Nip Slip Catalogue

Released in 2018

Swallow your Seed For ME

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 257 MB

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You’ve thought about it time, and time again.

Now it’s time to actually do it.

You’re going to swallow your seed for Me today, so make sure you’ve already cum – I’m not going to lead you through a JOI. I have plenty of those clips in My stores. Watch them, then cum into your hand, or a shot glass. I don’t care.

If you haven’t guessed it by now, there’s no backing out in this video.

Get ready. Whether you’re new to swallowing your load, have done it time and time again, or just keep chickening out – you ARE going to taste the mess you produce today.

*Never know, you *might* see a nip slip. My boobs are a handful.*

Released in 2019

Underboob Worship

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 339 MB

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There’s nothing you love more than the tease of under boob worship.

Go on, look, stare, and admire My big natural tits just begging to be released from My sports bra.

The thrill that you’re so close to seeing My full tit, and yet so far turns you on more than you could possibly imagine.

… you’ll want to keep a close eye on My perfect tits for a potential nip slip.

Blackmail Timer I

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 316 MB

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Open up your favourite timer, that’s if it’s not already built in within your current email system. Once you’ve done that, grab a bottle of your favourite spirit, a shot glass, and let’s have some fun.

There’s only one rule, do EXACTLY as I say.

I want you to keep you eyes on the screen, and I promise you’ll be rewarded for all the information you provide. If you look close enough you might just spot the beginnings of a nip slip.

But … do you have the balls to buy this clip? Or are you a wimp that loves the idea of blackmail, but will NEVER ever follow through?

Mommy Trains your Little Cock

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 139 MB

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What did I ever do to get a son like you?

I’ve heard what the other girls are saying about you, and your little premature jerking cock. Your nickname is ‘one shot wonder’ for heaven’s sake!

I did not raise you to become … that. I raised you better!

It’s appalling, and I almost can’t stomach the sight of you knowing … so get it out. Get that little cock of yours out.

I’m not going to have a step-son that’s an embarrassment to me. So, we’re going to work together until you last a reasonable amount of time.

Oh, by the way until you last long enough, you’re going to ruin your orgasms. You don’t get pleasure until you can last AT LEAST 10 seconds. Think of it as a reward system with pleasure as the ultimate goal.

Don’t worry dear, mommy will make it all better.

No Nut November 2019

Price:$19.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 324 MB

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Watch that preview twice.

I DARE you to buy this clip, jerk to it, and try not to orgasm. You’ll fail. Every single one of you will fail because this is the hottest clip I’ve ever made.

There MIGHT even be an accidental nip slip …

Released in 2020

2 Hours of Mind Melting Tit Worship

Price:$145.99 USD | Length: 121 minutes | Size: 3446 MB

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I’ve made it so easy for you to become addicted to My tits and/or to deepen your addiction to My perfect tits! Why? I KNOW you’re an eager little tit zombie, but My clips might not be long enough to put you into a full tit zombie trance, so that’s I’ve put together 2 hours of some of My BEST tit worship clips. 2 hours of My glorious, gigantic, massive, natural tits for you to sit down and worship. I want you to watch this entire clip at every available opportunity until My tits are burned into the back of your retinas.  For those of you that dare not even beg to see a nude breast, don’t worry, this clip contains nothing more than a nip slip and some sheer lace. The clips are in order of the ones listed above, so you can always research ahead of time to skip it.  If after watching this clip you still need a Ruby Rousson tit fix, I highly recommend perusing ALL My tit worship clips – we both know I have more than I could ever fit in a compilation. Who knows, I might release a TOPLESS compilation next … For now, 2 whole hours of mind-melting tit worship await you.

Chastity: Week 1

Price:$14.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 264 MB

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I highly recommend you watch this clip first: Locktober 2020

The first week of Locktober is always the most difficult whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced chastity fetishist. It also doesn’t matter whether you’re caged, running your orgasms, milking your prostate, or practising mental chastity, locking up for a set period of time is difficult.

That’s why I’m here to guide you.

This is the first of 4 videos designed to make your month of chastity as easy as it can be. Along the way, I’ll be sharing tips, tricks and tasks to make the month interactive and to help with the daunting prospect of locking your cage or keeping mentally chaste for October.

Week 1 is where we’ll get the nitty-gritty of the basics about the chastity cage out of the way, discuss the mental aspect of chastity, and give you some tasks to occupy your week for each level. As a little bonus, see if you can spot the nip slip! I’ll also cover how to contact Me if you’d like Me to personally guide and check in on you.

Happy Locktober!

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