New Year Catalogue

Crack open a bottle and celebrate with Me! Are you ready to ring in the New Year with a bang? Or an orgasm? Or even a chastity cage?

Crack open a bottle and celebrate with Me! Are you ready to ring in the New Year with a bang? Or an orgasm? Or even a chastity cage?

Though some of these clips mention a specific year, they can be used for ANY upcoming New Year.

Released in 2015

A New Year’s Tease.

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 14 minutes | Size: 480 MB

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In some ways its a shame you don’t have any plans for New Year’s Eve who am I kidding, you love that you’re alone. You get to spend the evening with Me! Now, who wouldn’t want that? It’s most definitely preferable to spend the evening at home as opposed to an evening spent in a pub getting pushed and shoved around by other unruly people. Instead, you’re sitting comfortably in your own home, waiting to have a truly mind-blowing orgasm.

There’s plenty of sensual domination for you to edge along with, and even a stop and go session of edging right before the big count down to New Years. All you have to do is watch and follow along with My jerk off instructions as I tease you with My curves, My words, and My lips the only thing you have to worry about is cumming when I pop My bottle of bubbly to ring in the New Year!

I’ve made this clip especially for those of you alone with your favourite bottle of liquid pleasure, whether that’s or a cold glass of champagne. However, don’t feel you have to have a substance to play along, if you don’t, just enjoy the rush of the denial and the exhilaration of the tease – become by My actions, and fulfilled with desire at My body.

If you want to time your orgasm/continual edging in time to ring in the New Year, start the clip at 12minutes 30 seconds before midnight – 11 pm 47.5 seconds.

A New Year, A New You!

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 203 MB

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It’s New Year’s Eve, and in My opinion, there’s no better day to celebrate giving up your addiction to relaxants  Well done! I mean this quite sincerely. How you’ve managed to give it up is quite impressive. You’ve given up that delicious rush, that intoxicating feeling, the high … many people wouldn’t be able to manage what you’ve done. But, I guess a New Year, a new you! 

You must miss it though, you can’t tell Me you don’t when I know there’s a bottle or two stashed away in your home somewhere. I know that bottle is always in the back of your mind, reminding you of the fun you used to have. A true addict, that’s what you are, a true relaxants addict … so go fetch the substance you crave. 

I tell you what, just to celebrate this one special day, why not do just one last hit? A small, ‘re-introduction’ if you will. And, if you take a hit, I might just show you Take a good look long at the bottle, look at how inviting it seems, look at how harmless it appears. Now open it, and take a good long, deep, savouring sniff in one nostril, and sniff in the other. 

Now relax, and enjoy the sensation. Feel the head rush you get from just that one sniff, feel how it your head feels just that little bit lighter, how your limbs are less of a weight on your mind … feel just how good it feels. How did you live without this, how did you think you could give this up? You’ve no need to stop – you know, thinking about it, I bet you weren’t really addicted. There’s no such thing as an addiction to relaxants. 

After this, I know you’ll come crawling back to the bottle. You love the first hit too much to let them go completely. So give in, you know you want to continue to sniff, and I know you’ll come back for more, and more. 

Submission Resolution

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 149 MB

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It’s the first day of 2016 and today is the day you’re no longer going to shy away from those urges that you have. Today is the day you’re going to fully realise you’re no ‘Alpha’ male … you’re actually a submissive little omega. It’s a New Year, and a brand new start. A chance to give in, and let yourself feel what you’ve been hiding, let yourself fall into submission.

I know that deep down you have submissive urges, and that is not a bad thing, it’s something that you should feel, and fully embrace. So, you’re going to take your first steps into the wonderful world of D/s, and into being My submissive. I’m going to give you just one command, but it will start you on a path of submission into which you’ll soon be stumbling deeper and deeper.

Helping You to Give Up your Addiction to Relaxants.

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 398 MB

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They always say the best way to beat an addiction is to have one last hit of the chosen poison

Today, I’m going to help you kick your addiction to relaxants  after all, it is the season! A new year, a new start and all that. For years you’ve been addicted, getting high and jerking you cock to porn. Well, this stops today. Today, all you’ll be doing is jerking your cock to porn, no getting high, no enjoying the intoxication. Nothing. One last sniff then you’re going to go cold turkey.

Let Me lead you through one last sniff though, that one last sniff might just lead to another, and another, and another!

Released in 2017

Porn Purge

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 184 MB

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It’s a new year! And you get a new chance to prove that you’re dedicated, that you want to think of Me and only Me. 

