You coax the flustered Det out of his clothes and in a very flirting way, lead him to put on the sexy lingerie you have in the bag.

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Price: $14.99 – Length: 13 minutes

“You play someone being questioned POV by a macho police detective under suspicion of running a ring, and judging by your rather scandalous attire, he comments (a low-cut top w/ garters, fishnets, and heels), you’re probably a yourself. You’re indignant but have to sit there as this Detective goes rummaging through your place looking for evidence. You try to flirt your way out of it; most men tend to take one look at your cleavage and let you do what you want, but this is one determined officer.

He notices you have a big bag with you and asks what’s in it. You tell him it’s just clothes for when you entertain. You hand it over to him. The first item he takes out is a feather boa. He asks what it is, and you try to explain (if you actually have one, I’d love to see it on you for a moment, but if you don’t, just act like its offcam). You tell him it goes around your shoulders like this and you wrap it around the stunned Det’s shoulders. When he doesn’t rip it off, instead seeming quite fascinated by it, you sense your chance to take control. You tell him it looks great on him and there are other items in there that would look quite sexy on him.

As he becomes more enrapt w/ the sexy clothes, you push your power even further, stating how he’s going to become one of your hookers while providing police protection by day.”

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