Humiliating Tin Can Sploshing Task with Multiple Orgasms and CEI

Let's get you nice and dirty.

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Price: $36.99 – Length: 32:47

Before you begin this clip, you will need 10 cans of different food and a bowl of pudding. You will need to be completely dressed to begin, including shoes.

What a depraved individual I have here.

Oh, we’re going to have to much fun. I bet you’re already hard just thinking about it.

Make sure your tins and bowl are all neatly in a line and open. The first thing I want you to do is to taste what you’re going to pour all over yourself. I hope you have edible foods.

Go from 1-10 and save pudding for last. I want you to envision where you want that food to go.

Let’s get you nice and dirty.