Sunday Shopping

Sunday Shopping

Flash Erotica

I gave her 5 minutes. 5 minutes to pick out a toy she liked, any toy, but she had to pick one that I’d be happy with. She knew the consequences of picking poorly.

It was our routine. Once a month we’d come down to our local sex shop, peruse the new stock, and then go for coffee and cake. Most of the times the pickings were scant, but today was not one of those days.

Every single time there were more than 20 new items, she got flustered. So naturally, I was looking forward to her pick.¬†After all, 5 minutes when faced with a mountain of possibilities isn’t a long time.

The cashier leaned over her desk, “Time’s up!” she called. She knew our routine well, and kept the time for me as I had a tendency to get slightly lost testing out the sex toys – mainly the paddles.

I could hear her sigh from her spot over at the far side of the room.

Tonight was going to be fun.

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