The best way to do that? Delete all your porn. Ideally, you’ll delete every single video you have – including the ones of Me. Why? I want you to really go that extra mile, I want you to purchase them all again for Me. But, I do understand some of you don’t have an expendable budget. So, delete all the ones where I do not feature in them. 

If you need a shot or five to get through this clip and carry out all the actions, that’s fine. Do whatever you need to get through it, to complete the final action. 

Submission, Part 1

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 304 MB

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Do you know what I find funny about you little subbies? You always think that ‘next year’ you can start over, next year you can reach your goals. Well, you’re not. You’re going to realise them right now, and don’t even think about saying you’re going to ‘quit’ FemDom – it’s a pointless endeavour. You’ll keep coming back time and time again.

The year of 2017 will bring you many good things – namely more chances to please Me. And, lucky for you I’ve developed an easy little series so you can do just that! Don’t worry, it’s not FinDom based, it’s submission-based. I want you to work on your submission to Me, I want you to do things you’d never thought you’d do, and I want you to discover new things.

There will be a new video each week with tasks ranging from cum eating, light CBT, JOI, FinDom etc. A chance for you to explore in a safe environment and learn more about yourself.

This clip is your introduction. In this clip I just want you to relax, and worship My tits … you’re going to be getting very acquainted with them as the weeks go on. Those that purchase each and every clip will be in for a treat – if you catch Me in a good mood.

*Note: this clip was supposed to go up end of 2016, so it references ‘next year’ occasionally. Think of it as ‘this year’ instead for the most part.

Released in 2018

Giving Up Financial Domination – Topless

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 199 MB

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[This clip is a tribute play a long clip, and contains a countdown to the New Year. Start clip just after 11.51 to play along.]

A new year is a time to make new resolutions, and for some reason or another, you’ve decided that this is the year you’re ACTUALLY going to give up financial domination!

You say this every single year, and yet you’re determined that this year is the year to do it.

Well, if that’s the case, why not give one more tribute as a final goodbye to financial domination?

Be warned, your willpower to give up financial domination will wilt at the sight of My big tits perfectly framed by My velvet green dress. And it will be tested even further when I cover My tits in oil, and play with them whilst teasing you with erotic imagery that I know will turn you on.

But alas, you are going to give up the delightful thrill of tributing just to make Me happy, aren’t you?

… or is the year after next year the perfect year to give up financial domination?

Celebrate NYE with Me Intimate Edging

Price:$89.99 USD | Length: 61 minutes | Size: 1951 MB

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[This clip contains partial nudity.]

Before starting this clip have plenty of lube to hand, and a bottle of water – you’ll need it. Your wallet, a smoke, inhale, or ’drink’ are optional extras.

To ring in the new year with Me, start the clip 11 pm, or to watch it twice start at 10 pm (just don’t orgasm). The more you watch, and edge for Me, the better your start to 2019.

Get ready for the most intense orgasm of your life.

I’m going to tease you, edge you, and torment you until you don’t know which way is up.

Keep your eyes on the screen at all times, and take in My figure clad in multiple different outfits.

Relax, and enjoy the most intense Goddess Worship clip I have ever released. You’re about to get *very* up close, and intimate with Me as I tease you in lace, velvet, and lingerie using any and all means to bring you to the edge of orgasm again, and again, and again until you explode when the clock strikes 12.

Happy New Year!

Pop and Sniff

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 149 MB

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Happy New Year!

People say that a new year is a chance for a new start, but I like to think of it as a chance to grow your addiction and make it even deeper.

It’s really quite simple, all you have to do is take a nice big, deep sniff for Me every single time I pop a party pop.

We’re going to celebrate the New Year in style – as it should be done, with Me teasing you, and you completely fucked up and off your tits.

There’s really nothing quite like the anticipation of a party popper.

Released in 2019

Edge with Me on NYE 2019!

Price:$89.99 USD | Length: 46 minutes | Size: 937 MB

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Are you ready to ring in the New Year with Me?

To celebrate with Me, all you have to do is start playing along at 11.15 pm. That’s it!

Join Me for 45 minutes of intensive teasing. I will tickle ALL of your senses, and leave you wanting even more. You’ll see exclusive new content, immerse your self in Goddess Worship, AND you’ll even get to see the content I’ve had to edit out of past clips because it was just too explicit.

If you listen closely, you might even hear Me orgasm …

I highly encourage you to abstain from orgasming for as long as you can. If you REALLY want to make NYE special, edge 10 times before watching the clip and then get ready to edge ANOTHER 10 times.

