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Whatever reason you're here for, welcome to My practice. Relaxed , therapy is usually quite a process.


Sex Therapist Jerk Off Instruction, Part 1

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Price: $29.99 – Length: 13 minutes


Today, you’re going to learn how to control your masturbatory urges. I’m going to show you some images, and you’re going to try your hardest to not get aroused at these images. Oh … wait a minute, I don’t seem to have my cards with me today to show you the image. Hmm, I don’t know, maybe I can go home quickly to get them … but I don’t want to waste any of your time. I tell you what, if I have your consent I can use my body in lieu of the images – after all I want to help you in any way I can.

All good? Brilliant, oh, I’m afraid I’m wearing latex as I’m off out later, but that won’t be a problem, will it? Good. I’m going to show you my legs, cleavage, and butt. Now, what I want you to do is to try and not to get aroused.

Very good! You’re doing so well! I’m now going to show you my tits, as I think you’re ready for the next step -you’ve done so well thus far not getting an erection. Ready?

Oh dear, you seem to be having a slight problem there, now remember you need to ‘not’ get aroused. Hm, we’re almost out of time, and that erection of yours keeps growing! I don’t want you to leave here uncomfortable, so, I tell you what – this time I will help you to achieve orgasm, then in our next session, if you still want to come back, we’ll work on controlling those urges better, okay?

Sex Therapist Jerk Off Instruction, Part 2

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Price: $12.99 – Length: 12 minutes

This is a custom clip. To order your own, contact Me.

Sex Therapist Jerk Off Instruction, Part 1

“Your patient is a middle aged man who is recently engaged. She is perfect except for she is flat chested and he has recently becoming obsessed with big breasted women. To magnify the problem he has never titty fucked before and is worried he will never know what that feels like. The video begins with him telling you these details and you assessing his situation.

You can’t help but to feel a little awkward about how to handle this client. With you having such huge lovely breasts its quiet the coincidence he ended up in your office. Then of course what a day to be wearing that blouse that you almost can’t button up because its such a tight fit. Hmmm what should you tell him?

You unconvincingly go along with his silly notion that perhaps he wouldn’t even end up like titty fucking, something he has been trying to tell himself. Sure, its possible but with all your experience you know its not probable.

You eventually can’t help yourself and let him in on your own personal experiences. You tell him in your experience most men have enjoyed that act. In fact, with strong enthusiasm. You begin to shift in your seat pushing your breasts out and flirting with body language. He starts asking you all sorts of questions. How many boyfriends have you done it with? etc. You can tell your getting side tracked. He asks you to describe what it would be like. Your not sure if this is the professional approach but who knows, maybe it will be good for him and save his relationship. You guide him through what it would be like to get tittyfucked until he cums in a joi style pov video. Never getting undressed. At most, taking your shirt off and revealing your bra.”


Boob Addicted Zombie

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Price: $11.99 – Length: 11 minutes

*This is a custom request*

‘You are my therapist that I have come to see to help me with my fetish for big boobs and dominant women. You get me to relax and tease me with your cleavage and body, dressed smartly but slowly stripping down to your bra and knickers and stockings. When I’m under your spell, you order me onto my knees and you tell me how you’re not going to cure me but turn me into your mindless, addicted boob zombie, who will live to serve and worship you.’


CBT JOI Therapist I

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Price: $16.99 – Length: 10 minutes

Whatever reason you’re here for, welcome to My practice.

We’re going to work on a number of things whilst you’re here in this room, and you’ll be the one that decides all of them.

Whilst you’re in this room I want you to feel safe, and able to talk about anything. So, please take a deep breath, and let’ begin.

CBT JOI Therapist II

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Price: $16.99 – Length: 10 minutes

Welcome back.

Today, we’re going to improve upon what we’ve already learnt in CBT, and we’re going to start something called ‘A-Play’. If you don’t know what A-Play is, it’s essentially a method I use with my patients to help them let go of their inhibitions, and totally relax.

There’s absolutely no judgement in this room, and A-Play is a wonderful reminder of that to all my clients.

