Desperate and Chaste – An Exploration of Fetishes, Part 1 (MP3)

I control you.

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Price: $7.99 – Length: 5:37

It’s been a while since you’ve been released, since that cage wasn’t snug around your cock for Me.

As the years pass, your desperation grows, and you start thinking about things you’ve never ever considered. Fetishes that spark your curiosity. Since you’re constantly in a state of sexual arousal and stimulation, those fetishes are far more appealing to you than normal.

Shall we explore them? Shall I tempt you deeper into depravity?

I warn you now; the exploration might make your blue balls heavier, make them throb more as I whisper absolutely filthy scenarios into your ears. I even shocked Myself by some of the filth I said.

However, you must do something for Me first; you must accept that you have NO power. Not over your state of arousal, your pleasure, or your cock.

I control you.

And I will use that control to take you on a fetish journey.

Sit back, relax and prepare to be relentlessly teased.