Small Penis Humiliation Catalogue

Released in 2015

3 Minutes and Counting …

Price:$3.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 79 MB

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This is one for all of you small pindick premature ejaculation losers!

Let’s play a game!

You have to last three minutes of Me teasing you, humiliating you, and telling you to jerk that pathetic cock of yours, before I give you only ten seconds to cum before the clip cuts off. Can you do it? Can you actually last that long for once in your life? I bet you can’t … I bet you only get ten seconds in before blowing your load over that microscopic pice of flesh.

Prove Me wrong – last until the end of the clip, and you’ll get to see a very lovely shot of My perfect cleavage … prove Me right, and well I want I want $25 to magically appear in My pocket to show just how pathetic you are.

Non-Existant Dick Humiliation

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 212 MB

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Are you kidding Me … seriously? That’s not a dick, that’s nothing like a dick! That’s a piece of your flesh because there’s no way that could be a penis.
Oh, it is, is it? Show Me. Prove to Me that that … thing can actually ejaculate because I know you’re getting hard at these words. These little snippets of truth. Prove it. Cum. Ejaculate. Prove you’re actually a man.

Released in 2016

Seriously Pathetic Small Penis Humiliation

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 162 MB

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You think women want to see that pathetic thing between your legs, because we really do not. The only way we’ll ever want to see that is if you pay us.

I mean, it’s smaller than My fucking heel. Look! Smaller than My lipgloss too. No woman is ever going to want to rest with a man who has a dick that’s smaller than a lipgloss. But … I know that this is something you get off on, because you absolutely love the negative fucking attention. Don’t you? Gorgeous women telling you you’ll never amount to anything, whilst you hunch your shoulders and jerk off that tiny prick of yours.

Nothing Like A Big Cock

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 155 MB

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Do you know what I love? No? Well, a big, girthy cock of course! And, I love a man that knows how to use one. I do so dislike the men with small, itty bitty ‘cocks’ – if you can call them that, no, it’s got to be a man with a big cock for Me. A big, girthy cock.

Mean JOI with SPH & CEI

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 45 MB

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Take out your cock and get it in your hands … I mean it’s too small to fit in the palm of your hand. But, fit as much of that filthy pathetic thing your hands as you can. Go on, attempt to get it hard, or do one better – cum. Attempt to nurse cum out of that mess of a cock of yours. Amuse Me with your efforts.

Calling that a cock is an insult to all men.

Sharpie SPH

Price:$7.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 217 MB

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That’s nothing! That’s just, I mean, I have a Sharpie right here and you … you don’t even measure up – you’re not even bigger than the pen cap! Go on, put your dick against the screen, measure it!
You’re just … wow. You’re a disappointing ‘man’ who has nothing for penis, and you actually go around with that between your legs? I bet if you accidentally sat on your cock you wouldn’t notice because there’s nothing there!
It’s not a ‘cock’ between your legs, it’s a little clit. You could push that thing between your legs and you’d look like a woman down there.

A little bit of JOI, and a LOT of SPH

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 132 MB

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That thing is utterly pathetic, I mean … look at it! Why, I bet you were the runt of the little! What a small little gangly thing you are, and your cock is no better. And you’re getting hard – not two lines into this description and your cock is stirring, the humiliation is turning you on. My words are getting you hard.
If it’s stirring now, then just imagine what this clip will do to you. At the end there’s even a 5 stroke cum countdown, but we both know it won’t even take that … will it?

Sensual Domination 101

Price:$22.99 USD | Length: 19 minutes | Size: 827 MB

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[This is a custom clip. The name Carlos is used throughout.]
“This clip is an instructional video for my wife. It’s purpose is to train her to be a dominant wife and turn me into a beta male. She is also very busty and she secretly knows I’m her boob zombie. I’d love for you to instruct her on how to use her sensuality (and boon domination of me) to turn me into a beta male through small penis humiliation, cuckold threats, size queen honesty, strap on role reversal and chastity. Please show her how to use the CB6000 on me to put me in my place and also learn to be a very hungry pussy licker. I reinforce my beta status to her by eating my own cum off her if tits. Please instruct her on how to give me JOI and then how to save the cum to use against me (ice cubes, etc) I’m going to be her bitch. She needs your help learning how to sensually and lovingly make me her bitch. We do love each other. And my cock is average (5.5 inches but it is thick). It’s average at best. And she likes to thick and long (what wife doesn’t?). I hope this makes sense.”

