I will control everything by locking your cock away in a chastity cage.

One of My all time favourite fetishes is chastity. I love locking men up, controlling them, and making them beg.

The thought of doing that for Me has got your cock hard, hasn’t it? After all, that’s why you’re on this page. You’re infatuated with the idea of being locked away, caged up, and unable to touch yourself.

To start, I highly suggestion you watch these clips: 

Chastity, The New Normal


Chastity Tales


Chastity Mistress


Now, you’ve (hopefully) brought those clips, and watched them. Watch them again. I want the idea of chastity burned into your subconscious. I want it to be the only thing you think about when you wake up in the morning, and before you go to bed at night.

Many that contact Me are not serious about chastity. I know what you’re thinking – ‘but I’m serious Mistress‘. Shut it, I’ve heard it all before. Men come to Me professing just how serious they are, then they wimp out – usually within 24 hours. Why? Chastity is hard, being locked away for an hour is fun, and two might get a little constrained, but when you start hitting that ten hour mark the reality starts to settle in.

This is why those that I take on are automatically – no matter past experience, put on a one week probationary period. If you can last a week with a plastic lock, then we can start to talk about being locked away with padlock and key. Wouldn’t you like to see Me tease and torment you with the key to your release? Wear it around My neck during a Skype session, whilst you’re helplessly frustrated and desperate to cum.

Due to the nature of lock and key chastity, and the unpredictability of life you will ALWAYS have a spare key to hand – better safe than sorry. It will be kept on you at all times, but it will be in a sealed enveloped, signed and dated by Myself. Periodically, I will check in on that envelope to make sure you’ve not tampered with it, and if you have … well, I don’t need to tell you it’s a bad idea.

Take note that chastity isn’t free, even if you’re only locked via plastic, it will still cost.

By becoming My chastity pet you will be in constant contact with Me via KIK. I will check in on you, and make sure you’re still locked. I am happy to combine chastity with other fetishes – blackmail fantasy, weight loss, habit control, CEI, and more. Those that desire regular teasing may tribute accordingly.

Keep in mind that I will only accept those that prove themselves to Me. Naturally, a gift goes a long way to proving you’re serious.

Now, if you want to be under My very specialised care, you may contact Me.

Note: I do not offer lock ups in person, online only.