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Filling out these details to the best of your ability ensures that I can create the best possible custom that reflects your fantasies. The various contact options ensure that I can contact you about your custom clip - think of it as extra security if your email bounces/a fansite vanishes.

Custom Clip Specifics

Fill out all the fields below as accurately as possible. After the first, I will charge for additions to the clip brief.
Leave this blank if not applicable.
Leave this blank if not applicable.
If so, what's the main fetish?
Try to include the most important details, phrases and words. I don't write or accept custom scripts, so a complete script isn't needed.
Though I may not have some of the specific clothing items anymore (or they might not fit), My past clips are a good reference point for a lot of the items I own. Keep in mind that if you'd like hyperspecific clothing/lingerie items you will have to purchase.
Be mindful that there will be an added fee, the price will depend on the options above and I will email you with a revised total.
Take note, even if you pick a certain option, the delivery method might vary depending on site restrictions. Some fetishes will have to be sent via Dropbox.
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This total is subject to change depending on the details you've included above. Take this quote as a guide until I've sent you an email confirming the total and a link to where you can pay.

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