• Ball Busting Boobs, Part 1

    How far are you willing to go for just a glimpse of My tits? Are you willing do all that I tell you to do just because you’re a mindless tit addict? I want you to prove to Me just how much you love you tits. I want you to beat up, punch, pinch, slap, and torment your cock for Me. Do as I say, and you’ll be rewarded. Do as I say, and I’ll show you My big natural tits. C4S | IWC | KB

  • Tight Grip

    You want to give in to Me – you’re desperate to, but there’s something holding you back. Don’t you worry, I’ll ‘help’ you to accept submission to Me. Keep your eyes on My long legs encased in black nylon, and let them draw you nearer. Come closer to Me, and just relax. I’m not going to do anything bad to you, look at My cleavage, and let Me help you a little closer. You’re going to accept submission to Me, you’re going to let go and accept submission to Me, and you’re going to let My legs wind themselves around your neck. C4S | KB | MV | IWC

  • Underboob Worship

      There’s nothing you love more than the tease of under boob worship. Go on, look, stare, and admire My big natural tits just begging to be released from My sports bra. The thrill that you’re so close to seeing My full tit, and yet so far turns you on more than you could possibly imagine. … you’ll want to keep a close eye on My perfect tits for a potential nip slip. C4S | MV | KB | IWC  

  • Once a Tit Addict, Always a Tit Addict

    You’re an idiot to think that you could ever willing give up tits. I mean, look at you! Salivating over a screen. All I have to do is squeeze My soft, silky tits together to have you become nothing more than a mindless tit zombie. And don’t even get Me started on *just* My perfect cleavage. My cleavage is so deep, so expansive, so perfect that it wipes all other thoughts from your brain and replaces them with a need to worship. My big natural tits will ALWAYS bring you back to Me because you’d do anything and everything to worship them – even if it means breaking that pesky…

  • Pop and Sniff

    Happy New Year! People say that a new year is a chance for a new start, but I like to think of it as a chance to grow your addiction, and make it even deeper. It’s really quite simple, all you have to do is take a nice big, deep sniff for Me every single time I pop a party popper. We’re going to celebrate the New Year in style – as it should be done, with Me teasing you, and you completely fucked up and off your tits. There’s really nothing quite like the anticipation of a party popper. C4S | KB | MV | IWC  

  • Stay Locked This Year

    Make a commitment to Me this year. Stay locked. Wear your chastity cage for 365 days WITHOUT taking it off, or having a single orgasm. Doesn’t it sound exciting? After all, locked your cage shut would be a wonderful way to start the year off right! Don’t worry though, just because you’ll be caged, locked up, without any chance of release doesn’t mean you have to stop watching My content, quite the contrary! I want you to watch even more of My content. I want you to spend each and every day in a state of tormented bliss, where you’re hyper-aware of your cock in that cage as it struggles…