Red Lipstick SPH

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 487 MB

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There’s no way you could entertain or pleasure a woman with a cock like that. Seriously. Get it out. Look down at your cock, and bask in the gloriousness of your own inadequacy.
You’re a sorry sight, aren’t you? Look, in comparison to My lipstick … you’re nothing! You don’t even compare to the lid of My lipstick! Your cock is smaller than the lid of My lipstick. And guess what … it turns out I’ve got barely any lipstick left, and you don’t even match up to that!

How do you measure up?

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 166 MB

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Oh dear … not another one. Seriously? Take a look at yourself right now. Just look down, and look up again.
Clad in latex that will only tease you as it hugs My figure perfectly, I’m going to tell you something. Something you’re most definitely aware of. You are a small cocked loser. Now, this is nothing new – I’ve made a bunch of these videos. I love making videos where I humiliate, where I compare you to men I’ve been with, and tease you about your small cock. But, do you know what? I’m really in the mood to do all the work today.
Instead, you’re going to humiliate yourself for Me. Your actions will be humiliating – it will really drive home just how much of a small cocked loser you are. So, I want you to get a few things ready: a ruler, a book, and the biggest note in your currency. You will use these, and realise that your cock is good for nothing, and that you’re really not worth anyone’s time.

Small Dick Cock Cravings

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 226 MB

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You always want what you can’t have. It’s a fact. And you, you just prove this. You crave big cocks because yours is absolutely pathetic – it’s barely visible to the naked eye! You’d need a magnifying glass to see it!
Now, the cocks you fantasize about, thoughts about the big, girthy, cocks are always there – lingering in your subconscious. They pop up when you least expect it. But, you don’t think about what it would be like to own a cock of that magnitude, no. You think about what it would be like to be fucked by a cock of that size. The idea of getting pounded by an 8inch, soda can of a cock turns you on and makes you so ridiculously hard – though looking at you, you wouldn’t know it.

Serve and Obey

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 458 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]
“To begin, you tell me how my life is about to change and how I’ll learn to serve and obey. You tell me that I belong in chastity and deserved to be cuckolded. You mock me for my predicament and laugh in my face. Tell me how much fun you’ll be having with friends, talking to hot guys, and having sex with larger alphas!
Meanwhile, I’ll remain locked, denied, and cuckolded for you! Also, I would like a brutally honest opinion of my penis size. I’m exactly 4.25″ hard. This is the total length. The diameter is a little less than 1.5″ and the circumference is 4.6″. Do you think I will continue to shrink after enduring your chastity sentence? My steel Jailbird™ is 1.25″ long too.
Also, tell me to throw out ALL of my boxers and instruct me to buy even more frilly pink panties!”

Your Dick Makes Me Sick

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 5 minutes | Size: 197 MB

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Wow. That’s nothing! You’d need a magnifying glass to see that.
Your ‘dick’ is so disgusting, so inhuman, so utterly revolting that it’s making Me feel physically sick. Why on earth did you decide to show Me it in the first place? It’s a health hazard! No woman should ever have to lay eyes on something as repulsive as that.

Tell Me Something

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 167 MB

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I’ve had many men tell Me things that they think are harmless, in passing. A little information here, a little there, they think nothing of it! But, it’s the little things that are the most telling.
For example, let’s discuss a recent cam session of Mine. It didn’t take long to suss out that the little subby actually wanted to suck a real man’s cock – a bull’s cock, he wanted to be fucked like the little slut he fantasied being. It was no surprise really, his cock was barely bigger than My little finger!
The best part, he sent pictures, videos, and his phone number! Want to know the digits? Want to see the depravity?

Released in 2017

World’s Smallest Penis

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 31 MB

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Get it out then, let’s see what you’ve been boasting about – you and your penis, which you apparently think is the “world’s smallest penis” … get it out.
Oh … wow. You really weren’t kidding were you? When you said you had the world’s smallest penis, you were telling the truth! It’s tiny. It’s minuscule … I can barely see it! I could look for it with a magnifying glass, and I still wouldn’t be able to see it.
I bet, now this would never happen, but I bet that if you ever got the opportunity to put your dicklett thing between My tits I wouldn’t feel it. That’s how tiny you are.

Pathetic Penis Lock Up

Price:$6.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 174 MB

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When you had a small cock, I though you were just joking. I though you were being modest … turns out I was wrong.

It turns out you’re just tiny.

But, I have a solution for you. I think you should just lock it away, after all you can barely feel it. Keeping it locked away in a chastity cage is the best thing for that thing dangling between your legs. You see, with a cage on you’ll actually be able to feel something around your cock, cushioning it. Now, doesn’t that sound better?

