The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Wondering what to get Me for Christmas? You're in luck!

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Christmas is drawing near (only 9 day to go), and I have not decorated yet. I know, shocking! It’s rather unlike me, but as most of you know (if you don’t where have you been), I’ve moved house! I’m firmly in the ‘unpacking and sorting’ stage, but I haven’t gotten to the decorations bit yet unfortunately. Maybe tomorrow! Tonight is DIY night. I’m scary with a drill. 

Anyway, just like last year I want to bring up the charities that I support. Each year I donate where I can to certain organisations – my favourites are Good Gifts, the Samaritans, and Centre Point. I usually donate throughout the year, when I have some spare change post taxes (yes, I do pay My taxes – they’re all set up so they are paid monthly), but I make an effort to do a bigger donation at Christmas. 

This Christmas, I’d like you to donate to one, or even all three of the charities above. It doesn’t have to be a big donation, just £5 will do – as the Tesco saying goes ‘every little helps’. That is my main task for all of you. As an incentive, those that do donate will be sent a little token of thanks by me – all you have to do is forward your confirmation email of the donation. 

No clue what to get Me?

As I’m currently in the process of refurnishing/unpacking, I really want gift cards to the following places:

Gift cards can be sent to

Other ways to make Christmas special:

  • Find and report pirated porn.
  • Send small tributes when you’re thinking of me.
  • Snap up all the small items on my wish list

Keep an eye on My stores, as I’ve plenty of Christmas content to come.

I hope you all have a lovely locked up, orgasm denied, cum for dinner Christmas!

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