Update: On August 25th, OnlyFans announced it was ‘suspending’ the sex work ban, this doesn’t change My decision as it’s done this time and time again and the stress isn’t worth it.

The time has come, I’m going to stop posting on OnlyFans.

Unlike the past few years, OnlyFans will no longer be one of My main priorities until its eventual deletion. Instead, My preferred site will be AVN Stars, and I will be using both Fansly and LoyalFans as backup accounts – I’ve never been one to put My faith in just one site, a habit which OnlyFans has unfortunately just confirmed. Whilst I’ll have multiple sites active, I will be putting most of My time and energy into AVN Stars, as I’m going to take advantage of their Groups feature, going live and their clip store.

There will still be content going up on OnlyFans as a lot of you are still subscribed there, but it will be uploaded later than the main sites whilst I encourage you all to move to AVN Stars. To dissuade people from joining OnlyFans, the price will be going up drastically whilst I delete past posts.

For now, the price on AVN Stars will be just $1.99, $3 everywhere else. I’m not sure for how long, so many sure you take advantage of My generosity whilst you can.

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