Don’t Stop Pumping – NYE 2023

Get ready to be taken on a journey of submission, domination and pleasure.

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Price: $79.99 – Length: 1:01:23

Are you ready to enter 2024 with Me? Start at 11 pm.

Get ready to be taken on a journey of submission, domination and pleasure. You will be teased and denied over and over again, and tested on your willpower.
Throughout the four gooning sections I have prepared for you, I have two rules which will push and tempt you to disobey:
1. Do not stop moving your hand.
2. Do not cum without My permission.
Don’t worry, the anticipation of the orgasm and the sheer pleasure you will experience will be beyond words. As the clock strikes twelve, celebrate 2024 with an explosive orgasm to mark the start of the new year. 2024, the year of servitude and pleasure, the year you submit to Me fully.

To prepare for the clip:
FINDOM: Have a tribute site opened and ready for multiple tributes.
ANAL: 4 or 5 sized anal plugs.
CEI: Small glass.
FOOD HUMILIATION: Have 6 cans of food.
DEGRADATION HUMILIATION: Grab a marker, you can decide if it’s permanent or not.
BLADDER CONTROL: Have a full bladder, and a 1L bottle of water ready.
PAIN: Nipple clamps, 4 implements, wax.

For reference, here are the instructions contained with in the clip:
FINDOM: $25 every time I smile. Tribute $25, $250, or $2500 at midnight.
ANAL: Put your smallest plug in. Every new outfit, size up.
CEI: Gather precum in a glass. Lick glass when you orgasm.
FOOD HUMILIATION: Every 10 minutes empty a can. Either over your cock or head. Midnight, pour it on your cock as you cum.
DEGRADATION: Grab a marker. Every 5 minutes, write derogatory words on you. At midnight, ‘I belong to Ruby Rousson’. Take a picture.
BLADDER CONTROL: With your bladder full, take a sip every time you lock eyes with Me. Hold until midnight.
PAIN: Drip wax on your cock. Every 10 strokes, use an implement – use on balls/cock/ass. Nipple clamps every other outfit.