Chastity, The New Normal - Ruby Rousson

I will control everything, by locking you in a cage.

I love locking people up, controlling them, and making them beg whether they’re locked up for one hour or one year.

I know thought makes you hard. After all, that’s why you’re on this page. You’re infatuated with the idea of being locked away, caged and unable to touch yourself.

The question is, are you looking for just a cam session (coming soon), or do you want to be locked for longer than a day?

‘I want to be locked up long-term Goddess!’ 

Many that contact Me are not serious about chastity. I know what you’re thinking – ‘but I’m serious Goddess‘. Well, I’ve heard it all before. Eager fetishists talk about how serious they are, then they tap out – usually within 24 hours. Why? Chastity is hard, being locked away for an hour is fun, and two might seem a little constrained, but when you start to hit that ten-hour mark, the reality settles in.

This is why those I decide to lock up are automatically – no matter past experience, put on a two-week probationary period.  

After the probationary period, if you’re able to earn the coveted title of ‘chastity pet’ you will be in regular contact with Me. I will check on you randomly to ensure you’re still locked, tease you, push you, question you and make you a better person. This is why I am very happy to combine a variety of fetishes with chastity, and personal development – weight loss, habit control, smoking reduction, productivity and more. Chastity isn’t just about locking your cock up and controlling your orgasms.

Keep in mind that I will only accept those that prove themselves to Me. I won’t accept all that message Me, and whilst gifts can go a long way to proving you’re serious, commitment wins out at the end of the day.

One final note, My services are not free, even if you’re only locked via plastic. My time and attention costs.

Frequently Asked Questions 

There are a number of ways I can do this, the first is through numbered plastic locks. When you lock up you’ll send Me a picture of the number on the lock and then I will periodically ask for a picture of the lock to make sure it’s the same number.

If you have a metal chastity key, then it can be taped up in an envelope with the date written across it. And yes, I’m aware you could unlock yourself through these methods without Me knowing about it. There is an element of trust, I have to trust you and you have to trust Me to know what’s best

Honestly, I don’t have a material preference at the moment. My personal preference is that the person wearing is comfortable. Now, I don’t mean that you’re never going to be uncomfortable, especially if you get a morning erection, but I want the cage you pick to be something that works with your everyday life. For example, if you’re working on a construction site metal might not be the best material, and if you are swimming a lot, you might prefer a plastic cage.

I do! But there will need to be a LOT of communication. I don’t want to accidentally lock it when you’ve got the cage half on. 

It varies from person to person because all chastity submissives are different. I know some of you would like to be locked up for 1 day, some 1 week, and some 1 month and beyond – the cost is dependent on the care you’d like to receive.

The best thing to do is to outline clearly what you would like in your email to Me. Tell Me how much interaction or if you’d like pictures and audio snippets sent to you. The more you tell Me (within reason, no essays) the better the experience I can craft for you.

At this time I will not be accepting chastity keys.

As above, the reason I won’t take your only key is that I’m a firm believer all who engage in chastity must keep a key on them or by them at all times – for example, if you’re out and you get into an accident a chastity cage will probably going to get in the way of any care you receive. If you’re unconscious you might not be able to unlock it yourself, and having a clearly marked key in your wallet will help others to help you.

Accidents happen and I won’t have any subs under My care without a way out in emergencies.

Short answer, yes. I do. For Me, chastity isn’t just about the money – though it is a nice perk. I love the idea of good pets locked up all for Me. Under My control. Doing anything and everything I say.

The allure is the power I have over you. 

Recent Chastity Clips

What do I look for in a prospective submissive?

  • Obedient, but with intuition. Whilst I will give you instructions, I will not be available 24/7 and I will expect you to make good use of your time, and keep up with the tasks I set.
  • Willing to spend and able budget. In addition to your monthly tribute, you must be able to buy an assortment of clips, and tribute when required. Gifts and random tributes are also encouraged. Some see this as a sacrifice – that it will encourage them to spend less on needless items or cook instead of order take out to have the necessary tribute to serve Me. Many see this as paying their tithe. This is also where budgeting also comes in.
  • Know your place. Some subs have earned the privilege to joke with Me, many subs have not.
  • Be respectful, not demanding. If you act entitled to My time or treat Me as a fetish factory I will block you, likely without saying why. Treat My time with respect, and always be aware that whilst you are unique as an individual, you are replaceable – I always have subs vying for My attention.
  • Honesty. If you fail and hide that you’ve failed, there will be penalties. If you fail, but you tried as hard as you could, there will be leniency.

First Steps

  1. Read this form before filling it in. Think carefully about your answers, and be honest.
  2. Ensure that you have joined My Discord and subscribed fanclub. This is so I can communicate with you.  
  3. Once you are ready, fill in your answers and give Me as much detail as you can whilst being concise. 
  4. Keep a copy of your answers for a later date, as I encourage growth within submission, whether that’s personal growth or kinky growth.
  5. After you have submitted the form, tribute $55 to or In the tribute note, tell Me. your name and age so I know it is you.
  6. If you have not heard back from Me within 7 days, send a polite follow up email. You may only send a follow up email every 7 days. It is rare that I do not respond with the first 7 days after submission, however, life sometimes gets in the way. 
  7. Be aware that depending on your responses below, there may be further forms to fill in. So, be prepared to answer any and all questions I have.
It can be vague - UK. Or, can be more specific - England, London
Example: UK and GMT
You can select multiple options.
This is your first impression, make it a good one. Max 250 words.
Check all that apply.
Soft Limits: Explain the fetishes and activities you dislike, or are uncomfortable with. Be honest, but keep in mind that I may deem it necessary to use them to punish you.
Hard Limits: Explain the activities and fetishes you will under no circumstances take part in.
List everything you have here.
And what's your budget for toys?
Include health issues, illnesses, etc. If you think it will impact you in any way - no matter how seemingly trivial, let Me know.
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