Ruined Orgasms Catalogue

There's something so enticing about ruining orgasms. Maybe it's the power, maybe it's the look of desperate on your face, or maybe it's just FUN!

There’s something so enticing about ruining orgasms. Maybe it’s the power, maybe it’s the look of desperate on your face, or maybe it’s just FUN!

Released in 2016

Month of Denial and Ruination

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 244 MB

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Care to take the challenge? 1 month, no strings attached, just follow along with the instructions in this clip.

Ruined Orgasm with a little CEI

Price:$19.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 491 MB

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[Custom topless clip. No names used.]

Today is a lesson in patience. You’re going to learn what it’s like to want to touch yourself more than you’ve ever wanted to before. You’re going to edge, and you’re going to be so desperate to touch yourself you’ll agree to anything.

And then, well, then you’re going to ruin your own orgasm! Why? Because I want you to. I take great pleasure in ruining orgasms. When the moment comes you’ve going to do nothing bar sit on your hands and watch as your cock dances in front of you, ejaculating a mess that you’re going to clear up with your mouth. Make no mistake, you’re going to get every single drop of your warm, salty cum down your throat. And, you’re going to love doing it.

Released in 2017

Slave Fucks Up

Price:$15.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 136 MB

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This was supposed to be My first ruined orgasm clip. And, because I’m a kind Dominatrix, this was going the first time in months I was going to grant My slave the chance to have an orgasm, and let you all see the Sadistic pleasure I get out of ruining the orgasms of pathetic snivelling men. But, he couldn’t perform. He fucked up … so naturally he pays for it.

After he fails pitifully, I tell him to edge, laugh at him, and ignore his desperate attempts to wring an orgasm out of his useless cock.

Look out for the next clip when I really punish him.

Released in 2018

Will I ruin your orgasm?

Price:$28.99 USD | Length: 21 minutes | Size: 633 MB

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[This is a custom clip.]

You’ve been without an orgasm for so long that I bet you barely remember the pleasure that comes from having an orgasm. 

Do you think you can last as I bring you to the edge over, and over again whilst you gaze upon My shiny, oiled up, big natural 32HH tits?

Here’s the catch, no matter what I decided, you will do EXACTLY as I tell you to do. This means you’ll need plenty of anal toys at the ready, a few paddles, and a few of My other clips.

Intimidated? This clip isn’t for you.

Play along, and by the end you’ll be so deliciously and simultaneously fucked, blissed out, and exhausted. So, it’s time to play a fun little game of ‘will I let you enjoy your orgasm?’ 

Unsurprisingly, this is one of My absolute favourite games.

Released in 2019

Ruin your orgasm to see My pussy!

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 8 minutes | Size: 273 MB

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I LOVE bodystockings. They hug My figure perfectly, and show off My divine clothes. If the lace moves a little bit too much to the left, or right it also reveals something I know you’ve been desperate to worship … My pussy.

I’ve teased you for so long with the notion of pussy worship. Maybe this time I’ll let you see, maybe this time I’ll let you get up close, and personal to worship My perfect pussy.

However, if you want to worship My pussy you have to follow all of My instructions. But, don’t worry I’ve made it easy for you to follow them! Keep your eyes fixed on the screen, and you’ll see what I mean.

Remember, follow ALL of My instructions! Never know you might enjoy it more than you think.

Mommy Trains your Little Cock

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 139 MB

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What did I ever do to get a step-son like you?

I’ve heard what the other girls are saying about you, and your little premature jerking cock. Your nickname is ‘one shot wonder’ for heaven’s sake!

I did not raise you to become … that. I raised you better!

It’s appalling, and I almost can’t stomach the sight of you knowing … so get it out. Get that little cock of yours out.

I’m not going to have a step-son that’s an embarrassment to me. So, we’re going to work together until you last a reasonable amount of time.

Oh, by the way until you last long enough, you’re going to ruin your orgasms. You don’t get pleasure until you can last AT LEAST 10 seconds. Think of it as a reward system with pleasure as the ultimate goal.

Don’t worry dear, step-mommy will make it all better.

