It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

That very special time of the year where your devotion to me really shows.

I LOVE that a some of you have been stepping up recently and showing me that you really mean business in your servitude. I thoroughly enjoyed my birthday, and hopefully will pick up all the parcels from my birthday soon – and with any luck unboxing them live on my fan clubs. Unfortunately, my PO Box hasn’t been the easiest to get to, but that will change soon.

Speaking of gifts, if you’d like to treat YOURSELF to a gift, click here.

The big question, what do I want for Christmas?

Tributes. Money. Big bulk clip orders that make me hum in approval.

If you want to go the extra mile, I have made a Christmas 2019 wish list for the items I want most (which I know some of you have already been working on, good boys), but there are also other items I want. Have a good look. If you’d rather send a GC so it arrives directly to me that’s completely fine (if not preferred sometimes), and GCs can be sent to:

  • Vegan Fruit & Crunch Chocolate Bar (NOMO) 24 x 32g*
  • Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner*
  • 12 Liter Vacuum Chamber Kit with 3 CFM Single Stage Vacuum Pump
  • Photon UV Photocuring 3D Printer*
  • RØDE Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm
  • RØDE Microphone Shock Mount with Integrated Pop Shield
  • Animal Flip Flops
  • Pearl EX Pigment Powders

*High priority items. 

If you’d like to send me a little something, you may do so if you’re a known sub. Message me to ask for my PO Box. 

WAIT! Whilst I have your attention …

Preferred sites:

I know there’s been a lot of chop and change regarding which site to use for what, and unfortunately you might do well to expect more. I hate change and changing from one site to another – especially when it requires extra work, but it is unfortunately the nature of the business.

Basically, if in doubt use AVN. It is now my default, and though it lacks a few features it’s been consistent for me (and an orgasmic $25 payout). There is a $250 cap on tributes and $500/day limit, however if you’re a good customer they’ll raise it for you.

Tributes: AVN has become a front runner in the game for me, so if you’re not sure, go there. I’ve been offering clip sales via tributes to my loyal subscribers too, so you’d be a fool to miss out on one on one time with me. If you can’t use AVN use C4S – they’ve also been consistent.

Clips: I would very much like to make C4S my ‘main’ clip site, so if you’re a regular buyer, do look at swapping to them for me, and make sure you use this link ( the bold is the important bit!) as it will mean I get 75% instead of 60%!

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