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Malicious Intentions


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NOTE: This clip is fantasy only, and the name Mark is used throughout. 


We meet at a bar for the first time and get on well. You’re lured in by My massive tits, and I think you are easy prey. After a while, I invite you to My place … it’s the wrong move for you, but you don’t know that yet.

Once we’ve settled in, I offer you one of My fabulous drinks. I mix Mine with soda and yours with a paralytic.

As the drug begins to take effect I tell you that I’m a very sadistic lady and explain to you in graphic detail all the sick, twisted, evil things I am going to do to you as you won’t be able to move or scream and that this torment will go on for days, and in the end, I will dispose of you.

I watch your face as the reality descends, with with a needle test your response to see if the paralytic has fully taken effect … it has.

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