Clip Series: Pay your Tithe

Welcome to My new series called 'Pay Your Tithe'.

This series was released in 2024.


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Price: $99.99 – Length: 3:05 | Size: 418 MB

It’s the end of the first month in 2024. Welcome to My new series called ‘Pay Your Tithe’.

This clip is $100 and all you have to do is buy it.

By the end of the year, you would have spent $1200 paying your tithe.

What is a tithe, I hear you ask.

A tithe is 1/10 of annual income usually to support a church. But you want to support your Goddess, don’t you?

This is your tithe to Me.


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Price: $99.99 – Length: 03:08 | Size: 424 MB

You paid your January Tithe. Now you’ve paid your February Tithe.

As you should. Paying what is rightfully Mine.

Any excess you have automatically becomes Mine, that’s how you worship, that’s how you show your Goddess that you are humble.

You want to be humble, don’t you? You want to be humbled.

So if you have extra, open up the tribute box, type in the number and press send.

That’s a good pet.

You’re going to do that for Me, aren’t you?

You’re going to give Me what I want.


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Price: $99.99 – Length: 2:29 | Size: 330 MB

You’ve paid your tithe for this month. Good. Just as I expected you to.

It’s easy isn’t it? It’s just a clip, all you’re doing is purchasing a clip and giving Me what I deserve. What is mine.

You may have noticed a theme to these clips. You may have noticed that I wear less and less.

You’ll be happy to pay your tithe.


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Price: $99.99 | Length: 2:46 | Size: 156 MB

I’m guessing you were wondering what you get this month.

Isn’t it obvious?

It’s worth it, paying that tithe of yours. Giving Me what’s rightfully mine, paying tribute to your Goddess, worshipping your Goddess.

A tithe is to share part of yourself. It is to give to a higher being.

We know that I am the higher being.