Pirated clips from a submissive customers point of view

Once upon a time, I found a site with pirated clips of Ruby Rousson. I sent her the link so she could report them and take them down.

Once upon a time, I found a site with pirated clips of Mistress Ruby Rousson. I sent her the link so she could report them and take them down. After a while, she asked me if I watched those clips (I must have mentioned that their thumbnails gave me an obvious reaction to the nudity). My answer was a surprise to me. I said “no”. She did not ask why, but I did. I asked myself why. Clips that have nudity of the hottest Domme I have ever known … but I turned them down. Well, in general, I do not watch pirated clips, believe it or not.

You may read a lot of articles from adult video creators explaining the effort they put to make their products (clips). But what about the viewer, the customer behind the screen who watches these pirated clips? Well, I am here to talk about this subject but from a different angle, from a customer perspective who happens to be a submissive as well. 

When it comes to the BDSM world, it is not as simple as ‘regular porn’. You do not watch a hot girl getting fucked by a hot man in several positions and you get aroused then jerk off!  It’s way more complex. First I have to state that the orgasm is not the holy grail in this world. A submissive could cum in a few minutes (or less) if his Domme had trained him and ordered him to do so. The goal here is the satisfaction of being dominated. This is why pirated clips fail to serve their purpose. A real submissive would not be happy just to have tons of clips of his favourite Domme, he or they need to serve. Sometimes, it takes a nonsexual form. 

Does that mean BDSM clips don’t get pirated?

Of course, they do! However, if not (for the most part) submissives that pirate them, who do? I think it is the fetishists (not all of them). They are inside this world but they have their own rules. For example, if someone obsessed with feet, his goal is to jerk off to feet only. Therefore, it does not matter who or how? He just wants feet shoved in his face so he can have his pleasure. The fetishist does not bound with the person, the human being behind the whip and chains. 

The problem is there is no test to know if you are dealing with someone who is a real submissive and wants to be under your control or if he just loves to hear you talking about cutting his dick off while he is stroking before going to hang out with his friends. For those, I must remind them that it is stealing. We all want an iPhone 11 Pro Max, but do not just break into stores to grab one. 

For submissive customers, I want to tell you this. It will not feel right to pirate clips. It will feel like you are having an orgasm without telling your keyholder. It is just wrong! Think deeply about what matters to you – if it is just the orgasm, then you are not a ‘real’ submissive. Turn off your laptop and jerk off to Kim Kardashian’s Instagram feed. Buying your favourite Domme’s clips from her clip store is the only way to feel good. You all know it! 

This is my direct message to submissive males that think they suffer from neglect. You say it over and over that the “InstaDomme” made you sick because they only after the money, that they’re ‘not a real Dommes’. Well, you are the same. If you are stealing FemDom clips, you are only after the orgasm and not a real sub. Think about it.