Cum Dumpster

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Price: $10.99 – Length: 10 minutes

[This is a custom clip. No names used.]

You are such a cumslut! Look at you. I only have to use that word once and your dick jumps to attention. Not that anyone would notice though, it’s not big enough to see. And, look at those pictures! There’s more cum and cock in them than your face, yet you’re still recognisable, particularly when I put all the other pictures you sent Me side by side. I bet someone would recognise you if I posted them.

Now, let’s get down to it. I want you to buy a burner phone, and make an add for yourself on craigslist. Mention that you want to practice sucking cocks, and you have to get good at it before your Mistress whores you out for money. Say you want to suck cocks of all different shapes and sizes, because you can’t believe that cocks can be bigger than your own tiny dick.

If you don’t do it, well, just think about all the information I have on you. Think about what I could do with it. I could quite easily make an add for you with your REAL name, REAL phone number, and very real pictures of you sucking cock … hell, I might just upload the clips you’ve sent Me, and link them to a preview.

Once you’ve made the add, tribute Me, and send it to Me.

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