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My favourites: Ass Worship

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Addicted to My

$9.99: Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Get down on your knees, and get ready to worship.

You’re going to worship My divine lace covered ass today. I want you to get your face as close to the screen as you can get it, and worship My ass. Lick and sniff the screen if you want to really impress Me. I know that the sight of My ass makes you go crazy; you can’t think, you can’t breath, you can’t function normally – you just know you need to worship.

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Ass Appreciation

$9.99: Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

[This clip works extremely well after watching My other Goddess Worship & Mind Fuck clips … particularly if you have a substance or two involved.]

I want you to get down on your knees, and worship. I want you to get lost in the image of perfection.

I don’t talk in this clip, no … I’ve decided to let you do all the talking. I want every single word out of your mouth whilst you watch this clip to be begging, pleading, and yearning. I want you to show Me just how much you want to worship My perfect ass. I want you to be desperate to worship, and I want you to go deeper into that addiction that’s already started to form inside your mind.

Worship My Ass

$9.99: Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

There’s a word for someone like you, someone that just can’t seem to get enough of one thing – addicted. You’re addicted to My ass! You drool over My past ass worship clips, and you check My clip sites every day in anticipation to see more. Well, today you’re in luck I’m going to ‘treat’ you to My ass, and a little something extra.

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Ass Worship, A Tease in Yoga Pants

$9.99: Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

Worshipping Me is the best part of your day. Don’t deny it. I know it is.

You’re a lucky little pet today, as today I’m going to show you My perfect ass in a pair of yoga pants I got in the mail yesterday! Don’t they just frame My ass perfectly. Don’t they just make My ass look amazing. I bet you’re thinking about what you’d do if you were ever lucky enough to be in My presence. Get on your knees and get as close to the screen as you can, pretend you’re actually in My presence and try to worship them.

Maybe I’ll tease you even further by taking them off and showing you what I’m wearing … or not wearing underneath. Then again, maybe I won’t.

Goddess Ass Worship

$6.99: Clips4Sale | iWantClips | ManyVids

You want to see My ass … My perfect, round ass? Well, you’re going to have pay for it. I don’t just let anyone see My ass. Those who want to see My ass have to pay, and that’s exactly what you’re going to do for the privilege.

I know you want to sniff it, so go ahead, get a little closer…

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