Sounding Catalogue

Released in 2016

A Game of Chance

Price: $29.99 USD | Length: 22 minutes | Size: 828 MB

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[This is a custom clip, the name Colin is used throughout.]

“I was wondering if it would be possible to get a clip with a chance of seeing your breasts naked. I was hoping for a game clip where a dice or a card deck was used and various sides map to different tasks. Most of them would be for me, but one of them would cause you to remove clothes. Ideally I’d like there to be a real (but not very high), chance of seeing your breasts. Specific fetishes I am into include masochism, cross dressing, anal play (I have like 20 bad dragon dildos), mild findom (i.e. 10 or 20$ tributes), chastity, urethral sounding, piss drinking, high heels, buying clips. I also love surprises, so if you have ways that you like to torment people I’d be excited to try them out (or have you completely ignore my list of fetishes and just do what you want).”

Released in 2017

Feeling Lucky? Part 1

Price: $14.99 USD | Length: 22 minutes | Size: 828 MB

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[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

For this clip you will need: panties, a soft banana, hot sauce, a big dildo/butt plug, metal spiked cock ring, water bottle full of piss – 1 litre – prepared over the course of one day, sliver of ginger, $50 for clips, a bowl of ice & sounding instruments.

I could describe this clip in detail with all the lovely humiliating tasks that I’m going to make you do, but that would spoil the surprise. So get the items listed above ready, buy the clip, and get ready to play. Complete the tasks and there *might* be rewards, or I might be lying. Want to find out?

This clip isn’t for the faint hearted.

Slave’s First Sounding Experience

Price: $15.99 USD | Length: 12 minutes | Size: 159 MB

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Slave has never been sounded before, though he’s been curious for quite some time. So, being the generous Dominatrix I am, I’ve decided it’s time for him to experience something he’s lusted after for years.

Even though I’ve been telling him not to get hard whilst setting up the sounding equipment, the thought of having metal rods sliding down his cock make his cock swell to an almost painful point.

He makes interesting sounds as I tease him with the sounding rods, asking him if he’s desperate enough, making him beg. Then, I challenge him to take it as deep as he can down his urethra and being the slut he is, he readily agrees to test his limits …

Released in 2018

Sounding Slut

Price: $13.99 USD | Length: 10 minutes | Size: 480 MB

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The thought of slipping a solid piece of metal down your cock makes you far more excited than you expected. Your cock is twitching right now at the thought.

When you first thought about it, you thought you’d be turned off, but you’ve jerked to it more than once. The idea has brought you orgasm – harder than you have in quite some time.

Your curiosity peaked, so you brought a sounding kit. Get it out now, and prepare to sound your cock for Me.

I want you to feel every inch of the metal as it slips down your cock. I want you to slide it down so slowly you whimper.

By the end of this you’ll be fucking your urethra with wild abandon, urging your cock to orgasm just from the sensation of finally fucking yourself with a sounding rod.

Released in 2019

Eat Cum for Me Anal Slut (MP3)

Price: $12.99 USD | Length: 11 minutes | Size: 21 MB

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Eating cum, stretching your ass, and orgasming is all you can think about, but it’s so … uninspired.

Let me tell you what’s actually going to happen. You ARE going to eat your own cum, you ARE going to orgasm, and you ARE going to stretch your ass, but not in the way you think.

After all, you’re a slut. You are the sluttiest slut I’ve ever encountered.

Sluts don’t get to cum in a shot glass, and eat it. Nope. Sluts get to ruin their orgasm all over a dildo, fuck their mouth with it after fucking their urethra with a sounding device, and fuck their ass at the same time. That’s how sluts eat their own cum.

Released in 2023

Urethral Sound Training JOI

Price: $18.99 | Length: 12:39 | Size: 749 MB

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You will need: A set of urethral sounds (not too thin), and medical lubricant for the sounds.

I have led you down the road of depravity. My fascination with so many fetishes over the years has brought you here, to urethral sounding.

Perhaps, at first, when you heard Me talk about it or saw the video where I sounded a slave’s cock, you were wary. Even so, you’ve been thinking about it for quite some time, curiosity building, and now you’re ready to fuck your cock for Me.

Of course, I’ll have to warm up your cock with the help of CBT to make your cock sensitive and receptive. This will ensure that your cock is hard and responsive. To get you mentally ready for the depth you’ll feel.

Since you’re going to be a good slut and put that rod down your cock for Me – nice and slowly, I’ll even treat you.

Keep your eyes on My tits for encouragement, and let that metal slide down slowly, carefully, until the depth feels delicious, until you cum from your new fetish.

Bound Sounding Training – An Exploration of Fetishes, Part 6

Price: $8.99 – Length: 6:21 | Size: 15 MB

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How would I sound a chaste, bound sub?

There would be stages to it.

First, we would get you used to having something in your cock. A cage with a sound in it. Nothing big, before you panic, but something so you get used to it. Something more than just a cage.

Once you’ve gained a taste for something in you, that’s when the real training begins. That’s when I would bind you, spread eagle to a bed. But don’t worry, pet, I’ll give you a pillow to watch every little thing I do to you.

Once you’re tied down, so you cant move a muscle, I’ll unlock you.

And when you moan and pant at the smallest of touches to get the lust flowing, hard and needy for Me, that’s when we truly begin.