Same rules as last time, the door will be locked to ensure no one walks in on us, you can stop at any time you like, and I decide what happens in the session. All you have to do is relax, and follow My instructions.

If you’d just like to drop your trousers we can get started.

Masturbation Therapist – Topless

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Price: $9.99 – Length: 6 minutes

I want to teach you all about masturbation, and the art of anticipation.

I want you to pay close attention to how I tell you to stroke, how much pressure I tell you to apply. I want you to watch closely, as I tease you, rip My top, and show you My big natural tits in all their magnificent glory.

In just 6 minutes you’ll learn how to orgasm in a most spectacular fashion.

4 Orgasms, 4 Ways – Topless

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Price: $32.99 – Length: 26 minutes

You desire the ability to orgasm multiple times, but your sensitivity, and weak will is letting you down. As soon as you’ve cum once, you have the intention of trying to have another, but you fail. Every single time.

This is where I come in. Think of Me as your masturbation therapist. As your masturbation therapist I know that you WILL have four orgasms today. How do I know this? Well, if you don’t have four orgasms, you won’t get your reward. I know you’ve been lusting after My tits, how would you like to see them?

Orgasms first, tits later.

The first orgasm will be educational. You shall learn how to tease yourself, and brink yourself to the brink time and time again.

The second orgasm will be drawn out of you and coerced by a Goddess.

The third will drive you wild with a burning desire for My tits.

The final orgasm, the fourth orgasm, will be something extremely special, but only if you reach it.

Orgasm four times, and you shall be rewarded. Failing is not an option.


Financial Domination Addiction Therapist

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Price: $24.99 – Length: 21 minutes

In the beginning I look very professional, wearing glasses and a white shirt that shows some cleavage, but not too much … yet. Underneath the tight shirt I’m wearing a white bra, and I keep My notepad close to My chest the entire time.

The notepad is filled with information that you’ve given Me in advance, but since this is therapy, I’ll make notes as we talk.

As you make yourself comfortable I tell you to relax, after all I am going to take good care of you. From the notes you’ve given Me, I see that you have an unhealthy desire to spend money on hot women, but as a CEO of a major company you’re afraid some cruel sexbomb could manipulate you out of all your lifetime savings. I reassure you that in this day an age it’s a perfectly reasonable worry, but I’m here to help in any way possible.

In fact, this is what I specialise in! I’m somewhat of a financial therapist. I help clients completely solve ALL their money problems, and I have a 100% success rate. As we go over some more of your concerns, I start slow. Taking off My glasses, then unbuttoning a few buttons until My cleavage is in your face, and you can’t look away. I tease out information from your bank balance, to your hidden savings accounts, and you willingly write down all the information I require.

Do you want to know why I have a 100% success rate?


The Aroma Therapist

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Price: $12.99 – Length: 10 minutes

Welcome to today’s session. Why don’t you get comfortable and settle in, therapy is usually quite a process.

Now, to your left, you’ll see a number of things that can ‘help’, during the session. Feel free to use them. I want you to feel completely at ease, and I want you to let go of all your inhibitions and relax for Me. If you need to have a little sniff, go right ahead.


Now you’re more relaxed I want you to tell Me what brought you here today, every last sordid detail. Don’t worry, I won’t use this information against you.

Multiple Edges for Multiple Orgasms

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Price: $19.99 – Length: 18 minutes

Welcome to this session of therapeutic orgasm control. I know you’ve been training for months; you’ve been edging and building up your orgasms for Me. I hope you’ve been following my instructions to the letter. Today I’m really going to test you, to the point that you’ve done before will seem tame in comparison.

As always, I’m glad you postponed from orgasm in for a week, make sure to tease yourself as much as possible. Now you’re ready for your milking day, ready for the day where I drain you dry.

I’m going to tease you, I’m going to deny you, I’m going to edge you over and over again until your pre-cum drips everywhere.

I do wonder how many edges and how many orgasms you’ll be able to enjoy before you inevitably come hard, fast, but ONLY when I say.

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