Eat Cum for Me Anal Slut (MP3)

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 21 MB

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Eating cum, stretching your ass, and orgasming is all you can think about, but it’s so … uninspired.

Let me tell you what’s actually going to happen. You ARE going to eat your own cum, you ARE going to orgasm, and you ARE going to stretch your ass, but not in the way you think.

After all, you’re a slut. You are the sluttiest slut I’ve ever encountered.

Sluts don’t get to cum in a shot glass and eat it. Nope. Sluts get to ruin their orgasm all over a dildo, fuck their mouth with it after fucking their urethra with a sounding device, and fuck their ass at the same time. That’s how sluts eat their own cum.

Released in 2020

No Orgasms in 2020

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 352 MB

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I’m here to help you fulfil your goal of having zero orgasms in 2020. I want you to keep your hands to yourself as you watch Me tease you with My cleavage, and mind fuck you into the idea that not cumming this year is an excellent idea.

Still … it sounds incredibly difficult, doesn’t it?

Don’t worry I have 3 options for you to have ‘no orgasms’ in 2020. 1 requires a cage, 1 requires mental fortitude, and 1 requires lube.

Whatever you pick, I’ve got the perfect teasing regime for you. After all, you don’t need to give up FemDom or teasing to give up orgasms, you just need to find another use for your time.

Premature Orgasm Ruination

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 186 MB

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I’m not surprised you’re desperate to see My perfect tits. They are magnificent, and My brand new bodysuit makes them look absolutely divine.

I bet you’re drooling all over yourself imaging them up close in your face. However, I’m going to make you work hard before you see them.

Don’t think this is going to be easy.

The first step is ruining your orgasm for Me, but don’t worry, I’ll guide you. Ruined orgasms happen to be My speciality!

Considering you have an embarrassing history of premature ejaculation, coming super quick should be a walk in the park for you. I dare say that the hardest part will be lasting until I tell you to blow your load, which happens to be the second step. Wait for permission to orgasm. Follow My instructions and I MIGHT let you see them.

There’s even a task for those that want to earn bonus points, but I’m not going to tell you what it is.

Ruined Orgasm JOI (MP3)

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 186 MB

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Jerk for Me. Give Me some nice long strokes and think about how I’m going to ruin your orgasm.

There are SO many possibilities. I could mind fuck you and tease you – tell you you’ll actually ENJOY your orgasm. I could give you a few pumps then tell you to remove your hand or I could bring you to the edge, and when I reach 0 you’re going to orgasm … but just before that you’re going to take your had away and jump up and down. Confuse your body so much you don’t feel pleasure.

Like I said, SO many possibilities.

Released in 2023

Ruin your Orgasm to My Tits

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Price: $14.99 – Length: 10:01

I’m going to say something shocking. You can orgasm as much as you want to; I won’t stop you. However, you cannot enjoy it. You must ruin your orgasm, for Me.

Oh, don’t worry, I’m here to guide you, to tell you exactly what ruined orgasms are, lead you up to your first (or fiftieth), and set forth what’s going to happen after you ruin your orgasm. And since I’m so nice, I’ll even tease you with My big tits, show you something you crave – no handbra, no pasties, nothing.

Because the thing is, I don’t think you truly want the pleasure of an orgasm. Instead, you want someone to take the power of the orgasm away, to submit to Me instead of the endorphin rush, and I can give you that.

All you have to do is ruin your orgasm for Me.

Coaxing you Into a Life of Ruined Orgasms

Price: $14.99 – Length: 11:59 | Size: 709 MB

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Welcome to My practice. My name is Counsellor Rousson, and I specialise in sex and intimacy. Am I correct in assuming that you’re here because of those issues?

According to your intake form, you feel ‘odd’ post-orgasm; I’d like to explore some ways to help you with that feeling, well, one particular way.

There are plenty of treatments available, but My favourite treatment to prescribe is ruined orgasms. Don’t worry, I’ve read the scientific literature, and multiple studies have shown how beneficial ruined orgasms can be, especially for someone in your position.

Science doesn’t lie, after all, and I wouldn’t lie to My clients that ruined orgasms are the best thing you can do for your sexual health and masturbatory habits …