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Personal presents … for you!

Fancy a gift from yours truly? You’re in luck!

I have curated a wonderful list of gifts for you, from me. If you’ve been a good pet, I might even slip a little something extra in, but you’ll have to tribute to find out.

  • Signed 5×7 Picture: $20
  • Holiday Card $20
  • Card & Surprise $25
  • Signed & Kissed Exclusive Polaroid: $35
  • Mug (each one will be unique!): $50
  • 1st Batch 2020 Calendar Signed & Annotated (only 1 Available): $100
  • Holiday Surprise Box* Small $125
  • Holiday Surprise Box* Medium $250
  • Holiday Surprise Box* Big $500

Items will be shipped from December 1st. If you’re outside the UK, and would like a box/calendar/mug please contact me before tributing to work out shipping.

* Surprise Box – will be tailored to you, and depending on the size of the box will include things like pictures, perfumed panties, sweeties, items hand made by me, candles, sex toys & more. All items will be hand-wrapped by yours truly. The box won’t contain any of the other items listed, so you can always add additional bonus items!

WAIT! Whilst I have your attention …

Preferred sites:

I know there’s been a lot of chop and change regarding which site to use for what, and unfortunately you might do well to expect more. I hate change and changing from one site to another – especially when it requires extra work, but it is unfortunately the nature of the business.

Basically, if in doubt use AVN. It is now my default, and though it lacks a few features it’s been consistent for me (and an orgasmic $25 payout). There is a $250 cap on tributes and $500/day limit, however if you’re a good customer they’ll raise it for you.

Tributes: AVN has become a front runner in the game for me, so if you’re not sure, go there. I’ve been offering clip sales via tributes to my loyal subscribers too, so you’d be a fool to miss out on one on one time with Me. If you can’t use AVN use C4S – they’ve also been consistent.

Clips: I would very much like to make C4S my ‘main’ clip site, so if you’re a regular buyer, do look at swapping to them for me, and make sure you use this link ( the bold is the important bit!) as it will mean I get 75% instead of 60%!

My Preferred Site: AVN Stars

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