Clip Series: CEI Exposure Therapy

I'm going to make eating cum more appealing

This series was released in 2022.

CEI Exposure Therapy I

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This clip contains no JOI instructions. Buy one of My other JOI Clips and start this clip after ejaculating. 

Eating cum is a simple act – jerk off into your hand and swallow it, but it might seem daunting to you. That’s okay!

I’m going to make eating cum more appealing, and if you need to see My cleavage to be convinced, well, you’re in luck – I have plenty of cleavage to tempt you.

As part of today’s lesson, I’ll introduce you to cum and get you used to the mere idea of eating it. It’s unlikely that you will eat a handful, let alone any cum today, unless you really want to. We’re going to go slow and steady.

Ultimately, your aim by the end of this series is to eat your cum with zero hesitation. So, are you ready to learn how to eat your cum for Me?

CEI Exposure Councelling, Part 2

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Start this clip with your cum in the palm of your hand.

Aw, are you scared of your own release? Tough. I’m going to turn you into a good cumslut for Me.

You’re going to fill your senses with your cum, you’re going to smell it, get up close to it, stare at it, and finally, faceplant your hand so it smears all over your face, particularly around your mouth.

Pathetic losers like you eat your fucking cum, but apparently, you need to work up to it. What a fucking loser. But, look at Me, still being a kind Goddess and letting you slowly acclimatise to your cum.

Next time though, it’s going in your mouth.