Tiny Cock Two Pump Chump

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 115 MB

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That’s a penis, really? That’s a penis. You’re kidding, right? That’s just a limp piece of flesh.
And, oh My word … that’s it ‘hard’. It’s smaller than a tic tac! Touch yourself, go on. 5 strokes, or whatever you can manage. Go on. Stroke yourself five times.
… wait, stop. On second thoughts, watching you touch yourself is hurting My eyes. So, I tell you what, you get two pumps of that pathetic thing, then it goes away for good. Ready?

Released in 2018

Neighbour Blackmails and Humiliates SPH Loser

Price:$13.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 248 MB

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Hi, yeah I just wanted to borrow some sugar? I was told you have sugar, and I need some. Fuck this. I can’t be bothered with pretence – I was told you have a small dick. Is that true? Never mind telling me, show me. Drop your trousers right now and show me your tiny dick.
You see when my girlfriends told me I just *had* to come over here, and I’m not leaving until you show me. So show me. I’m bored, and I need a good laugh today.
Fine. I’m coming in, and you can show me inside the house, but if you don’t these pictures I’m taking will find their way to your wife. If you don’t want that to happen show me your tiny little pin dick.
Now I pose for me bitch.

Mini Dick

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 6 minutes | Size: 360 MB

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You’re a fool to think that anyone would want you. You – a disgusting cretin, that feeds off others. So, naturally your cock is exactly the same. I say ‘cock’ … the microscopic specimen that’s attached to your body is a pitiful excuse for a dick.

It’s so fucking tiny.
I bet jerking your cock is like slapping a mini sausage – pathetic, humiliating, and hilarious all at the same time.
I’m honestly not quite sure how you live with yourself.

Question, is your dick the ‘World’s Smallest Penis’?

Slut for Sensation

Price:$15.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 641 MB

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC | NiteFlirt

What do we have here? A little junkie back again to get fucked up, all whilst wishing to see behind My latex. How amusing.
Crack that bottle open, and let’s get started. I’m going to draw out this fuck up until you’re nothing more than a quivering mess.
You will worship Me, please Me, and do as I say whilst you moan pathetically behind your screen wishing you could have more contact with Me. You will fuck your ass, and attempt to jerk that pathetically small cock of yours. I bet it isn’t more than a handful.
That’s right.
Do you think I hadn’t noticed that you junkies love fucking your ass frantically whilst sniffing. You love to get lost in the sensation whilst your ass relaxes, and then you stuff it full.
You’re going to take it one step further today. I want you to get so lost in the sensation of being a slut that you orgasm just from fucking your ass.

Becoming The Perfect Sissy I

Price:$10.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 348 MB

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What a pathetic individual you are. You are lusting after what you’ll never be able to have. You sit there furiously jerking your tiny little cock, because you’re never going to feel any decent sensation in it. But, it doesn’t stop you from wishing.
Compared to My gorgeous tits, you’re cock is nothing. Get it out not, and stroke it with just one finger. Look at it, one finger is all you’ll need!
That ‘cock’ would be much better if it was locked away, because your cock isn’t actually a ‘cock’. It’s a sissy clitty. You need to realise your destiny as a sissy, because you are nothing as you are right now.
You’re going to be far more valuable as a sissy, and I’ll lead you through the journey of becoming the perfect sissy.
Question is, are you going to accept your fate? Or stay miserable as you are.

Becoming The Perfect Sissy II

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 9 minutes | Size: 272 MB

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You must watch Becoming the Perfect Sissy I first. 

Have you been a good sissy for Me?
Have you done exactly what I told you to?
I hope you have.
Like I said last time, the only way you’re going to orgasm is by milking your ass with your clitty locked in chastity.
Ready for one of the most intense orgasms of your life?

Released in 2019

Does it spark joy?

Price:$8.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 168 MB

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids

Hold your tiny penis in your hand, and ask yourself one simple question, does it spark joy?
Disclaimer: This is only a fantasy.

Manners Matter

Price:$12.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 263 MB

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For some reason two of our friends think we’d be quite the match! They leave us alone together in a room, and you make a move on me. It didn’t go down well. I reject you, and go to search for our friends, only to find out that they’ve disappeared!
Frustrated, I return, and you try yet again to ‘seduce’ Me. Unsurprisingly, it doesn’t work, I mock you for your effort, and your lack of manners.
However, there’s a little fact they kept from you … I’m a Dominatrix!
In an effort to big up your ego again, for some reason you think that talking to Me about your cock will help matters. It doesn’t. You think your cock is quite something, only to be shot down ruthlessly, and shown that the only way your cock is ever going to be useful is at a hitting post.
I ignore you whilst sexting other men, telling you how to amuse Me by hurting yourself, after all – you were rude!
Our friends return, laughing at your state, and I leave you a snivelling mess of a man, humiliated, yet fascinated, aroused, and thoroughly chastened.

