Frankly, My Dear …

I’m so happy that we are now legally married. I know we only met a few weeks ago, but it was clearly love at first sight

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I’m so happy that we are now legally married. I know we only met a few weeks ago, but it was clearly love at first sight – in your case the sight of My perfect cleavage, and in My case the sight of your bank report.

We are a perfect couple: one smart, greedy and super-hot, the other horny, gullible and super-rich – exactly the kind of qualities I want in a man. Soon we’ll both get what we’ve been waiting for – but first we need to take care of some final paperwork I have prepared.

The first paper is just in case you happen to have a lethal accident. It gives Me, as your wife, total control of all your wealth, including bank accounts, investments, houses and other properties – and the money from your late wife’s life insurance. You were very smart to arrange that little “accident”.

Nothing will get in the way of My future happiness.

The second paper is a new life insurance policy for you – compared to your previous insurance, this one has a much higher payout for Me as you beneficiary in case you happen to pass away.

Oh, by the way, you’re not My first husband. In fact you’re My 7th this year. I lost track of the rest. I might have passed 50 by now.

Do you want to know how they all passed? Some fell down the stairs, some slipped in the shower, and some of them may have ‘accidentally’ taken the wrong medication. Of course, there was that one that entertained a particularly dark dare in order to see My cleavage. Most of them passed during sex, by accident of course. You know, some men just can’t handle a vagina as perfect as Mine, or a light chokehold. But, I’m getting ahead of Myself.

The third, and final paper is a consent form. A very special consent form. This form allows Me to do whatever I wishes to your body, and genitals in particular. The form will absolve Me of any responsibility for any possible injury – even passing away.

If you do not sign it, I might just let it slip that your late wife’s passing was not an accident. I have friends in high places.

After your passing, I might feel lonely, but I’ll just call up one of My many rich friends. You know the ones, you saw them looking at Me with lust in their eyes at our wedding.

Now, let’s see how long you’ll last.

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