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Men, the weaker of the species!


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Thank you for coming in, please take a seat and we’ll get started. You know exactly why you’re here. Your performance has been dismal, and you’re falling so far behind it’s almost laughable.

I thought you wouldn’t be one of those students I’d have to keep behind, but looking at your Great you definitely need to be kept behind. I told you when you took this class – women’s studies with biology, that it was no joke and I expected you to keep up, even though your inferior male brain might make it difficult.

You wanted to understand why you need to obey, why you need to listen to women in authority … and you are squandering the opportunity. All of the other girls in this class have passed with extra credit 2 years early, and you don’t even rank.

So, you will need extra tutoring, and you will do it with me.

I will help you get up to the level – or at least near the level of most men, but you must listen and you must obey.