Lick and Suck Cuck – An Exploration of Fetishes, Part 2 (MP3)

You take everything I give you so well, but I know you're desperate for more.

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Price: $7.99 – Length: 5:22

Such a good little cuck for Me. You take everything I give you so well, but I know you’re desperate for more.

Your treat has been watching Me fuck, sitting on your chair in the corner, bound and helpless. And you accept all I give you, yet you yearn for the day I grant you the ultimate honour – cleaning Me up post fuck. Don’t worry, since you’ve done so well, that honour will be yours soon, but I have to ensure you’re ready first, cuck.

Are you? You might think you are, but being free from your corner chair could be overwhelming. Imagine crawling on your hands and knees to Me, watching My arousal glisten between My thighs, your chastity key dangling between My breasts. Do I praise you? Do I stick My fingers in My cunt and shove them into your mouth when you’re close enough?

What do you crave, little cuck?