recorded your stream, make clips of yourself being a sissy, and sell them on Clips4Sale. If you supply me with ID, and sign my release forms I might take that footage, and feature you in my clips.

If you’d like me to link you to specific items of clothing for you to buy, tribute $50, and forward the tribute notification to with your measurements – waist, hips, bust, and shoe size. Alternatively, if you’d like additional help setting everything up, you may email me. A tribute will be required for my time, but it will be worth it.

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