One of My all-time favourite fetishes is chastity in its many forms.

I love locking men up, controlling them, and making them beg whether they’re locked for one hour or one year.
I know thought makes your cock hard. After all, that’s why you’re on this page. You’re infatuated with the idea of being locked away, caged and unable to touch yourself.
Question is, are you looking for just a cam session or do you want to be locked for longer than a day?


‘I want to be locked up long term Mistress!’


Many that contact Me are not serious about chastity. I know what you’re thinking – ‘but I’m serious Mistress‘. Well, I’ve heard it all before. Eager fetishists talk about how serious they are, then they tap out – usually within 24 hours. Why? Chastity is hard, being locked away for an hour is fun and two might seem a little constrained, but when you start to hit that ten-hour mark the reality settles in.

This is why those that I decide to lock up are automatically – no matter past experience, put on a two-week probationary period. If you can last two weeks with a plastic lock, then we can talk about being locked away with padlock and key.

Due to the nature of chastity and the unpredictability of life, you will ALWAYS have a spare key to hand – better safe than sorry. It will be kept on you at all times, but it will be in a sealed enveloped, signed and dated. Periodically, I will ask for pictures of the envelope to make sure you’ve not tampered with it, and if you have … well, I don’t need to tell you it’s a bad idea.

After the probationary period, if you’re able to earn the coveted title of ‘chastity pet’ you will be in constant contact with Me. I will check on you daily to make sure you’re still locked, tease you, push you, question you and make you a better person. This is why I am very happy to combine other fetishes with chastity – blackmail-fantasy, weight loss, habit control, smoking reduction, productivity and more. Chastity isn’t just about locking your cock up and controlling your orgasms.

Keep in mind that I will only accept those that prove themselves to Me. I won’t accept all that message Me, and whilst gifts can go a long way to proving you’re serious, commitment wins out at the end of the day.

One final note, My services are not free, even if you’re only locked via plastic. My time and attention costs.


Some of My Favourite Chastity Clips

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are a number of ways I can do this, the first is through numbered plastic locks. When you lock up you’ll send Me a picture of the number on the lock and then I will periodically ask for a picture of the lock to make sure it’s the same number.

If you have a metal chastity key, then it can be taped up in an envelope with the date written across it. And yes, I’m aware you could unlock yourself through these methods without Me knowing about it. There is an element of trust, I have to trust you and you have to trust Me to know what’s best

Honestly, I don’t have a material preference at the moment. My personal preference is that the person wearing is comfortable. Now, I don’t mean that you’re never going to be uncomfortable, especially if you get a morning erection, but I want the cage you pick to be something that works with your everyday life. For example, if you’re working on a construction site metal might not be the best material, and if you are swimming a lot, you might prefer a plastic cage.

I do! But there will need to be a LOT of communication. I don’t want to accidentally lock it when you’ve got the cage half on. 

It varies from person to person because all chastity submissives are different. I know some of you would like to be locked up for 1 day, some 1 week, and some 1 month and beyond – the cost is dependent on the care you’d like to receive.

The best thing to do is to outline clearly what you would like in your email to Me. Tell Me how much interaction or if you’d like pictures and audio snippets sent to you. The more you tell Me (within reason, no essays) the better the experience I can craft for you.

At this time I will not be accepting chastity keys.

As above, the reason I won’t take your only key is that I’m a firm believer all who engage in chastity must keep a key on them or by them at all times – for example, if you’re out and you get into an accident a chastity cage will probably going to get in the way of any care you receive. If you’re unconscious you might not be able to unlock it yourself, and having a clearly marked key in your wallet will help others to help you.

Accidents happen and I won’t have any subs under My care without a way out in emergencies.

Short answer, yes. I do. For Me, chastity isn’t just about the money – though it is a nice perk. I love the idea of good pets locked up all for Me. Under My control. Doing anything and everything I say.

The allure is the power I have over you. 

Now, you’ve (hopefully) read everything and brought those clips and watched them. Watch them again. I want the idea of chastity burned into your subconscious. I want it to be the only thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night.

If you want to be under My very specialised care, you may contact Me.