Essential Clips

Obey ME

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Give up. Give in. Give everything.

Meaningful Information 

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Let’s keep this very simple, for just a little bit of information – just a few simple details My clothing will fall off to reveal something I know you like …

Latex Poppers Tease & Tit Worship

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I bet you’ve never smelt latex before, have you? Or if you have, well, you’ve never had the chance to smell Me in latex … until now. 


Do What I Say

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Talk is cheap, or in this case, very very expensive. This clip is so simple an idiot like you should fine it easy to follow along.

Worship My Pussy JOI

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You’ve waited a long time for this – for the chance to worship a part of Me I’ve never let you image before, My pussy. 

Love or Lust? 

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Give in to Me.

I’ll let the preview convince you to purchase this clip 

Dick Destruction Gif

Dick Destruction

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Note: Fantasy role play only. 

I’ve had many men come to Me, wanting to session, tell Me they want My worst sadistic desires. Well, they think they want it, what they really want is a little bit of slap and tickle. It bores Me, hitting a ball once or twice and them telling Me they’ve had enough. That’s not My worst, that’s not even Me warming up. But, you come along, you brag about just how ‘hard’ you’ve had it from other Mistresses, and you think you can take what I’ve got to give?

Give in to Me and SUBMIT

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What do you think you are right now? Man or mouse? Don’t answer that, you’d only stumble over your words. You are a mouse. You’re a mousey little speck of a man, and no one would know what to do with you if they came across you. You don’t know what you’re doing, you don’t know where you’re going … you have no direction in life.  



High Heel & Leg Worship

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Imagine how good it would feel if I actually gave you the chance to worship. So, go on. Get naked, and get down in front of your computer screen, stick that tongue out, and worship. Lick the screen, get it all wet. I want that screen to be dripping with your saliva by the time I’m done with you. Show Me just how badly you want to worship Me.

Worship My Ass

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There’s a word for someone like you, someone that just can’t seem to get enough of one thing – addicted. You’re addicted to My ass! You drool over My past ass worship clips, and you check My clip sites every day in anticipation to see more. Well, today you’re in luck I’m going to ‘treat’ you to My ass, and a little something extra … 

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