• Sunday Shopping

    Sunday Shopping Flash Erotica I gave her 5 minutes. 5 minutes to pick out a toy she liked, any toy, but she had to pick one that I’d be happy with. She knew the consequences of picking poorly. It was our routine. Once a month we’d come down to our local sex shop, peruse the new stock, and then go for coffee and cake. Most of the times the pickings were scant, but today was not one of those days. Every single time there were more than 20 new items, she got flustered. So naturally, I was looking forward to her pick. After all, 5 minutes when faced with a mountain…

  • Letters to My Slut

    Letters to My Slut Another day, another email. “My dearest slut, Today you will wear your medium metal plug as you go about your daily activities. You may only remove it once to reapply lube it, so make sure prepare well. You will also wear your silicone chastity cage. Leave they key at home.  Whilst you are out, I want the zip of your jeans to be down. If anyone points it out, you may zip yourself up, but you must unzip yourself again within 5 minutes. It’s not My aim is not to embarrass you, but to make you aware of your predicament with every single step you take,…

  • A New Fetish

    A New Fetish Content includes: piss play/water sports! I didn’t know what was about to happen. All I knew was what that Mistress had given Me explicit instructions and I would follow them to the letter. Over four years of servitude I had come to trust Mistress, and found enjoyment in any and all activities she gave me. Though we were miles apart, and met infrequently to play, the connection was strong, and I happily obeyed her every whim. Step 1. Drink 1 litre of water. Step 2. Wait 1 hour, edge once. Step 3. Drink 500ml of water. Step 4. Wait 1 hour, edge twice. Step 5. Drink 250ml…

  • The Corset

    The instructions were clear, all he had to do was spend a full day naked and locked, then he’d be rewarded. It sounded simple … in theory. He’d been in chastity up for 2 weeks, but his Mistress never did anything easy. He was proven right when his doorbell rang at 6am. He rushed downstairs to answer it, completely forgetting a robe. Out of breath, he opened the door. “Mistress!” he exclaimed. Her red lips pulled up into a smirk, “On your knees, head on the tile. Stay.”

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

    That very special time of the year where your devotion to Me really shows. I LOVE that a some of you have been stepping up recently and showing Me that you really mean business in your servitude. I thoroughly enjoyed My birthday, and hopefully will pick up all the parcels from My birthday soon. Unfortunately, My PO Box hasn't been the easiest to get to, but that will change soon with any luck.