If you’d like to turn this into a tribute game, tribute $10 for each round OR if you really want to make Me happy, tribute $100 (go the EXTRA mile and tribute $1000 – I dare you)!

Add a little extra ‘fun’ and for every round do a shot … or sniff.

No matter your fetish, this is a clip you’ll DEFINITELY enjoy!

Once a Tit Addict, Always a Tit Addict!

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 154 MB

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You’re an idiot to think that you could ever willingly give up tits.

I mean, look at you! Salivating over a screen. All I have to do is squeeze My soft, silky tits together to have you become nothing more than a mindless tit zombie.

And don’t even get Me started on *just* My perfect cleavage. My cleavage is so deep, so expansive, so perfect that it wipes all other thoughts from your brain and replaces them with a need to worship.

My big natural tits will ALWAYS bring you back to Me because you’d do anything and everything to worship them – even if it means breaking that pesky little ‘New Year’s Resolution’ if yours.

Released in 2020

Celebrate with Me: Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021 NYE Topless Cum Countdown!

Price:$79.99 USD | Length: 61 minutes | Size: 2216 MB

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[This clip contains partial nudity.]

You will need: A drink to toast with (booze or not booze – your pick), water, lube, genitals, and open-mindedness.

For fetishes, you will need:
FinDom: Have everything set up to tribute on another screen. Add an extra 0 to the numbers if you REALLY want to impress Me.
Aroma/Inhale/Sipping: Prepare enough to get you through an hour, then double it if you REALLY want to be merry.
CBT/CP: Pick 2/3 implements, frequently swap them, make sure spanks are equal – so 2 spanks each time. If you want more, double it again etc.
Anal: 4 different sized plugs or if you don’t have that many, use the indicator as a sign to fuck your ass for 30 seconds – 1 minute.
Sissy: Have to hand 5 items of sissy wear. If you don’t have them, buy a new sissy item each time and/or with the one item and take it off/put it on when I say.

To ring in 2021, a brand New Year, with Me, start this clip at 11 pm on the dot OR to watch it twice start at 10 pm and don’t cum.

The more you watch, relax, and edge for Me, the better your start to 2019.

To enjoy New Year’s Eve all you have to do is sit back, relax, and let go of 2020. Yes, it’s really that simple. This will be a lovely relaxed JOI with LOTs of teasing, revealing clothing, tit worship, ass worship, pussy tease and denial and so so much more. I’m going to tease you, edge you, relax you, edge you, and mindfuck you until you’re obeying Me without conscious thought.

Kinkster, sub or vanilla fan I suspect you’ll find something to your taste. I won’t tell you too much, other than this will be a mind and body sensory experience. Oh, make sure you wear something … strippable.

If your particular fetish isn’t listed above, make a rule and pick one of the five prompts, when that prompt appears … have fun.

P.S. Technically, this is one of My most ‘vanilla’ JOI clips, if you ignore all the fetish prompts.

Released in 2021

Slow, Sensual NYE Tease and Denial

Price: $79.99 – Length: 58 Minutes | Size: 1440 MB

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(Prices might not be updated yet on some sites.)

Let’s take it easy this year with a slow, sensual tease and denial.

Designed to test your willpower, you’ll enjoy the way I treat you with My tales, My body and My mind.

All you have to do is be naked and have lube/your favourite toys to hand. You can add additional ‘fun’ if you want, but for the most part, this is a ‘basic’ JOI edging game where you’ll come with a bang in 2022.

To play along, start at 11.03 pm.

(Price will go up in 24 hours.)

A Simple Goal for a New Year’s (MP3)

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Price: $4.99 – Length: 3 minutes

You’ve tried NYE goals with little success over the years, so I’m going to keep it very simple for your brain to understand. I’m going to give you just ONE goal for as long as you can keep it.

It’s totally up to you if you fail.

You’ve not committed to anything in life, so can you commit to this?

Released in 2022

New Year, Same Old You, Right?

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 6 Minutes

It’s a brand new year – a time to shrug off old goals and create new ones, but will that matter to you? No.

No matter how many years go by, your goals will be neglected, and nothing will be done.

… or will it? Will this be the year you actually change? Will this be the year you become proactive in your goals, your life?

I doubt it, unless you want to prove Me wrong?

New Year, New Wallet, No Orgasms

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 5 Minutes

It’s a brand spanking new year!

I could make yet another ‘you’re not going to cum for Me this year’ etc, but I’m not going to. I have plenty of these sorts of clips already and you’re looking for something … more, especially if you’re already chaste for Me.

So, this year, you’re not just going to lock up and stay chaste. You’re going to be My wallet too.