Serve Me - Ruby Rousson

Do you have what it takes to be Mine?

Desperate to be My slave, piggy, sub, walking wallet, or special pet? Feeling the urge to give up all control to Me?

Have you tried camming or texting with Me? Joined My fan club? Ordered a custom … but want more? Want to give back to Me?

Then it’s time you serve Me.

I call very few subs My own. There are only a small number of subs ‘Mine’ and it is a privilege they have earned. Pets that become Mine will be given gifts, interaction, and more.

There’s no specific monetary level required to become My sub, but you have to prove your worth and show Me with your actions.

What do I look for in a submissive?

  • Obedient, but with intuition. Whilst I will give instructions, I’m not going to stand over you and hold your hand.
  • Willing to spend – obvious, but seemingly needs to be said. Nothing extravagant, depending on the fetish, but must be able to buy an assortment of clips a month, a gift occasionally, and tribute when required.
  • Be useful to Me. I want someone that will do the tasks I set – whether that’s data collection, research, or even purchasing select items, within a reasonable time frame.
  • Don’t blow up My phone. As I said, I’m not going to hold your hand – if you keep messaging me because I haven’t replied in 20 minutes, we won’t get on.
  • Know your place. Some subs have earned the privilege to joke with Me, new subs have not.
  • Respectful, and not demanding. If you act entitled to My time or treat Me as a fetish factory I will ban you so fast you won’t see it coming. Treat Me with respect, and be aware that I always have many subs vying for my time at once.
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