Dear Small Dick Boyfriend

Price:$4.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 41 MB

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It’s been a week, and yet I know we’re not right for each other. Why? Well, where are My gifts!? I should have been spoilt rotten, there should have been parcels every single day I returned from work, and yet there are none.

And don’t even get Me started on your small, tiny little pinprick of a cock.

If I hadn’t made it clear already, I’m breaking up with you. A week was longer enough to know that you’ll always be a loser that will never be able to satisfy Me. That why I’ve already taken up with another man!

Question, is that dick the ‘World’s Smallest Penis’?

Only One Stroke

Price:$9.99 USD | Length: 7 minutes | Size: 794 MB

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Better make it count.

Tiny Cock Punishment

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 4 minutes | Size: 97 MB

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids

*Note this clip is fantasy only.*

Your cock is absolutely minuscule. I don’t understand why you claim to have a cock, when looking at you blatantly don’t have a working one. There’s nothing there when you look down. Hell, you’d need a magnifying glass to see your cock – maybe even a super-powerful telescope. Only then would you be able to spot that pindick.

Your cock is that tiny it should be put out of its misery, but I’m going to give you 3 chances to tell Me why your cock is so pathetic. Tell Me why it should stay attached to your body when we both know you wouldn’t miss it.

If you fail do I command you to cut it off or do I make you live with the shame of having suck a small penis?

Is your cock bigger than My pinky?

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 59 MB

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids

The beauty about SPH is that you already have everything you need to humiliate yourself! Don’t worry, I’m still going to rip apart that pathetic excuse for a cock.

Now, get your cock out, and make it hard by looking at My perfect, deep, magnificent cleavage.

If you really want to humiliate yourself get a measuring tape.

Released in 2020

Leaving you for Bigger Men

Price:$5.99 USD | Length: 3 minutes | Size: 72 MB

iWantClips | Clips4Sale | ManyVids | MFC

We need to talk.
I’m sending you this video because I can’t be with you anymore, and excuse me if I get emotional.
I can’t lie there in bed night after night with you beside me knowing what I know.
Knowing that you last 2 seconds. Knowing that your cock is minuscule – that I need a magnifying glass just to see it.
Knowing that you’ll never EVER going to get any better.
So, this is it. This is my ‘breakup letter’.
I’m leaving you to find a man that can satisfy me in bed, and last for more than 2 seconds.

Released in 2021

Non Existent Penile Object I

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 6 minutes

To play along: Have 4 picture of your cock, one flaccid with a measuring tape by it, one erect holding the tip of your cock, one erect with a Burt’s Bees lip balm by it for ‘scale’, and one of your cock alongside your pinky finger, lengthways. 

This is a customisable/play along with Me SPH clip! All you have to do to reap the benefits is have the above pictures to hand and look at them (split-screen or on two screens) whilst I humiliate your tiny little micro cock.

I’ve even picked My best, and most revealing, white shirt to tantalize you in so there’s even a hope your cock might even be able to orgasm from all MY scathing words. Doubtful with what your working with, but maybe a miracle will happen.

Are you (and most importantly, your ego) ready for the blow that’s about to come your way?

Released in 2023

Stroke As I Humiliate Your Cocklet

Price: $10.99 | Length: 8:36 | Size: 509 MB

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You again? Haven’t My words cut into you enough?

If you stay, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

… unless you’re now addicted to My words telling you what we both know?

That cock of yours isn’t a real cock.

We both know it’s not. Don’t go around kidding yourself that you have the ability to satisfy or impress others.

Hell, I bet when people think of their most memorable fucks, you WILL be on that list … but not in the way you want to be. No, you’ll be on that list because your attempts were so pathetic they barely felt you fucking them because of how tiny you are.

In some ways, I almost feel sympathy for you; the key word there is almost. Mostly, I just find your cocklet hilarious because it truly baffles Me that people with ‘cocks’ like yours exist at all.

You know, if I were a Victorian lady, I’d faint. My mind literally cannot comprehend how small your cock is.

But, since I find you funny, you get a chance to entertain Me. You’re going to get hard (oh gosh, unless THAT is what you look like hard!?), jerk off, and maybe amuse me further by cumming in one pump.

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