Serve Me - Ruby Rousson

Do you have what it takes to serve Me and become Mine?

Desperate to be My slave, piggy, sub, walking wallet, or special pet? Want to improve yourself – perhaps quit smoking or get a promotion at work? Feel the urge to give up all control to Me?

Experienced sessioning online with Me? Joined My fan club? Indulged in My clips and audios, and ordered a custom … but want more? 

It’s time you serve Me. 

Serving Me virtually is a privilege. Subs that become Mine are given tasks, interaction, treats, and more, all of which are tailored to their particular preferences and interests. 

I help submissives, both novice and experienced, explore hidden parts of themselves, create discipline and structure within their lives, and delve deeper into their submissive desires. By submitting to Me, you will engage in self-improvement, for what good is a sub who isn’t constantly improving themselves? 

It won’t be easy, but nothing worthwhile is ever easy. 

To become Mine, after the application fee, there is no set monetary amount as the amount is unique to each individual. A pay pig and wallet will have to show Me they are serious, but in a different way to a chastity submissive. Yet, both will tribute after filling in the form below, and then monthly for My time and attention.

What do I look for in a prospective submissive?

  • Obedient, but with intuition. Whilst I will give you instructions, I will not be available 24/7 and I will expect you to make good use of your time, and keep up with the tasks I set.
  • Willing to spend and able budget. In addition to your monthly tribute, you must be able to buy an assortment of clips, and tribute when required. Gifts and random tributes are also encouraged. Some see this as a sacrifice – that it will encourage them to spend less on needless items or cook instead of order take out to have the necessary tribute to serve Me. Many see this as paying their tithe. This is also where budgeting also comes in.
  • Know your place. Some subs have earned the privilege to joke with Me, many subs have not.
  • Be respectful, not demanding. If you act entitled to My time or treat Me as a fetish factory I will block you, likely without saying why. Treat My time with respect, and always be aware that whilst you are unique as an individual, you are replaceable – I always have subs vying for My attention.
  • Honesty. If you fail and hide that you’ve failed, there will be penalties. If you fail, but you tried as hard as you could, there will be leniency.

First Steps

  1. Read this form before filling it in. Think carefully about your answers, and be honest.
  2. Ensure that you have joined My Discord and subscribed fanclub. This is so I can communicate with you.  
  3. Once you are ready, fill in your answers and give Me as much detail as you can whilst being concise. 
  4. Keep a copy of your answers for a later date, as I encourage growth within submission, whether that’s personal growth or kinky growth.
  5. After you have submitted the form, tribute $55 to or In the tribute note, tell Me. your name and age so I know it is you.
  6. If you have not heard back from Me within 7 days, send a polite follow up email. You may only send a follow up email every 7 days. It is rare that I do not respond with the first 7 days after submission, however, life sometimes gets in the way. 
  7. Be aware that depending on your responses below, there may be further forms to fill in. So, be prepared to answer any and all questions I have.
It can be vague - UK. Or, can be more specific - England, London
Example: UK and GMT
You can select multiple options.
This is your first impression, make it a good one. Max 250 words.
Check all that apply.
Soft Limits: Explain the fetishes and activities you dislike, or are uncomfortable with. Be honest, but keep in mind that I may deem it necessary to use them to punish you.
Hard Limits: Explain the activities and fetishes you will under no circumstances take part in.
List everything you have here.
And what's your budget for toys?
Include health issues, illnesses, etc. If you think it will impact you in any way - no matter how seemingly trivial, let Me know.
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