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Price: $22.99 – Length: 20 minutes

Note: Fantasy role play only.

I’ve had many men come to Me, wanting to session, tell Me they want My worst sadistic desires. Well, they think they want it, what they really want is a little bit of slap and tickle. It bores Me, hitting a ball once or twice and them telling Me they’ve had enough. That’s not My worst, that’s not even Me warming up. But, you come along, you brag about just how ‘hard’ you’ve had it from other Mistresses, and you think you can take what I’ve got to give?

Well then, I’m going to show you what I’d do to that cock of yours, how I’d abuse it, how I’d delight in your screams of pain, and just smirk at your tears. I’m going to beat it, put needles in it, hit it with a hammer, cut it … you know, the usual.

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