Simple Slave Tasks

Are you looking for something simple to do that will please Me? Don’t have much money? Want to start devoting your life to Me?

You’re in luck.

Just because you’re broke, or can’t tribute often doesn’t mean you’re useless. Whilst I expect my time to be handsomely compensated, I do take note of those that go out of their way to better themselves purely for my enjoyment, and continued success.

Here are some simple low-cost ways to serve me:

  1. Make a daily note, with screenshots, of my rank on IWC, C4S. and MV.
  2. Search for pirated porn, and send them to my clip sites DMCA teams.
  3. Learn how to make banners for me, as seen on my links page.
  4. Take away one of your ‘luxury’ items. Coffee, meals out, take away etc. Spend the money on Me instead.
  5. Take screenshots of my clips, and send only the best to Me.
  6. Create a Twitter to promote me and my clips.
  7. Set up a forum to worship me.
  8. Create a fact sheet on my current interests – I will ask on Twitter so keep an eye out.
  9. Find simple, minimal, secure WordPress themes like My current one.
  10. Find relevant fetish forums where I can promote My work.
  11. If you see an award, nominate Me for it, and vote daily.
  12. Take dick pictures that I can use in My clip – you MUST sign forms, and provide e with ID that I will keep secure.

I will add/remove tasks when they’re complete, or when I think of a new one.


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